Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Battle Reort - Batman Miniatures Game

Hello All,

Time for the first report of 2020!

Over the Christmas break we hit together for a gaming day, I was able to do 4 small armies and we had 4 people, so we played the Shifting Allegiances scenario that was done on an old blog, Crits Kill People.

Basically you roll dice every turn to determine turn order, if people tie the6 become temporary team mates.

Fir objectives we just did 1 each based on what I had. I listed them with the armies below.

Armies were:

Police - SWAT Team - Contraband
The riddler plus some pals - riddles
Bane with a couple of mercs - Osito
Batman, Robin, and Batgirl - Barrels

My army was Batman.

Here is the set up. Riddler top left, cops to right, bane bottom right, and batman left.

Not to much action turn 1, as its always night in Gotham. But Commissioner Gordon used a helicopter to spotlight the riddler and a SWAT guy blasted a henchman into the afterlife.

Batman goes up high to survey all the criminals.

Turn 2 most people head to objectives or generally the middle to start trouble. The riddler solved his own riddle, and declared himself very smart. Bane moved into the middle like a boss so batman floated down and started punching.

Next turn saw bane rolling poorly for initiative so Batman got the drop and knocked him out. Otherwise pretty much general mayhem.

Next turn Batgirl got in on the fun and beat up another bad guy, meanwhile the cops shot everyone and the Riddler used a sewer to move near the next riddle.

Unfortunately bane woke up and was not best pleased! All the big guys were out for bats it seems. But Robin was trying to score a barrel and Batgirl found someone else to beat up.

Towards the end of the game it's looking pretty close honestly and anyone could win if they beat up the right guy. The cops had a great plan to arrest bane! But were a bit to far away.

On the last turn we rolled for initiative, Bane, the Riddler, and the cops ended up allies! So it was Batman vs an angry city. With that being the case everyone ended up bat clawing up to the roof.

Since everyone was on the same turn fir the last round! No if the others could catch up to the riddler in points, so the men in green were the clear winners!

In the end we found the batman game to be pretty fun. The basic rules are pretty simple but with lots of choices. Only bad part is there are allot of special rules to remember.

Working on some new terrain now, hoping to get another few games in the short term.


Sunday, 12 January 2020

2019 Year End Review

Hello Folks,

Bit late getting around to it, due to laziness, but I still feel like doing a yearly review.As usual going to start things off by seeing how the goals for last year went:

  1. Paint everything some Newfoundland themed pirate or Avalon Peninsula at Cangames.
  2. Paint a couple of small Warmaster armies.
  3. Paint a couple of new Lord of the Rings armies.
  4. Finish the Game of Thrones stuff

Well I did the Newfoundland themed game, and lots of Lord of the Rings stuff. Didn't finish al of the Game of Thrones guys, but I did a bunch of them. So I guess thats three and a half out of 4 not bad at all!

The other thing is to see how things went painting wise overall:

Pledge Status, 2019:

Bought: 257
Painted: 348
Total: -91

Historic Results:
2019: 348 Painted
2018: 342 Painted
2017: 441 Painted
2016: 484 Painted
2015: 216 Painted
2014: 140 Painted

Looks like a pretty good result, did about average with painting amounts, but bought a bit less stuff. Hard to believe that I have already been doing this for 6 years!

As standard here are a few shots of projects throughout the year that stand out to me:

Islands and Big Ships
Accidental French
Old Eldar
Space Ships
Lots of Heavy Gear
Of Course Ending with Batman
SO lots of variety last year.Seems like less historical stuff last year then normal which is interesting. Might have to try and do more of that stuff this year who knows.

Anyway here are a few goals to get going for this year:

  1. Paint some Black Seas ships
  2. Paint some stuff to run a scenario at Cangames, probably Lord of the Rings
  3. Paint a few High Elves for Warhammer Fantasy
  4. Do a new 6mm Sci-fi army
That should be plenty to get things going!


Thursday, 2 January 2020

Painting Update - last bits of 2019

Hello Folks,

Thought i would do 1 last painting post to show the last few models I got done last year. More Batman stuff as that is the project of the moment.


First up big bane all roided out on super drugs. Love this model.

Bane Mercenaries:

Barnes henchman from the bane overdrive box. Variety of Mercs with swords axes grenade launchers all the fun stuff. Sadly I forgot to bring home the bases I want to use so they are temporarily on the regular ones, I can swap them later.


Need to have the caped crusader of course. I went with the modern age batman, but they have lots to choose from. I might try to get Adam west as well fir fun. Also got Robin finished but that was yesterday so technically 2020.


Lastly a few bits of street furniture. I think the barriers and cans were 3d printed by Duncan but not sure.

Pictures seem a bit dark, but I dont have a great set up on vacation sadly.  So best I can do. Got most of the Batman stuff done now only a half a dozen or so guys left, hoping to get another game in before I go back.

We did try it out but I mostly forgot to get pictures:

Was pretty fun!

Pledge Status, 2019:

Bought: 262
Painted: 363
Total: -101


Monday, 23 December 2019

Painting Update - oh no it's the Cops!

Hello All,

Another small painting post, finished some SWAT guys fir Batman. These are older metal ones I have had on the table for  a couple of years. Plus a few objectives.


Think they turned out ok. The lettering and dark colors were a bit of a problem. Also now notice I forgot 1 guys back so have to fix that.


These bits were allot of fun, all kinds of stuff to grab!

Just about have enough to try a game now.

Pledge Status, 2019:

Bought: 257
Painted: 348
Total: -91


Saturday, 21 December 2019

Battle Report - Clud Day Saga

Hello Folks,

This past Friday we had our Christmas club day. Indian food and battle.

This time around it's more Saga age of Magic. I decided to use my Bretonnian army I painted for Warhammer Fantasy a few years back. Good excuse to get them another game! I used the Great Kingdom board.

My opponent was Lent who had a Hordes army with trolls and various fighters.

We decided to do the Challenges scenario as it's quite fun, and seems quite good for fantasy battles. We picked the following challenges to accomplish:

We shall die to the last (75% of my guys dead)
We shall leave only widows (no enemy units left with more than 6 guys)

My fury shall echo through the ages (10 kills in 1 turn)
I will crush you (kill most expensive enemy unit)

I picked die to the last ad it seemed appropriate to Brettpnians, get the Peasants killed to soften things up and the Kinights ride to victory.

Heres the deployment and terrain. Keeping my knights back, warlord to the right, captain on the left with the big banner.

Only 3 duce for me turn 1 so not much action. But the trebuchet fired a rock and the foot soldiers advance a bit.

Hordes come forward a bit, and a magic field appears!

Turn 2, time to activate my archer pincers. I moved both up with we obeys and use enfilade to shoot both. Plus fire another rock and moving out the bait soldiers

Hordes play hard ball on their turn! Lots of charges with the wizard giving extra attacks, sees 1 unit of warriors gone and the other badly beat up. But the big Titan has z good few fatigues.

I tried placing a trebucht rock to kill this guy but failed. Still he was exhausted. I decided to gamble with the Captain. She managed to knock this guy out, and some hiw survived!

Otherwise more shooting. The hordes then repositioned and tried to kill her. Charging in with a warlord! But again she heroically stuck it out, ending exhausted but alive, very nice.

Next go for me, finally time for the knights to get some action. They charge both units of warriors on the left, killing most of them, and keeping 1 guy up. Not bad. On the right I got ready for next turn. I need to get the big knight killing the creatures, without Kent killing them all as that's his goal.

We decided to end it after this turn. The hordes went into clean up mode. Some hearthguard killed the Captain, but she went down swinging and took a few out. Then the Warlord killed the last knight.

Enter the mathematics phase, all told with both had 1 objective good and 1 fail and lots of murder. Sadly I ended up 7 points behind, so the Hordes take the day!

Was a really fun game thou, lots of interesting stuff going on. Was fun to get the Brettonians out again, but man this is a creepily painted army! Things have improved allot over the years!

As usual heres z few shots of other games:


Santas elves fighting Trolls?

Ho Ho Ho

Now that it Christmasy!

Anyway that's the club day, hope everyone had a good Holiday! More action in the new year!


Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Painting Update - Heavy Gear & Batman Miniatures Game

Hello Folks,

No gaming thus week but figure it's about time for another painting update. I did a few Heavy Gear models I have had for years for their painting contest. That turned out to be pretty fun so it snowballed into a whole big thing. Pretty much have a new army at this point.

Also started getting into some batman stuff. I picked up the Riddler box on a black Friday sale and really enjoyed painting that as well.

Heavy Gear Plastics:

To start here are the plastic models I did. This is the full plastic starter, almost, for the south. I wasnt to keen on these models when I first got them a couple of years back, but they paint up quite nice.

Fancy Models:

These are resin or metal models. Mostly ones that I have had for years, but I got some new stuff as well after the Jovian Wars painting contest. I entered the back row of models basically. Particularly happy with how the big Naga turned out.

Great models. Here is a link to the contest results. For interest, some nicely painted stuff.


Riddler Gang:

This is the Riddler Bat box, basically gives you a full army. They are resin models and not perfect, but paint up easy and look great o think. Only a few colors which makes them fast to do. Also a few terrain bits.

Gordon and Detective:

 Also got the commissioner and ones of his men done. These are older metal models, very nice as well. Not sure which I prefer but both are good. Particularly happy with how the detective turned out. I also have a SWAT guy almost done but he is not nearly that good.

Anyway that's it for now. Should get a few more batman and heavy gear models done before the end of the year. Probably start fresh with something else in the new year!

 Pledge Status, 2019:

Bought: 247
Painted: 334
Total: -87


Monday, 9 December 2019

Battle Report - Beware of Dragons!

Hello Folks,

This past weekend I got the chance to head over to Duncan's to play a game of Saga, went for Age of Magic again. I expected him to play Undead so I took a Horde of Uruk-Hai, no wizzard this time, deciding to try a war machine instead!

Funny enough Duncan also had a horde, of Dragons!

I looked for a scenario that made sense and ended up with dragons attacking a baggage train.

In this one I have 3 baggage elements to escape across the board, I loose survival points for ones killed or still on the table at the end Duncan looses points for ones that escape.

Here is the set up. Man that's allot of Dragons. I have half my stuff and the second half walks on. I thought allot about how to get enough dice starting to move on. but realized later you could just fo manouvers

Everything in place ready for the onslaught.

Dragons swoop in to breath fire. Immediately the terrain meant to slow my movement starts getting in their way.

Next turn I just advance, sending my Wargs way around the druid circle to protect  baggage over there. War machine is cracking off shots doing a fatigue to dragons here and there.

Dragons get up close and personal. The bronze one tries to eat my elephant baggage but gets driven off. We didn't realize baggage had the unarmed rule but main thing is I lived.

Next turn the wolves make a devastating charge and kill the white dragon! But take 3 fatigues to not die. My Uruks also charge the big black dragon but that turns out I'll advised.

More dragon fire. Mainly breathing on my warriors to chip away at Saga dice. But a few times shooting baggage as well, this turns out ineffective as they are hard to damage with shooting.

Next turn the Troll sees a time to shine and charges the Green. In a mighty battle managed to fell the beast only taking 2 fatigues, not bad. The baggage is moving along so things seem not bad.

Next turn the scaly beasts have other plans and they eat up the tasty camels in the middle, so strike 1 baggage.

But this left the leader and gold d4agon vulnerable. My Wargs charge the metal one first, but frustratingly are 1 hit shy of killing it, and they get gobbled up. But I have my berserkers to save the day, they charge the chimera the brains behind it all. Sadly again 1 hit shy and they are food. But 2 exhausted dragons I guess.

Next turn they try to to more but bad dice and fatigue prevents them from killing or blocking the other baggage. So I dump all my dice in moves and both escape!

This leaves only my guys left as tasty meals, so the dragon start mopping up. Using my Warlord, after the uruk hai charge to death to exhaust him, a third dragon is slain.

The dragons finish thing up snacking on a Troll. Combined fire gives me some fatigues the the metal dragon finishes the deal, just barely surviving himself! Man mot good luck at all.

Survival points wise I have not allot left! But Duncan is looking pretty good. I loose points for the dead baggage going down to -3, Duncan looses a massive 16 fir 2 escaping and goes to -4! So it is just barely a win for me, or maybe a 0-0 tie. Not sure of points can go negative or not!

Either way not exactly glorious hah.