Friday, 6 July 2018

Battle Report - Saga Dark Ages

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are playing Saga once again, but Dark ages this time. I wanted to try out the new Skraelings board so we have some Vikings invading northetn Newfoundland.

Only 4 points thou as I never got around to painting more. I had 3 units of warriors and some levy, the Vikings had 3 units of warriors and some Hearthguard. No Berserkers thou.

Inital Deployments and terrain, kind of a goat path along the beach. Kind of a nice beach buy still. Lots of rocks and stuff up there and I put some trees. Maybe a bit tall fir there but my excuse is that this is during the medevial warm period.

Vikings had 3 dice as player one so did some manuvers but were playing it safe. The new thing for the natives is sprit totems that give permanent buff but cost allot of Saga dice so I was happy to play slow and get that going. 

Went for Puma Totem to get an extra Saga dice and Eagle on the archers for better shooting.

Turn 2 was allot more active. The vikings moved up with everything. I set up another totem and got to throwing sticks. 2 units of braves moved up and tossed their javelins. The vikings used an ability to exhasut 1. The other used an ability to get a free shot the move and throw again with no fatigue. This went very well killing lots of Norse men.

Had some phone problems so only had 1 mors picture. I think the last couple got lost. Anyway the Vikings hit back with multiple charges doing a good bit of damage taking advantage of my low armor and not letting the javelins charge.

I hit back with efficency javelin throws. My warlord activated beaver totem to reroll hits and killed the hearthguard. But was left vulnerable and got killed by I guess Leif the Lucky! But he was also vulnerable and my braves threw sticks and killed him.

In the end after lots of murder the points turned out 19 to 19. So a draw on the rock.

Hard to win with less points so you really need to be crushing it.

I liked the new board thou good fun. Much better then tge last version.


Thursday, 5 July 2018

Battle Report - Walking Dead

Hello All,

This past weekend I got a chance to do some more Zombie Apocalypse gaming with Duncan! Giving the walking dead game from Mantic another go.

I changed things up a bit and brought my 3 hazmat guys, plus the veteran my leader, tge fireman, and the mechanic.  All custom profiles as have been seen before. Duncan took a classic Rick Carl Glenn and Carol group with the prison timelone cards. We both had a few weapons.

Here is the table, Prison plus some road with a gas station and allot of crashed cars. I cam in through the hole in the prison fence, Rick and Co.  From the far side. Various supply tokens spread throughout.

My idea is to nab all the supplies in the prison and on that side. So my guys run for the one out side the fence but mostly stick together.

In this game the zombies get cleared out pretty well at first. But Rick and Glenn are getting up in my business!

Soon I realize I need to murder some of Duncans guys and take their stuff or I will loose. So I start shooting Rick in the face and starting trouble.

This degenerates into a big punch up. Here Carl is fighting my leader and a hazmat guy wit s chainsaw. So I don't have a leader but Carl has no gas so hah!

The melee continues. Carl finding himself surrounded and gasless goes down. Rick is being a real pain thou.

Chipping away at Rick gang but I an loosing wounds as well. Starting to be a problem. But the Rick goes down in a blaze of glory.

Then tge walkers arrive.  Glenn drops an alarm clock which gathers them and everyone tries to grab loot and run. A few more guys die but most of the rest escape. I was able to grab a few from the pile left when Carol died. That was enough to give me the edge!

Never made it into the prison thou hah.

This was the most fighting we have probably ever done between gangs which was interesting. Played out very different and we never got the huge hordes of zombies which can kill very fast.


Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Battle Report - By Fire and Sword

Hello Folks,

This past Friday was our wargaming club day, this time around it was a by fire and sword day. We had around 10ish people which is pretty good.

I ended up in a game with Ben to face off against Nick and Martin. We had Brandenburg and sweedish against a double does of Polish. We just played a skirmish game and ignored the fact that each side had 2, just had a bigger table and played normally.

We choose the take and hold scenario, which gives 4 points for holding a central hill and 2 side hills worth 1 each. The Poles had a recon advantage and choose to ambush some Panceiri pretty scary.

Deployments, you can kind of see the hills under the mat. Anyway I had 2 units of 3 dragoons on each side of a hit of 4 titers with a small cannon on the side. Mainly facing Nick who had some dragoons and small units of mounted with a stronger on across the wood and 1 in ambush.

I did not great with pictures sadly. Anyway turn 1 I moved up my dragoons and my riters had a brief fight with the light cavalry who lost badly. Meanwhile the cannon popped some shots. In turn 2 the ambush turned up in the woods.

Here are things on the other flank. Lots of fighting. Going back and forth I guess.

The ambushing Panceiri crushed my unit of dragoons running all over them. But thankfully missed my artillery. On the other side we had a dragoon shooting match while my riters set up fir another chatge.

They went in but defensive fire pushed them back. The victorious Polish unit was a bit stuck with no orders. Somehow Bens unut 9n the hill was holding out. But we may have made a mistake in how disorder was handled.

Overview of the battle. Poles cleaning up on the far left.

Eventually that Polish unit on our side got organized and set off to retake the hill. But artillery shots are adding up and they are a pretty reduced. Same thing with my hill but the shooting is a bit better. Still I am down to 2 stands as well.

Final view of the battle. We were able to hold the central hill, somehow. And my riters managed to take the right flank at the last minute.  The Poles have built a country on the left however. We all had heavy losses (50%) which gives 0 points except Martin who had acceptable losses for 1 point. So it was 5 points to 2 for us. If the Poles got another turn or 2 they would easy take the center. But to bad times up!

Was a real fun game and good club outting,  despite the heat which was to dam high!


Thursday, 28 June 2018

Battle Report - Jovian Wars - Game 2

Hello Folks;

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are back to space to play a second game of Jovian Wars. The intervening weeks were used to build up some new ships!

This time it's a full 250 point skirmish game with rando deployment. I went a bit more towards the lighter side with more frigates and squadrons. The CEGA forces went a but heavier with 2 medium size ships.

Here we are part way through turn 1. The random deployment put one of the more dangerous earth ships  in the vanguard so most of my fleet is swarming it. But I sent a small force to flank around the asteroid field.  My big Alexander put out some strong early hits. I had my fighter escorting my big shop but the earth forces made quick work of that.

Next turn for me is continuing to hammer that flagship and start getting into place for next turn. The storm rider my best squadron by far is setting up a bombing run.

The big earth squadron keeps causing problems for me downing a second unit. Also the earth forces keep pounding my Aleaner which is becoming distressing.

Next kick at the can my storm ruder bombs that big ship very successfully, destroying it with allot of good luck! My flanking escorts is even able to knock out a corvette. We forgot that you are supposed to roll gir what happens to crippled ship put just removed them. Also may have made an error on evasive ships.

Earth is able to hit back hard thou, sinking my flagship. And the dragon stalker their big squadron causes more problems then lands in the hangars to get repaired.

My plan now was to by pass the other big ship and destroy the rest. But I forgot and put allot of fire into it!

Earth is hitting back hard thou. My Escorts cant stand up until the line of battle at close range and are going down fast. But my storm rider has that last big ship in his sights.

Final dog fight between some Exo squadrons.

The Storm Rider made his bombing run a valiant attempt. He did some good inital damage but the shop was left very much operational.

We had to call it for time at this point so had to call it. Seems clearly an earth victory, that big ship can kill my last 2 escorts easily and we are evenly matched on squadrons.

We had very vlose to the same points left but Earth slightly ahead there.

Second game was much better. We had allot more luck getting hits in so was quite fun.

Maybe will have to try out some large ship next time.


Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Painting Update - Team Yankee and Jovian Wars

Hello Folks,

Got around to another painting update. This time I hAve some Jovian Wars and team yankee stuff. This finishes off the jovian wars stuff I have. Was going to be the end of my new team yankee stuff as well, but now I am into that so maybe will get a few more bits polished off who knows.

Majestic Fleet Carrier:

First up is the big ship, a cool carrier. As you can see I had some problems keeping thins neat and aligned but I think it came out pretty cool.

Javelin & Thunderbolt Escorts:

Since I was having fun in space I decided to grab a few smaller ship to build on to my starter stuff a bit. I like these smaller guys allot more for whatever reason.

Not really sure if there will be more Jovian Wars stuff or not but fir niw I think it's on to other things painting wise.

Parachute Rifle Platoon:

So a big part of my current Team Yankee painting is based around getting some smaller games with infantry and not just big tanks. So way back at Cold Wars I picked up some infantry and a couple of helicopters to land them. My thing is that helicopters is the main reason to play so might as well get them.

This is pretty much the smallest squad, I would like to add a couple more teams but army choppers can only have 3 passengers unlike their marine friends. I am trying to stuck to 1 side and don't feel like getting more huey really so that is that!

Mech Infantry:

This is cheating a but but I wanted another infantry option. I had some US guts for Force on Forcs that mostly looked right so I rebased them. Just had to add some missiles and I had another platoon. This one us stronger but no choppers.

Ther are a but wrong having a desert scheme, and no LAWs but good enough!

So that is the latest batch of painting. I may do my other 2 cobras and maybe some m113s mortars. But I am keen to get on the Irish as well. Lots to do!

Excited to get a game of Team Yankee now!

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 140
Painted: 188
Total: 48


Monday, 18 June 2018

Battle Report - Saga Crusades - Eastern Prices vs Muttawii

Hello Folks,

Yet another Battle cranking em out lately! On Sunday I got together with Duncan (good) for another game of Saga set in the age of crusades. I have the proper eastern dice so gave them ago against tge Muslim fanatics. Their name is impossible to spell / pronounce.

We got a dawn attack with forces spread out.

I put my archers on a big hill rest spread out. I kept my mounted in the back away from the nasty camels.

Turn 1 the fantics get set up.

I do the same, no oNE wants to make the first move.

Finally first blood. The fanatic hearth guard move like djinns and attack some mounted troops. I had a lords ability that gave them resilience 2, they piled on attack abilities until there armor was 1. In the end lost 1 guy for 2 but was exhausted.

My turn I rested and pulled back my mounted guys, and moved another infantry unit into the line. Also brought down my archers so they could start to do something. The Eastern Princes have a good defensive ability for foot units. You need to be out numbered but I am expecting to fight hearth guard so no problem.

The expected attack game pushing back my warriors and killing half. I used the feint ability to shift over another mounted unit on Duncans turn.

They used death blow to get another kill and moved away from camel range! My bows shot up the fanatic bows getting a few kills as well.

Then both sets of camels attacked. They pushed back one unit of warriors but slaughtered my half unit with no loss. I brought in my warriors to fight them and was lucky killing all 4! Finally used my warlord to kill the final guy from the foot unit. But he rolled box cars and left my man exhausted and surrounded by camels...

Oh shit.

So ya he died a glorious death.

I lost track of the pictures for the last turn or 2. But my mounted cleaned up most of the foot. The camels did the same but died in the process.

In the end the fanatics just had a warlord and 1 warrior left. So it was my turn for a pretty solid victory!


Battle Report - Star Wars X-Wing

Hello All,

This past Friday was our gaming club day, thus time we were set to play a game of X-Wing. We had 4 people so decided to play a 4 player game with 200 points per side.

We had a bunch of different ships with all kinds of pilots, but Vader, Luke, and Han Solo were all present so lots of heroes.

For my parents I took a tie defender, 2 tie interceptors, and vader in a tie advanced.

We just went fir the normal blow shit up scenario.

 As you can se I am on the left facing the X-Wings, Vader is going to yeah Luke tge error of his ways. On the right a bunch of fancy tie fighters against the milenimum falcon a b wing and e wing. Instead of asteroids we have a blown up Corellian Corvette.

Turn 1 is just an advance. All the ships flying in formation. We'll see how long that lasts.

Next turn more flying straight mostly and we exchange some long range shots. Eh nothing crazy really happened. At this point I decided to swing my defender back to the X-W8ng fight. I decided it would get confusing being on 2 dog fights at once. Also luke made me nervous. As you can see 1 interceptor is missing!

Now the action starts. Vader and the other interceptor got right in their smug faces. Looks like Solo has started sending ties to space heaven as well.

Vader and the defense got behind 1 X-wing and blow that guy up. So we are back in the game.

Next turn the defender gets another one,  but I loose the other interceptor as well. Not as much seems to be dieing on the other side. Not sure what game they are playing!

Finally Vader finishes the last X-Wing, let's say that was look but I don't really Rembert.  Now it's time for phase 2 where solo has to die.

Takes awhile to fly over and I start to notice a distinct lack of tie fighters!

Big mix up with the falcon in the middle. We were able to focus with all our ships doing a ton of damage.

Well no more flacon, so that is really good. On the other hand only Vader is left on the imperial side. At this point he remembered some important business on Mustafar so decided to leave. Thr rebels weren't abe to close the deal so Vader escaped.

In the end it turned out to be quite a fun game. Even thou I was pretty tired and getting grumpy towards the end. We will have to do some more Star Wars sometime on the  future.