Friday, 19 January 2018

Battle Report - Ill Met by Moonlight

Hello Folks,

Well Wednesday Wargaming is back in full spring, this week it is once again time gor some lord of the rings gaming. I decided to use some of the stuff I have been building up for Osgiliath,  still have lots more to do but I added on some other stuff to make a table.

This is they week for trying mounted troops so I have some Gondor guy plus some Riders of Rohan to fight some goblins aND Hunter Orcs. We dont have any separate dismounted models done yet really so no killing of mounts.

Scenario was as listed above, basically murder in the night. You get points for breaking the enemy killing leaders and killing all heroes. My leader is Boromir facing off against the Goblin King.

Starting set up. I put my mounted on the left, Gondor on the right with all the bows in the middle.

First of advancing a bit slowly. Kind of playing cat and mouse with the mounted. I wanted to set up a good line with terrain at the ends to be safe basically on either side of the boulders goin to either walls. Fight the horde of Goblins on my terms is the idea. Sadly the troll threw a rock at Boromir and did a wound!

Eventually the lines get closer. My bows got really lucky and killed 2 of the orcs and a goblin or 2! My Rohan guys started fighting the Goblins the scribe was calling into the back field. Doing pretty well with that as I was getting priority.

The lines press closer. I was able to set up my ideal formating with a nice line of spears anchored by the terrain, hopefully making it hard for the Goblins to make use of their numbers.

Next turn evil got the drop so hot the choose the engagements. This went pretty well for the with lots of riders getting eaten by orcs. But my line on the other side was holding well even against the king and troll!

The battle continued of course. At this point the orcs are cleanin up. Erkenbrand brand was brought down! But on the other side Boromir did very well and killed the troll in 1 turn! I brought in more of my guys and lots of goblins are going down.

Eventually the goblins and orcs star surrounding my lines but it is to late. On the same turn we both break and have to starting making courage tests. Luckily I loose priority that turn and the goblin king flubs his roll and runs away! That turned defeat into victory for me. Evil was winning due to the wound on Boromir but the fleering king counts as dead so I am up by 1 unless someone can kill all the heroes.

But with such low courage it's not long until the Goblins rout leaving me up by 1, 5 points to 4.

So one city is safe for now. Was a fun game, probably the closest we have done. More to come as we get stuff ready for cangames.

Well post better pictures of the new building in the next painting update.


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Battle Report - Double Feature! Walking Dead and Disposable Heroes

Hello All,

Have 2 reports for you today. Getting a bit behind on these I guess. First up is another zombie game, this past Sunday Duncan hosted me and Stan for a game at his place.

Walking Dead, Prison Troubles:

New set up of terrain for this one, instead of the usual mall we have a very cool prison setting. Basically the yard / entrance and some sells and what not.

I started out at the bottom with my hasslefree guys, Duncan  was way on the r8ght with Rick and Carl, Stan had some guys by the north entrance to the yard.

Start off just moving in fighting some zombies nothing serious. I have a few more visitors at this point but they knocked down a fence which was convineint.

Sadly I was not killing then that efficency and the were building up a bit over time.

Eventually I broke out a bit and got the fireman to the prison door but he is having a hard time getting in.

Also Stans guys start getting close which makes me uncomfortable, so I started shooting them a bit.

This escalates and makes things allot worse hah.

Things going sideways very fast, now we are fighting each other and zombies. The fireman finally got the door open but still has to fight zombies.

Carl and Rick having problems also, Rock is not having much luck with his assault rifle and they are stuck at the gate.

But just as Rick gets it open a bunch of them jump on Carl and gobble him up!

Not long afterm they get Rick!

But then we made our own problems as you can see! All our guys fighting here ended up as zombies! Maybe starting fights is not great.

In the end it was a clear win for the zombies. Only my leader escaped alive through the prison, and he had 0 supplies hah.

Disposable Heroes:

Last Wednesday I hosted a WW2 game with bad Duncan and Serge.  Germans and Russians battling it out to try a new game.

Terrain set up.

Germans advance towards the Russians trying to capture some points.

Shots fired! The Russians fire the first shot and cause some casualties.

After some mgs trading shots a Russian platoon deploys tp try and stop the Germans from taking ground.

But with 2 moves at the end the Russians are able to get the point!

I found the game was ok and has some interesting ideas. But there are a few points I don't like. Will have to g8ve it another shot at some point!


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Battle Report - Bagration Final Turn

Hello Folks,

Time for the last battle report of the Bagration Campaign. For this one I was facing off against Duncan in breakthrough. The battle was for Orsha.

Here is the inital set up and terrain. We both started with a couple of platoons and some mortars, plus I had some rockets.

First few turns are about trying to dig each other out with artillery. I did pretty good with that on turn 1. I tired to run up my pioneers in the crop field. Was hoping I could flank the position aND get am assault, or sneak around.

They took a bit to much fire thou so that plan failed. The Russians deployed an anti'tank gun ambush to try and knock out my rockets but just got a pair of bails and then I blitzed back out of range. Meanwhile the pounding of infantry continued. I lost half of my heavy machine guns.

Pioneers reduced to 1 stand and Russian reserves arrive. You can see I am thinking out the Russian infantry but not fast enough.

I get 2 Tigers from reserve and try to blitz on and kill some IS2S that came in on the far side. But somehow fail the roll. I try to fight them anyway but get no kills and next turn they are destroyed by th IS2s, not good!

Next turn I got my StugGs and decided to try and avoid the IS2s and go for the center. This is turn 6 so the objectives count.

Sadly I forgot to consider that the attacker needs to be within 8" of an objective after that or they loose! So it was a loss for me. Was to slow getting to an objective and had no real way to fight the late IS2s. Probably should have started with the Tigers on the table and pressed harder in the center. But oh well was s fun one.


Saturday, 6 January 2018

Year End Review: 2017

Hello Folks,

So finally time to do the year end review for 2017, time really files! So as usual to start things off we will have a look at what the goals were for 2017, and how they turned out:

  1. British Ships for Trafalgar
  2. 15mm Samurai (Monks) for Cangames
  3. 15mm WW1 
  4. Get more into the Hobbit Game Planning to do some Terrain for Cangames for Frostgrave
  5. Would like to get to some more Eipc, really enjoy that game

Seems like I did alright with the goals this time around. The British ships were completed, only 4 of them but they are a major trial to complete! Painted a bunch of 15mm Warrior Monks for cangames, and more Eipc armies as well. No success on the 15mm WW1 project thou, the motivation for that one still eludes. But on the other hand I think it is fair to say that the Hobbit game was gotten into in a major way!

So with the goals taken care of here are a few shots of some the major and or cool projects that got done in 2017.

British Fleet:

Heavy Gear, CEF:

Epic Space Marines:

Warrior Monks:

The Walking Dead:

Late Romans:


Lord of the Rings:


No shortage of stuff and lots of variety! 

Of course that leaves the plans for next year:

  1. Paint everything to run an Osgiliath game at Cangames.
  2. Paint everything to run a the Fords of the River Isen battle at Cangames.
  3. Paint a new By Fire and Sword army.
  4. Paint enough stuff including terrain to play some 7TV.
  5. Paint enough stuff to play a different Epic ARmy at Cold Wars.
Lots of plans, hopefully I can get through them all!

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 405
Painted: 441 
Total: 36

Historic Results:
2016: 484 Painted
2015: 216 Painted
2014: 140 Painted

So there you go did pretty well with the pledge, a slightly positive number at least. Didn't quite break the record of last year, but there is always next year. Part of me wants to say that the point of the pledge is to buy less stuff and not just paint more but never mind! 

Let me know your plans for the next year, be interesting to hear from people, good time to make your own post like this I guess as many people have.


Sunday, 31 December 2017

Painting Update - Skeletons, Monster and Castellans

Hello All,

Got a bit more painting done over the break, so I thought I would toss up a few more quick photos. Maybe not so great of pictures but that is ok.

Skeleton Archers:

First up a few skeleton bowmen, I found some old tomb kings guys that never got painted completely before so figured I would give them a quick go. Still need to add the snow but that is not a big thing.

Castellans of Dol Guldur:

Also a few Castellans I got for Christmas, these guys maybe need a bit more done for basing but basically finished. Ready to cause some damage with their morgul blades!

The Gorm:

Finally a big scary monster. We were playing some Kingdom Death over the break so I thought I would paint one of the expansion monsters to mix things up a bit. Was pretty fun for sure.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 405
Painted: 441 
Total: 36