Monday, 18 June 2018

Battle Report - Saga Crusades - Eastern Prices vs Muttawii

Hello Folks,

Yet another Battle cranking em out lately! On Sunday I got together with Duncan (good) for another game of Saga set in the age of crusades. I have the proper eastern dice so gave them ago against tge Muslim fanatics. Their name is impossible to spell / pronounce.

We got a dawn attack with forces spread out.

I put my archers on a big hill rest spread out. I kept my mounted in the back away from the nasty camels.

Turn 1 the fantics get set up.

I do the same, no oNE wants to make the first move.

Finally first blood. The fanatic hearth guard move like djinns and attack some mounted troops. I had a lords ability that gave them resilience 2, they piled on attack abilities until there armor was 1. In the end lost 1 guy for 2 but was exhausted.

My turn I rested and pulled back my mounted guys, and moved another infantry unit into the line. Also brought down my archers so they could start to do something. The Eastern Princes have a good defensive ability for foot units. You need to be out numbered but I am expecting to fight hearth guard so no problem.

The expected attack game pushing back my warriors and killing half. I used the feint ability to shift over another mounted unit on Duncans turn.

They used death blow to get another kill and moved away from camel range! My bows shot up the fanatic bows getting a few kills as well.

Then both sets of camels attacked. They pushed back one unit of warriors but slaughtered my half unit with no loss. I brought in my warriors to fight them and was lucky killing all 4! Finally used my warlord to kill the final guy from the foot unit. But he rolled box cars and left my man exhausted and surrounded by camels...

Oh shit.

So ya he died a glorious death.

I lost track of the pictures for the last turn or 2. But my mounted cleaned up most of the foot. The camels did the same but died in the process.

In the end the fanatics just had a warlord and 1 warrior left. So it was my turn for a pretty solid victory!


Battle Report - Star Wars X-Wing

Hello All,

This past Friday was our gaming club day, thus time we were set to play a game of X-Wing. We had 4 people so decided to play a 4 player game with 200 points per side.

We had a bunch of different ships with all kinds of pilots, but Vader, Luke, and Han Solo were all present so lots of heroes.

For my parents I took a tie defender, 2 tie interceptors, and vader in a tie advanced.

We just went fir the normal blow shit up scenario.

 As you can se I am on the left facing the X-Wings, Vader is going to yeah Luke tge error of his ways. On the right a bunch of fancy tie fighters against the milenimum falcon a b wing and e wing. Instead of asteroids we have a blown up Corellian Corvette.

Turn 1 is just an advance. All the ships flying in formation. We'll see how long that lasts.

Next turn more flying straight mostly and we exchange some long range shots. Eh nothing crazy really happened. At this point I decided to swing my defender back to the X-W8ng fight. I decided it would get confusing being on 2 dog fights at once. Also luke made me nervous. As you can see 1 interceptor is missing!

Now the action starts. Vader and the other interceptor got right in their smug faces. Looks like Solo has started sending ties to space heaven as well.

Vader and the defense got behind 1 X-wing and blow that guy up. So we are back in the game.

Next turn the defender gets another one,  but I loose the other interceptor as well. Not as much seems to be dieing on the other side. Not sure what game they are playing!

Finally Vader finishes the last X-Wing, let's say that was look but I don't really Rembert.  Now it's time for phase 2 where solo has to die.

Takes awhile to fly over and I start to notice a distinct lack of tie fighters!

Big mix up with the falcon in the middle. We were able to focus with all our ships doing a ton of damage.

Well no more flacon, so that is really good. On the other hand only Vader is left on the imperial side. At this point he remembered some important business on Mustafar so decided to leave. Thr rebels weren't abe to close the deal so Vader escaped.

In the end it turned out to be quite a fun game. Even thou I was pretty tired and getting grumpy towards the end. We will have to do some more Star Wars sometime on the  future.


Thursday, 14 June 2018

Battle Report - Jovian Wars

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are playing Jovian Wars, Time to try out some space ship battles. As discussed in the previous post I don't have everything completed so we are starting with a 100 point game to get going. Basically a medium sized ship and 4 - 5 squadrons.

I went with the Alexander Class Destroyer, plus some pathfinders, pathfinder recon, retaliator, and vindicator. Representing the forces of Jupiter.

With suck small fleets we decided to just set everything up and go for some murder. I set up a bit of an asteroid field to give some terrain.

The ships and ther escorts gaze angrily at each other. Serge has the Earth forces with a Constantinoble class.

Earth just advances some things faster then others.

My turn I moved up keeping 2 squadrons for cover and send 2 on a flanking mission. Tried some long range shots with extended sensor action but not much effect.

Earth advances dealing heavy damage to my pathfinder and starting some dog fights. We found out that the wyvern bomber with swarm missiles is pretty brutal.

I think this is a few turns later. I turned my ship and used a point defence action to deal heavy damage to a bunch of squadrons. Which was good as mine were taking a pounding, 2 already being wiped out.

We kept up the fire tending to focus more on squadron as they are easier to kill. Soon they were mostly gone and our ships started a slow lazy turn while they hammered each other.

Stop chashing me!

Turns out damaging ships is quite hard.

At the end no ships were killed. Mine had lost half its structure and the earth ship had multiple systems down.

So far I liked this game good to try something a bit different. Only complaints so far is that the rules are a bit rough, also big ships are a bit hard to kill it seems.

Going to give it another go soon at 200 so stay tuned!


Monday, 11 June 2018

Painting Update - Jovian Wars

Hello All,

Time for another painting update. About a year or so ago I think Dream Pod 9 had another Kickstarter, this time for a Spaces Ship game, Jovian Wars. Well finally I am getting around to painting my fleet (after much prompting!).

Had a bit of a slow start on these for whatever reason. I found it hard to get into, but after I had a couple of squadrons it all fell into place and I got done pretty quick. This is how these things go sometimes hard to get the momentum going!

So you get 2 big ships and some squadrons of fighters and Exos (big mechs).

Lancer Fighters:

Starting with the squadrons, I have 3 sets of lancers. The green squadron is a bomber (I think it's that one), they just have a small ball on the bottom. I actually quite like these. Note that the bases are 1" hexes so they are quite small.


Now here we have 3 squadrons of Pathfinder Exo suits. These are the basic units of the Jovian Fleet. If I have this right the left set are Snipers, the middle are normal, and the right group are pathfinders. I quite like these as well, ma have to add another squad or 2.

Retalitator, Vindicator, and Hector Squadrons:

Here we have some more ellite squadrons, or specialist I guess you could say. On the left are retaliators, vindicators in yellow, and Hectors in red. The Retalitors have better anti-capital ship missiles, the Vindicators have lots of weapons including a mass driver, and the Hectors are fast, having rocket boosters instead of legs!

Storm Rider:

Lastly on the Exo side I have the big Stormrider. This is the big beefy guy with huge guns and lots of missiles. A pair of pathfinders are escorts.

Alexander Class Destroyer:

Then I have the first capital ship, this is an Alexander Destroyer. Personally I think it came out pretty cool, I never had any huge issues getting it together, was easier then I would have thought. The only issue is there there are allot of sections longitudinally, so it is very difficult to have everything lined up and straight. Anyway this guy has some turret on the sides, and a prow gun. The ring has all the accommodation modules, and some cargo behind that.

I still have a Majestic Fleet carrier to paint which is even allot bigger, but will take me a bit more time to get that done. But this should be enough to get going so should have a battle report up on Thursday after we hopefully play on Wednesday!

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 136 
Painted: 167
Total: 31


Battle Report - Saga Crusades

Hello Folks,

Time for another Saga battle. Yesterday o got a chance to play another Saga game with Duncan (good). Still just playing the 1 scenario, but we have a fan made PDF so probably will give that a try as well.

I went for the Teutonic knights again having the right dice and all. Duncan once more took the moors and used a character I called obi wan and some black guards which are brutal. To make thins even worse some camel riders!!

In progress turn 1. We were suppodef to roll for exhaustion but forgot. Moors were player 1 buy didn't advance just set up some doom on the old battle board. I decided to just charge the camels. So I move up 2 units then charged with both.

This was a bit crap and I lost 2 knights from each unit trading for 4 camels.

The moors move over Obi Wan and charged the camels seeing off 2 more knights.

At this point I had my fill on camels so started moving up the foot. Shoot some safe pointy objects.

Camels kill the next 2 knights. At this point I am getting down on Saga dice and the writing is on the wall.

With the moors spreading disruption I decided to fight the levy. Go fir something easy! This was not exactly a great success but not bad either.

Sadly the black guard decided to get involved. Good by crossbows.


OK but surely knight can fight the black guard! Nah I lost all 4 to kill 1!

Then they murdered my warlord.

I by the end them game I was completely wiped out. Never added up the points but safe to call it a Moorish victory. Don't think I have seen a game of new Saga this one sided!

I had some pretty bad rolls at times, but Duncan was making all the right battle board moves so that is a that.

Was a fun game bound to be more soon.