Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Painting Update - Lots

Hello Folks,

Time for a big painting update. I have been busy.

First up I did some Jovian Wars Spaceshios and what not, using the stuff I got from the last kickstarter. This was inspired by DP9 running a painting contest.

Here are the photos they made of my entries. I was lucky enough to win the best fighter squadron  which us pretty cool.

I also did a bunch of Gondor guys to make an army for the tournament at Fall-In.

Osgiliath Veterans:

Hurin the Tall and Irolas, plus Pippin:

Citadel Guard and a Banner:


Shot of my Army:

Finally I did the last 2 jets:

So ya lots of stuff lately!

Pledge Status, 2019:

Bought: 224
Painted: 291
Total: -67


Sunday, 3 November 2019

Red Thunder - Round 1

Hello Folks,

Today was another club day, and we started of the Team Yankee campaign Red Thunder. The Cold War has gone hit and the Russians are coming.

I took a list of French with American allies as I have been doing, but took as many planes/helicopters as I could.

The scenario ended up being hasty attack. Basically both sides have reserves but mine were slower coming on, but I got an ambush.

I set up a table with a 2 lane high way plus some buildings and trees and what not.

Here's the set up, I have objectives in the middle and the left to defend. The one on the right gets taken away by the Russians. And 1 to attack in the back a bit left of the factory with all of the infantry.

Turn 1 for the Russians a horde of Hind show up and attack my Cobras, killing 1 with the other running. First blood! Other shooting not effective.

The attacked left but rolled allot of misses.

I fired back and was allot more lucky, I think getting rid of 1 platoon of 3 already. My Gazelles
 came on and attacked the Hind but only killed 1. On the right my Recon unit snuck up by the gas things and fired at the BMPs but missed, so can't win em all.

Russians kept up the pressure bringing more tanks in from Reserve. But only knocked out a couple of tanks. The Hinds shot down a Gazelle, so the chopper battle not going great for me. Also killed a recon tank on the right.

This time I was able to bring in the jets! But their cluster bombs landed not on target and never killed anything. I did well with the tanks thou, and killed half the BMPs on the right.

Russians doubled down on the same strategy, sending even more tanks into my concealed French guys. Worse luck this time thou I think. The Hinds killed some more Gazelles thou, so really chipping away at them.

This turn I got Reserves and jets! Some Abrams came on and flanked the T-72s, easily killing 1 platoon, with the jets getting a kill and a bail. On the right I cleared up the last few BMPs, only ended up loosing 1 tank. The Russians are starting to get real low on tanks now. The Russians do have a pair of AA missiles in the infantry platoons but they are not able to kill any jets, and some Shilkas behind the factory, but they are to far away.

But the remaining T72s were able to flank the Abrams a bit and knock out 1.

On my turn the Abrams easily finish the T72s by moving past and shooting them from behind, But by now there were only 3 left. So the Russians are down to only infantry and AA. Annoyingly i this game you only need 1 platoon to not be broken. But I decided to send in the Paras so have my Hueys land by the factory right by the Shilkas!

The Russians kill 1 gut none of the infantry are harmed. They then use LAWs to kill 1 and bail the other. This clears the air for my Mirage jets to start cluster bombing the infantry, while the tanks circle in. The Hinds are still chipping away at my tanks but eventhey are down to just 3 of the original 6.

I keep chipping away with the jets and guns. But it's clear now that I will win so Duncan just concedes. Was a fun game, great to have some many helicopters and jets around, they sure do make things fun! Especially if you don't take to many of the super cheap AA units which can ruin the fun a bit. Especially missile AA since they range the table pretty much and you can't avoid it, but thankfully none of that nonsense here!

Here's a few shots of the Canadians battling it out against Russians / East Germans. But they are having a tough time. Just way to many tanks to deal with. The T55s are stupidly cheap, and still lethal against Leopard 1s.

Also a shot of the campaign board. Provided for us by FDB, so shout out to them, and thanks very much! It's a well done campaign with stickers, and a pin for the winner of every battle. Very cool.

Also lots of people playing age of magic so here's a few shots of all that.

Love that pumpkin guy, hah.

So all in all a great club day.


Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Battle Report - Team Yankee - Soviets vs French

Hello Folks,

This weekend I played another game of Team Yankee against the Duncan alliance.

I took a list with French Tanks, French Recon, an Amerucan force with 5 Abhrams and some infantry to make up the points. Also had some Gazelle and Mirage as support.

Russians had lots of T72s in small groups plus infantry and all the choppers.

We used more missions, and both maneuvered giving us Duat Up, which is a fun mission.

Heres the deployment, I decided to attack across the river. I did some spear head moves to flank around and get cover, and kept some tanks back to cover my objectives. I had the Abhrams in Reserve. Russians deployed behind a hill.

Russians got the first turn, but were erriely defensive and didn't move much.

I advanced cautiously trying to keep cover. My main goal is to take out the Shilka so I can have fun with planes. Speaking if witch my Mirage didn't arrive so I opted to keep the Gazelles loitering off table.

The Russians reacted and move what they could up to the ridge to fire, but not to much success. They had a strange tendency to fail fire power

My turn I kept to cover and shit back. Did some good damage to the BMPs. Also have my infantry moving up to block the first road as that is where the reserves will arrive fir the Russians.

Russians brought in the Hinds. My AA from the tanks downed 2, but they still got a bail and a kill. Scary, they are chipping away at my forward units as well.

My turn, still no Mirages, but my commander killed both Shilkas, so the way is clear for my air power. The T72s are starting to get pressured as well.

The Hinds shift back to hammer my recon, I think getting another couple of kills. Sadly no reserves from them so I am still save from the second T72 battalion.

Finally rolled a 4+ for the mirages so I brought on all my air power. My Gazelles went left and shot down the Hinds, Mirafe right to cluster bomb the hill getting everything under the template. I did a poor job ranging in, but still killed a couple of tanks plus a BMP. Also started to get Abhrams coming on to release the retreating French.

Next turn T72s arrive and start assaulting my infantry in the woods. Pushing them back but not to many kills. Not much action on the right flank as most of those T72s are killed.

Next turn I pulled my infantry back a bit. But everything was focused on the right. Need to chip away that infantry to take the hill objective.

Russians advance a bit in the woods, but have terrible rolls and dont kill anything. We are both running out of steam at this point to be honest.

I get my infantry back out to block off the bridge. Bring in some Recon guys from the right to reinforce. On the right all the planes and Abhrams hammer the infantry, they are down to 3 or 4 teams now so getting close.

Russians on the left take the hills to return fire. Killing my last few recon guys.

On my turn the Mirage bomb the tanks on the hill. Thus get me s couple of kills. On the right I moved in to assaulting range.

Sadly by this point it was 5, so we had to call the game due to time. No one was on an objective and both are forces have suffered heavy losses so we decided to call it a draw. I am close to Taking an objective maybe, but I am also just z couple of vehicles from breaking, so seems fair.


Monday, 14 October 2019

Painting - Mirage 5

Hello Folks,

Small painting update for you today. Today we are going to do some more Team Yanker, so over the weekend I painted some additional troops. Always good to add in something new!

A month or so ago I got some new stuff in a sale, basically I bought whatever French they had on hand. So I decided to add some planes and paint some Mirages.

Sadly each bow had 1 plane with the tail fin badly bent.

50% failure rate, pretty annoying.

I decided to spray the other and try to fix these in the down time. First attempt was hit tap water and bending it back but I snapped one off!

I glued it back but figured I would have to email support and get replacements. But next day I decided to try boiling my planes to see what that would do.

After a few seconds they straightened right out, even the glued one!

In the mean time I was making good progress paint8ng the other 2. But found another irritation in the decals.

Heres is the sheet of water slides. I find you really need these for planes or they dont look right. But to my great annoyance the blue dot which goes in the red and white ring is a separate one! So you have to do it twice with one tiny water slide and there are a bunch!

Even more annoying on the box art they have clearly added the circles  with photoshop,  so even BF didnt use these.

Anyway here are the 2 I got finished. They look pretty cool I think, hopefully they dont immediately get shot down by stupidly cheap AA missiles!

Will get to the other 2 soon. After that I have some infantry to do, probably will procrastinate on that...

Pledge Status, 2019:

Bought: 224
Painted: 254
Total: -39


Saturday, 12 October 2019

Battle Report - Test of Honor Game 2

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle Report. This week we were keeping up with Test of Honor. Playing game 2 of the linked scenario campaign. This week my guys have been assigned to defend a small village, and the bandits out fir revenge attack!

The scenario gives 5 turns, at the end who ever controls the most points wins.

My guys set up in town, with a couple starting off as reinforcements as prr the scenario. This is the end of turn 1, so bandits incoming.

We end up with a battle of the heroes in the front! And a bandit Ronin brings down my Senior Sohei. But the boss is still kicking and angry. I think by this time the first group of monks was gone as well. The Ronin acted dishonorably so got an extra dice and dres a dishonor card, which would make it harder to survive a wound.

But my archers got a lucky shot, and took advantage of the card ending the Ronin.

But of a shorter turn next, but still some fighting in the middle.

Here we are after the last turn. Can see my last monk coming in. We forgot it gets easy to arrive as time goes on until the end. Anyway I still have the back right  and the back left objective is contested.

The bandits had moved off the forward objective due to a different understanding of how capturing works. So it could be a draw if you like, but I say I when, and we need a winner for the next scenario!

Bad blood between the Bandits and Monks grows.

This time we had all the cards and they add a nice touch. So you get some skills and such as it goes along.

Tune in next week for game 3!