Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Painting Update - Isengard

Hello All,

Just a quick painting update, some Uruk Hai to preview before their first game tomorrow. I had to set up for the battle so picture is a bit rough but oh well.

Just a simple warband with 10 Uruk Hai 5 shield and 5 pike, plus 2 Uruk Hai Berserkers, and a Shaman. The new version of the game lets you ahve 21 warriors for hero, actually kind of a cool way to paint stuff. Hopefully they are good at killing dwarfs!

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 357 
Painted: 344 
Total: -13


Sunday, 15 October 2017

Battle Report - Prestonpans

Hello Folks,

So this past week a few of us gathered at Duncans for a bit game put off by Ed. It was to be the Battle of Prestonpans, the heroic Jacobites would get the opportunity to murder some English, who doesn't love that?

Me and Duncan ended up with the Jacobites, they have big axes and nice blue hats, and Stan and Bruce commanded the English. The cavalry is just for show they are guarding against off board stuff so we don't command them.

Here is the initial starting points, lots of Scots ready to fight somewhat less English. The English have a gun for every guy, but less commanders and are not well prepared. Our guys have lots of commanders and not so many guns, but axes swords and anger.

Not to waste any time we surged forward, and the English had to shake out and reform there lines to try and stand for the battle. With some many commanders it was allot easier for us to keep everyone moving.

Not interested in wasting time my guys surged straight into a great punch up. Duncan decided to take some time and deploy into a line. My thinking was that as guys die there will be space for the next lot so no problem.

The attacks went rather well for us, the fire during the charge did some damage, but half my units became aggressive and gave more then they took. Allot of the English units fell back in disorder. On the other flank we took some fire but nothing major. The yellow cubes seem stand out allot, they are bad.

Next turn I drew a 2 so we had a bit less commands to work with, Duncan kept working on his line, and I doubled down on charging. If anything this round went even better.Some of my units are getting worn down, but they are having good fun stabbing guys in the back!

I think at this point the English artillery woke up, and absolutely murdered a unit, and musketry was starting to add up. We then drew an event card that some English colonel was ok and helping the fighting on our flank so that was giving a bonus to the English on my side, but to little to late.

Next turn I kept pushing in, the red coats are really boxed in and trapped, even the bonne prince is starting to get into it. The grenadiers shot a volley and routed a unit outright, but no big deal, I just moved some less important guys in front of them. After the artillery fire the scots on the others side started to advance as well.

Now we have all the Scots in a big fight, I am kind of cleaning up if we are honest, but allot of my guys have died as well, so there is a big danger of loosing momentum and the grenadiers are still standing there dealing out death. We got another big event this turn that put the French observers into the game! Bad news if your wearing a red coat.

The battles on Duncan's side went pretty well, the weaker English militia was pushed back, but the lines did a good job of shooting and stabbing it seems and there was not a huge amount of Scots left. I am still chasing down the English and trying not to be in front of the grenadiers. Rolling consistently well so the damage is adding up. The artillery is plugging away at the french, but its close range terror is not repeated and they aren't doing so much at long range.

A low angle shot so you can really see the murder, allot of blue hats and no so many red coats. At this point I decided to charge the grenadiers with 2 units and the bonnie prince.

This went about as well as could be expected, basically almost everyone died in the fighting and the stragglers fell back, us into the field, the grenadiers into the town.  At this point we called it as almost all of the English except the grenadiers were fleeing or dead. But we lost quite allot of our best troops as well, mainly it's the weaker guys that we have left.

Was a very fun game, quite the production as usual. Enjoyed the play of the axes and swords and the more standard musketry army. The English players may have a more dim view though I guess hah. Leave for them to add their comments below.

Thanks to Ed for organizing things.


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Battle Report - Lord of the Rings!

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are trying out the Lord of the Rings game (Hobbit Strategy Battle Game). I got a couple of forces done now, so time to give it a go. I choose the Reconnoiter scenario and figure we have 2 forces trying to slip past each other in a pass somewhere in the Ephel Duath mountains. Faramir and his boys want to check out Mordor, and the Orcs want to probe into Ithilien, some time before things really kick off.

The Forces were:

Faramir, Madril, Damrod and Cirion with a bunch of Warriors of Minas Tirish for me. Serge Had a Nazgul, 2 Orc Captains, and a bunch of orcs, I was a bit short so added some from another game. Both forces are at 400 points.

I set up a mountain pass with a river, big rocks and rickety bridges. The scenario is to get people off the far edge, so there are a few different routes, but lots of places to defend also. Could try to fight or be tricky and try to climb around seems fun.

Madril, Cirion and Damrod have no trouble coming on, and the same for 2 thirds of the Orcs. I am sending Madril and his force up the left to go under the bridge, Cirion and his guys to climb the ladder and defend the bridge, and Damrod and his archers up the rock to provide cover. The Orcs come up both sides.

Next turn Faramir and his guys come on and take the middle.The Orcs keep advancing, but their third force is slow showing up. I am splitting my guys up more hoping that 1 force can slip through while the other defend.

Getting into position now, Damrod has the archers in place, Cirion about ready to climb the ladder, others just pressing forwards.

Under the Bridge Famair and co are about to engage a bunch of orcs including their captain. I have allot less guys but the pass is narrow so it is harder for them to bring the numbers.

On top Cirion charges the Wraiths troops as he would. The Wraith tried a black dart on Madril down below but it was resisted, made me nervous thou!

The battles are mostly a push, but Damrods archers got a guy, and Famairs boys killed one under the bridge.

Cirion and his guys are doing a good job holding the line, and are actually killing a few orcs with minor casualties. The wraith is trying his tricks, but after a lucky first shot he is having a real hard time getting a cast off. Madril is moving up to form a line between the hut and the river.

After a couple of turn Faramir is heroic and cuts down the Orc Captain! His small group is taking some casualties, but doing more.

Cirion still holding firm, I seem to be winning that fight, but am in danger of being out number so Damrod and a couple of Archers move in to help out. Down Below Some orcs have moved around the rock to flank Faramir, this causes some problems but he is holding strong. Madril is just holding the line, happy to not fight all those orcs, they are trying to get him in the open.

The Archers take a crack at the Wraith, and get 4 hits! But no wounds, they are pretty tough it turns out! Damrod and Cirion and mopping up those orcs thou, the forces of Mordor are starting to hurt.

Down below Faramir and his guys have proven to be winners so the orcs disengage, they are not accomplishing much by being there, so the 3 flankers run for the edge, which they are close to. The last of Damrods archers run forward as well, but by now the orcs are broken and that is not good with such low courage. The wraith has spent all his will and gotten in a fight as well and was vanquished.

In the end the orcs broke, they were defeated below by Faramir and his guys, and above by Cirion and Damrod. The captain was doing a good job of killing Madril and his guys thou. The higher defense of the men of Minias Tirith and some good luck held the day. No one got off the table but the orcs are broke and their leader (Wraith has died). Faramir was wounded but not killed and his force is not quite broken, so a 6 to 1 for good.

I thought it was a real fun game, but easier when you win hah. More games of this upcoming for sure. Hopefully will be doing the goat meat scenario soonish with Bill Tom and Bert the trolls vs Thorins Company!

Let me know what you think.


Monday, 9 October 2017

Painting Update - Lord of the Rings

Hello All,

Well I guess it is past time for another painting update, last one was August 20th so I guess it has been a month and half or something like that, time gets away from you. Anyhow I have been busy working away on a whole bunch of Lord of the Rings models! At first I was just painting random old models that I had, a good way to break into a new period and build some steam. But lately I have been working on some stuff that I picked up from Ebay.

Basically my goals are to make some forces to do some Osgiliath games, and the battle of the Fords of the River Isen. Then maybe branch into whatever takes my fancy if I still have this on the go by then! But on to the Models:

Gandalf the Grey:

First up the grey wizard, have to have this guy as he starts all the trouble. I was able to pick up the Mines of Moria box from Greece of all places but just this guy from that set so far.

Saruman and Wormtounge:

Continuing the wizards them I also have the White Wizard and his creepy side kick. I think the Saruman came from an old White Council box I had so he was laying about for years.

Faramir and Pals:

On to the mainline stuff I have the boys from Minas Tirith. From the left they are Captain, Madril, Armored Faramir, Damrod, Horn, and Cirion. Pretty much the captains defending Osgiliath. Not a huge fan of that Faramir, but I have order the better one as well so I will have the option.

Warriors of Minas Tirith:

Well the Captains are Bound to need someone to boss around so I also have 24 Warriors of Minas Tirith. I need to get some rangers as well, and have some Knights to paint but this feels like a solid start.

Spooky Ring Wraith and Barrow Wights:

Need some bad guys as well of course, to start that here are some ghostly types. I feel like I could use the wights as wraiths as well if I wanted, especially the one with the crown. Also have the mounted wraith to paint but procrastinating on that for now. Actually Renendra don't make nice bases like this in the right size so I have a problem to solve there.

Gothmog and Friends:

Some Orc Commanders as well of course. A captain, banner, and Gothmog himself. WAsn't able to get the new Mordor Orc Command that also have the drummer and shaman, but I got these old metal ones which are kind of better? I actually want to get the old Minias Tirith command as well, hopefully comes up cheap somewhere.


24 orcs to hold the line! You get some with 2 handed weapons as well which is fun. I have another set of these to paint as well, I will have tons then but they are not really a priority at the moment.

Elven Heroes:

A selection of the finest Elven Lords and Ladies. Quite found os this old Thranduil, the new one based on the Hobbit movie is a bit over the top perhaps. Cirdan and Arwen I had painted before, but in the rebasing I decided to strip them and do it all over.

Elven Warriors:

Finally to round things off a bunch of Rivendell Elfs. I already had these guys painted from the first time I tried to do the Lord of the Rings. But I decided they would look allot better with new bases so I re-based them and did some minor touch ups.

So as you can see lots of Lord of the Rings models done! Hopefully going to try out a small battle on Wednesday but we will see how that goes.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 357 (Bought 150 Lord of the Rings Models it looks like ouch)
Painted: 331 (67 new guys in all that wow!)
Total: -26


Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Bagration Campaign Day 1

Hello All,

This past Sunday we started a Bagration Flames of War campaign at the club, so I thought I would put up a battle report and a few pictures of the other games. I played my Sturm Kompanie against some Russian Tanks and Cavalry in counter attack.

We played in the dark corner which is a bit less crowded, but not great for pictures!

Set up to defend one objective with infantry, and guns. Hoping to defend the other with the reserves.

Russian tanks grind forward shooting, killing both guns, not sure why I put them front and center! Meanwhile the cossacks hang right, you can kind of see them in the back.

I just hunkered down to wait for the reserves, hoping not to take to many losses, but that is allot of dug in infantry to kill anyway. Lucky for me the Russian rockets did not range in.

My rockets came in from reserve and made the cassocks think twice about advancing. They failed a motivation test to unpin, turned out that mounted troops get a bonus and they would have past but didn't realize that until the end.

The grind continues, but I started to swing my machine guns out to the other objective.

A small unit of Russian tanks headed off to get the rockets and the objective, but my 3 Hornisee came in from reserve on a blitz and made short work of them.

The Russians in turn were now forced to turn up the heat. Circling in and starting to assault. The first try was pushed back by panzerfausts, and the one tank platoon was getting low on numbers, but I still had another platoon. They now had to run back thou!

Trading kills a bit back and forth. I actually assaulted with the remains of my platoon by the rock and got a kill and a capture somehow, leaving the one stubborn commander. But things looking grim for my HQ platoon.

Managed to move my infantry back, but they are not dug in sadly. Hoping to stall for time some my tank destroyers can kill off the tanks.

But the Russian rockets get in the game and lay down a smoke barrage, also the plane comes on and kills 2 of the hornisse leaving the last to run! Not good.

The tanks get the rest of my infantry, and consolidate the objective for a win on turn 8, with quite allot of cassocks coming!

Writing this it seems like I may have lost by moving that second infantry platoon out to soon. Also should havce deployed the guns in the woods, but oh well mistakes are made sometimes! Our side did alright campaign wise winning 2 attacks and loosing 4 defensive battles.

Here are a few quick shots of the other games:

That feels like allot of stands to me!

in comparison this table has almost none hah

Theres another big wave of stuff

this ones blurry, action was that intense