Thursday, 17 May 2018

Painting Update - Lots!

Hello Folks,

Been way way to long, a couple of months I think, but finally got around to doing another painting update. Got trapped in a cycle of wanting to finish a few more things before doing it hah.

This is allot of stuff so bear with me, feel free to scroll through. Also I took pictures of the Rohan stuff as I was packing it for Helm's Deep so it's a bit repetitive instead of all at once.

Mounted Eomer:


First up the model I literally finished tonight. Mounted version of Eomer ready to releive Helms Deep on Saturday. (We are doing the movie version.

Warriors of Rohan:

First set of warriors. These models are a bit old and maybe not the best technically. But I quite like them, they paint up cool and are not to hard to do. Especially like the front guy on the elft with his sword down.

Captain of Rohan and more Warriors: 

Second set of warriors, plus a horn guy and captain form the command set. I really am a fan of that captain about to murder an orc! Such a great model.

Even more Warriors:

Just another set of warriors. Some with red and some with green shields. So I can have some westfold red shields if I want.

Kings Huntsman + Warriors + Rohan Royal Guard:

Finally a more special group. A few more warriors plus some Royal Guard ready to protect their king. Lastly a fun model game wise, the kings huntsman who want to shoot some special guys and monsters in the face.


A few spooky ghosts to support Mordor. I painted these on a whim one night for a game, but ended up playing Rohan instead.

Battering Ram:

Last Uruk-Hai thing needed for helms deep, of course a battering ram to smash in the gate. Actually turned out to be pretty cool. I was worried it would be a huge pain to glue the big heavy metal ram to the guys but it wasn't a big deal after all. The back right guy is barely touching the ground thou hah.

Gandalf the White:

Can't save Helm's Deep without Gandalf the White on Shadowfax. So here he is. Kind of an annoying model being big metal and supported by a single hoof. There was no way to put him on a thin base so I kept the normal one.

Blood Eagle:

Had to do this model just for fun. Seems he really pissed off the wrong viking!

Dwarf Statues:

Another things I just felt like doing one day. These are cool terrain pieces, but not really any real reason hah.

Army of the Dead:

Literally painted these guys tonight as well hah. Had them for awhile, but on Monday I just felt like I suddenly had to do them. REally fast to do but I think the green ghostly effect works. These are the real old metal models which are great in my opinion. I put a bit of metal on the crown and some metal bits felt that was a nice feature.

Magore's Fiends:

Well over the past while I have been kind of procrastinating on painting Gandalf if I am honest. Anyway I painted up a few of these Khorne dudes. They are just really fun models so I just wanted to work on some. This is the shadespire set.

Blood Warriors:

Pair of quick build Blood Warriors with Gorefist. IDea is that they can go with the 3 above to make a unit of 5 guys.

Blood Warriors Command:

Start of another unit of Blood Warriors. These guys are one of the basic troops.

Skull Grinder and Slaughter Priest:

A couple of heroes to lead my little army. A smith swinging his anvil around, and a priest hah.


Finally mu Fav and the reason I have any of these guys, the Wrathmongers! These guys are just crazy swinging around hammers on big chains so whats not to love. One guy even has 3 arms. These Khorne and just stupidy big meat men which is just good fun!

Phew so that's all I have for now!

Post cangames I am planning to knock out some smaller projects and just do whatever I feel like so should be more smaller posts. First up is some Jovian Chronicles stuff.

Still keeping up the count.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 132 (added some stuff as well, basically the stuff from Cold Wars plus the Khorne guys)
Painted: 140 (above is a big 67 guys!)
Total: 8

Just barely staying positive hah nice.


Monday, 14 May 2018

Battle Report - Saga Crusades - Moors Vs Eastern Princes

Hello Folks,

Yesterday Duncan and I got to try out another Saga game with the new crusades book. This time I d3cided to try out the Eastern Princes (new Christian rus) and Duncan once again had the Moors this time with a new unit of crossbow levy.

We played the only scenario again and got the normal hot dog type deployment with cursed ground (all uneven terrain is dangerous).

Here is the set up, allot more people this time as we both took some levy and warriors. The moors had 2 units of levy!

I was the first player with just 3 dice so I set up some deffusive stuff and left it at that.

The moors executed a big charge with hearth guard and crushed a unit of mine. But they took some casualties. The used some special abilities to throw javelins but I had thought they were warriors so we gave them a couple of dice less.

My turn was a time for revenge so I charged with my unit using the drug (companions) ability so a nearby unit gets to add in there dice but they also take casualties. With this I killed the rest of the mounted unit but my warlord was left exhausted.

Taking advantage of this the moors warlord charged and killed mine, but now he gad fatigues and was in danger! Meanwhile our archers are shooting at each other. Not having much luck but my guys are somehow winning depot the moors having crossbows and more guys!

My turn so I of course fight that warlord and kill him. Also mu bows guys got a couple of kills so the moors were down 2 dice.

Being still angry tgey kept up with the mounted charges and polished of my hearth guard. Spreading around some fatigue. Allot of dead guys in that 1 spot now!

I had some good dice so was able to cuter charge again and killed most of them with some warriors. The Rus have a good mix of abilities it seems.

Fighting continues. The moors are getting low on dice but they are able to keep up the bow fight spread some fatigue and advane some warriors. I was able to charge again and get the last 2 warriors.

The moors foot fought back thou reducing my unit to a single guy.

So that's the end of the game. Still allot of foot guys left but a big hole where the main action was. The bow guys chipped away at each other but not to bad. The crossbows had really bad luck which is good for me!

We Talleyed up the points I forget the totals but I was up by 2 points. Just 1 shy of claiming a victory so it was a draw again!

Enjoyed the new fancy Rus board they have a fun variety of stuff. Shooting combat defense fatigue removing ect.. so you can do a bit of everything which is good fun.


Thursday, 3 May 2018

Battle Report - Hobbit SBG - Rohan vs Dwarfs

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are playing the Hobbit / Lord of the Rings game. We both wanted to try out some new armies that have been getting furiously painted, so it's going to be a Dwarfs vs Rohan game.

I picked out a scenario from the cards that seemed interesting, and ended up with capture the camp. Both armies have camps to defend and they have to go get tge opposing one while holding there's.  You can also get points for breaking the enemy and woundone or killing their leader.

So it looks like a bit of a border war if sorts.

I took Erkenbrand and the mounted I had, plus theoden a captain, kings huntsman and some foot. Dwarfs had Bali Marin a coil of captains and some rangers and warriors.

Here is the star oc things. Riders moving out, the walled off bits are the camps.

My plan was to split a for d to each side and try to get around the flanks of the dwarves, while holding a unit to hold the camp. The Dwarves idea was to march out with everyone and catch enemies on the way.

Dwarfs shaking out into long shield walls to block off the boars.  Rohan slowly advancing and starting to harass a bit.

I'm a but nervous of getting the cavalry into to much dwarf bow range. I gave very fes guys and their bows are stronger then average.

My feeling is that my to forces are badly outnumbered, so i need to split up the dwarves a bit to have a chance. But the bows have got in range and started taking out mounted units so that puts a bit of pressure on.

Trying to use the rock as cover and get a decent shot are killing some dwarves.

On the other side the Rangers were a bit more willing to split up. So I felt like my small group would gave a chance.

Battle is finally joined. A small fight or 2 with the Rangers,  and my mounted stuff against a small dwarf line behind the mossy boulder.  This goes alright and a few Dwarfs go down mainly from Erkenbrand.

But the dwars get priority which is a problem.

It's not so long before my mounted are killed. The Ranger fight goes kk with about equal losses. But I am struggling to kill the last 2. Meanwhile rangers are pushing up through the burned out town

With things winding down u send out my Royal Guard to try and fight the Rangers.  But very lucky bow shots kills 2!

Bit by but the dwarves close the noose. Need to kill a few more to end the game.

Surely they must be tired after all the waddling? ?

After the assault stars it's us only z turn or 2 before Rohan is finally reduced below half  to end the game.

It was pretty close the dwarfs got points for breaking my force and I was a few kills away from breaking theirs. But no one hot the capture or general killing points.  So it was just 3-0 from Durin's Folk.


Lots of reports this week!