Saturday, 12 December 2015

Battle Report - Infinity WW2 Mod

So this past Friday I decided to try out something that I have been thinking about for awhile. Which is to try using the Infinity Rules for a WW2 Skirmish. Allot of people are not familiar with that game perhaps but it is a skirmish came set 175 years in the future where you have small spec ops battles basically. My thought was that it could be a fun system to do really small WW2 games where you have maybe 10 or so guys per side.

The game is meant to be played in 32mm, but I just used the inch ranges as centimeters to convert down to 15mm, to match what I had. The big change is that rifles can't go on suppressive fire which they normally can, so you need automatic weapons for that. A few other changes but mainly just not including things that aren't appropriate to the theme. I wrote the stats and such in a small PDF which is here:

I set up a small set of terrain which was around 48cm square. The allies had to detonate a German artillery gun, and the Germans had to retrieve important papers from a cart. Additionally both sides had a secondary objective of stealing valuable art from the Mayor's mansion.

So I got to test it out twice which was good. In the first game I took the SS and fought some Canadians.

Game 2:

I deployed along the road ready to move up to some objectives, the 2 man team is a MG42, and the guy in the far left building is a sniper. The Canadians had 2 guys with Bren Guns, and both sides had a SMG or 2. The Canadians started with a Bren gun in the shell hole on the road, but the distance was a bit to far to be effective so he was eventually killed by the sniper. Not much else of note happened.

On my turn I advanced up the MG to take cover behind the mansion, and brought in a couple of rifles to watch his back.

But the Canadians were able to sneak a few guys up through the woods and toss grenades over the hedge, which took out both of those rifles. He then managed to kill the MG loader, but eventually died.

I used my next set of moves to get my LT up into the mansion to grav some loot, and try to get a position to protect the gun.

But the Canadians managed to knock out my MG and avoid my sniper line of fire and get some demo charges onto the gun. So they achieved the primary, and I got the secondary. Was a fun game and I think showed that this can work pretty well.

Game 2:

So for game 2 I was not a player and just acted as a GM. Again the SS would face the Canadians in the same mission, now on opposite sides. Apparently I just got 1 picture this time. But basically the SS aggressively crossed the hedge on mass, and despite a great effort the Canadians were never able to make any inroads there. So this time we had a victory for the SS.

Big thanks to the Infinity crowd for helping me to test this out, was really fun I thought. Planning to give it another shot for sure. I think there is tons of opportunities for cool scenarios, and it is really cheap to make such small 15mm armies, and fun to!

But you do have to be careful about who gets what weapons and the terrain. There were some thoughts that maybe the Sniper was a bit to good.


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  1. Looks cool Mike, I've never played Infinity but I'm a big fan of armies on a budget and adapting what works...I would gladly give this a go in the future.