Monday, 29 July 2019

Battle Report - Team Yankee Double Feature!

Hello All,

Also this weekend (bust one) I got together to play some team yankee with the Duncans. Stan was absent so I took a 100 point force. French tanks, armored cars, and an Abrams force with infantry plus helicopters supporting.

FYI we once again used the new reserves rule of 40% off instead of half platoons.

Game 1: Hasty Attack

First up hasty attack with me attacking the Russians. Due to the reserves and their being 3 objectives they had to leave 1 mostly open. The big platoons of 8 tanks really hurt. I kept my Abrams mostly off and swarmed it with French tanks.

The Russians deployed their ambushing T-72s and were able to contest. But the shooting went poorly and they got just 1 kill.

French hit back hard flanking the line with the help of the Abrams commander, plus I got some reserves, more Abrams charging in. I think only 3 tanks were left after this.

The Russians moved up to contest and kept up their fire, getting another kill.

I was easily able to take out the last 3. Russians got no reserves sadly so an easy win for NATO.

Game 2: Dust Up

Since that was a quick game we went for another and got dust up. Attacking from opposite corners.

I was able to use my scouts to expand my deployment area and flank the aggressively deployed Russian tanks.

Seeing the danger the T72s moved to take cover and fight both sides at once. But still having bad luck they managed a single kill.

On my turn I tried to get as many shots on them as I could, but keeping to c8ver as well. My thinking is that this game will be more of a battle of attrition, so I cant be as reckless charging everyone into the open.

Next turn the T72s are hurting, but the BMPs get a good round of missiles and vaporize a tank platoon. On my turn I start thinking about reserves so try to move out of the way of the next tank wave.

Russians advance with the last 2 tanks taking cover behind a wood. And the next wave of T72s do show up and surround my second tank platoon. But have another terrible round and get 1 kill and 2 bail.

Bad news for Russia as the Abhrams arrive and devastate the BMP platoon. Remaking armored cars take out 1 of the 2 remaining T72s, and lots of long ranged fire takes out 2 across the table.

Next turn the Russians flew on some Hinds, but the combined AA of now 5 Abrams brought both down. This was enough to demoralize the Duncan's, as they were left with 4-5 T72s fighting a bunch of armored cars and almost as many Abrams. Just to much firepower to handle.

Was a fun pair of games if a bit demoralizing for the Red's. I think they did do quite poorly on armor saves thou. The French have been doing quite well however. My theory is that having high armor costs to many point and you loose to much offensive power. Might be worth having some T52 or whatever the weaker Russian tank is, to fight off the leopard 1 type units like AMX 30 where the T72s are suffering in number of shots, and have an AT valuexway higher then needed.

Anyway that is those games let me know what you think.


Battle Report - Warhammer 40k, 3 player 7th Edition

Hello Folks,

This past week I got together with a couple of guys to play a big multiplayer game of 40k. I took my newly painted Eldar, Nick had his Tau, and Tim used my Imperial Guard.

Mission wise I drew some Open War cards and just skipped ones that seemed unworkable with 3 players. Deployment ended up being table corner triangles with the line drawn from the center of the table edges. Objective was to control a comet that would randomly arrive on turn 3, and the twist was a warp storm which made it easier to cast psychic powers.

Additionally I gave everyone a sudden death objective card as side objective to add a fun twist.

Here is the set up, Eldar in the bottom left, Tau top left, Guard top right.

And here is the end of turn 1. Mostly people moving out cautiously, waiting to see where the objective will he and shooting targets of opportunity. I moved my walker on to the hill to try and take out the tank, but rolled crap for armor penetration and did nothing.

After turn 2vmuch more action. The Tau battle suits took out my walker and faded back. I continued to slowly spread out, and deployed my Black Guardians from the web way hoping to flank the guard. They got allot less use out of their flames then I had hoped due t8 a bad run roll, forgot about fleet. So they got cut up pretty bad.

Turn 3 the comet landed in the middle of Tau territory! So everyone converged on it. My fire dragons took out the small Tau ship, and jet bikes finally finished the last of the suits. Otherwise people were just exchanging fire and heading that way. I also achieved my sub goal which was to claim the middle of the table with no enemy units around.

Next turn the noose closes in. The Tau have very little stuff left, but the Guard have tons, they are a bit far away thou with not many turns to go. Lots of murder this round.

Second last turn. I got to go first and was able to get the fire dragons s shot on the tank. 1 well aimed shot from the commander was enough to assure its destruction! The my Guardians  shot up and charged the last of the path finders, finishing the Tau and claiming the objective. Can the hold it thou?

The Guard assassin charged and easily killed the guardians, but the shooting part was a bit ineffective. This left all but 1 fire dragon alive.

They were easily able to move in and kill the assassin with their melts guns. With the main Guard force just out of range they had enough guys to claim the objective from the Ogryn. So a win for the Eldar!

I had allot of psychic powers so the storm really helped me out this time. Bug it was very close, if the Guard had managed to get even 1 unit in range they would have won it.

Sub plot wise the Guard had to survive so that was accomplished. The Tau ethereal had to personally kill one of our warlords,  so unlucky gorvthem therecwas almost no chance of that!

Was a fun game, great to get the guys I have been painting on the table. Also always a great nostalgia for playing 40k!


Monday, 22 July 2019

Battle Report - By Fire and Sword

Hello Folks,

This past weekend we had a get together for Tod's birthday, to play some By Fire and Sword.

I ended up playing with Good Duncan so we had Transylvania vs Holy Roman Empire. I went with the foot option. Honestly I really need to paint some new armies for this but haven't gotten around to it, to much other stuff gets in the way.

Any way we got delay the enemy as a mission.

Almost forgot the pictures so missed the first couple of turns. My goal is to escape off the far edge, and we both want to capture the hills and murder.

I have been steadily marching forward. On the left my pikes got outflanked by light cavalry. The transylvanian never had the troops to cover it all so much first musketeers just walk up the middle. My dragoons are trying to run past on the left. Finally the household cavalry is charging my last foot unit, having lost a base to xannonry if I remember right.

No luck from shooting, but with bad dice the household only manage a draw.

Next turn the advance continues on the left, the pikes just laugh at the shooting. On the right the dragoons slept past the guys on the hill, 1 more move to escape. But they are able to turn and get a good shot in which breaks my guys. They flee and never recover. In the center the household decide cannons are annoying. They charge and crush them. But their advance clips the infantry and they loose that battle.

With the game winding down the Tryslvanians decide to try and retake that hill. Bringing in what they can.

There were some losses but no big 3ffects or charges. So that is where we end. Terrible luck on shooting from my side, but managed to avoid huge disasters in combat. My losses were heavy, and acceptable for tryslvania. With 1 hill each and no one escaping it was a 6-2 win for the bad guys.

Dracula would be proud!

I quote enjoy this game, it's a perfect club game in my opinion, lots of armies and small scenarios to play. Really need to get my Ottomans going, ah well someday.

Oh and here's a shot of the other game:

Defend the crossings I believe, with 2 western style armies, so lots of riters I guess.


Sunday, 21 July 2019

Painting Update: Eldar + French

Hello Folks,

Just about time for another painting update. I have been busy cranking out warhammer 40k sets using the new contrast paints, but I have a splash of French as well. Was waiting for a new shipment.

Guardian Defenders:

First up second half of the Defenders are their heay weapon. Used since decals to give a few details. The GW ones are a dream to work with way easier then most.

Storm Guardians:

More guardians this time with assault weapons. Annoyingly had to special order the arms so the front 3 were converted from bits I had around. I did these almost last but realized how much better the bit of red makes them look. Should have done more red fir the other guys!

Jet Bikes:

Some fast guys, these were easy and look better than I would have thought. The decals again add allot.


Need some heavy fire power so a walker as well. Not super happy with thus one butbits serviceible.

Farseer and Warlorks:

Finally some more psykers. Front guy is the plastic farseer have had this guy unpainted on a shelf for probably 4 years. The Warlorks are old models o stripped and repainted to match my new colors. Cant buy metals of these any more. Actually is their third time being painted! Crazy.


Also did a couple of bits to expand my Imperial army. Another of our pals came to play so needed a loaner army.


Same for this spyker guy. Eyes bured out by the power so he can just see the future now hah. Hes actually a terrible spyker but still fun.

Gazelle Helicopters:

Then the next wave of French arrived so a small change in  gears. First up some choppers, these have no missiles just a 20mm mg. So they are most likely garbage, but they are just 1 point each so you get to have fun making chopper noises!

Just hope no one breaks them. We have some people with very aggressive tape measures so there have been a few, uh crashes I guess.

Blood Warriors:

Then end of last week I had another gear change. Turns out my vacation got pushed up to August 2nd. Guys back home are into Age of Sigmar right now. So i decided to expand my Khorne army up to 1,000 yo play some games with them. So i need to paint these 3 warriors, 3 skull crushers, and a hero. Well on the way.

Starting to be an army. I live these ridiculous giant meat men hah. Going to be honest probably going to paint some extra stuff.

Anyway that all I have for now. But to be fair that was allot!

Pledge Status, 2019:

Bought: 166
Painted: 191
Total: -25

FYI to new readers, think there is a few. Pledge is to paint more models than bought in a calendar year. 


Friday, 19 July 2019

Battle Report - Flames of War Re-Match

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle Report! This week it is another Flames of War game.

I left the terrain and my list the same, as I am so energetic in this heat. Serge switched out Panthers for Tigers as he is a bad person.

This time we ended up with Free For All, which is the most boring mission, but oh well.

Here's the deployment, as you can see I massed my armor on the left flank. My thinking is the cracking the tigers will be very tough and I need all of them at once to have a chance. But Sherman's cant kill a tiger from the front even at close range. Infantry on the right to hold or attack.

Germans move up and kill my observer tank which is irritating!

I advanced behind town, and pushed the infantry up. The Germans were to shy to attack my open objective defended by mortars. So I will bring it to them.

Next turn with the Germans pulling back I swing out the Stuart's to help my infantry. The AA tracks were making me nervous. My 2 command tanks try to fight the German commanders as well.

Germans blow up 1 of my commanders, butvthe organizers 9n the left keep pulling back through town. I also split of some Sherman's to join the Stuarts. My hope is to flank the tigers.

Another quick turn, the Germans finish my commanders but the net is closing.

Next turn I spring my attack, all tanks move out and attack at once. On the left I wipe the panzer 4 platoon, but the Stuart's are not lucky. Leaving a panzer 4. The German counter fire from the tigers is deadly. They hardly miss any shots are get allot of kills. Pretty decisive honestly.

I try to keep up the pressure moving remaining tanks to press for side shots where I can, but with the tigers in cover I am not even getting many hits.

Greedy Germans want to shoot panzer Faust's as well, 4 tigers is not enough!

In the end I was able to kill 1 tiger with a side shot, which even that requires a 1 to save from them! But my forces are devastated.

Eventually a panzer 4 tracks down another platoon from my formation to break company morale and win the game.

Was an interesting game, but the tigers are such a tough nut to crack for the Americans especially this early on. I was really wanting those 76mm Sherman's which are leagues better.

Enjoyed all the maneuvering in town thou, so decent game overall.

Biggest thing for me thou was the air support was really disappointing, the bombs have no teeth at all.


Thursday, 11 July 2019

Battle Report - Flames of War - New Late War

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle Report! This week we are trying out the new V4 releases fir Flames of War. Final bringing the new points and rules to late war. Only Fortress Europe was out so we both made lists with that.

I took an Amerucan Sherman company with a rifle platoon and lots of support, Serge had a Panzer 4 company with Panthers and some light support.

I intentionally set up a ton of terrain to make thing difficult! Plus allot of this stuff hasn't been used much lately so time to shake it all out.

Rolled for mission and got Dust Up which is a pretty good one for tank battles, attacking into opposite corners basically.

Here's the starting positions. As you can see lots of terrain, a town, bocage, and hills! Hardly any open space.

I dashed with Stuart's behind the big hill, idea to act as bait to get things moving, but hiding a bit. Sherman's advanced into town. Germans moved up to shoot the Stuarts but hard luck only gave them 1 bail.

Turn 2 on to phase 2. The Stuart's came back, their job is to go for the mow open objective in bocage territory. Sherman's plowed into the middle of town, with the commanders taking some shots down the road, but no luck. The tank destroyers tried to blitz for a shot but bogged in the small woods. Germans kept up the fight killing my commanders and shifting back.

On my turn the Stuart's flanked the open Panzers and got kills! The Sherman's moved for some shots but mostly took cover. Starting to worry about Panthers. No reserves for me.

German turn the Panthers arrived and dashed down the side of town. While the Panzers got into a real hot battle in the town. But moving really cut their effectiveness, so only a kill and a bail.

Still no reserves for me, but the Stuart's are shooting hot. They are able to finish that Panzer 4 platoon! Meanwhile my Sherman's in town keep up the knife fight. My infantry have the rest of town jammed up so the Panthers are a bit stuck.

The Germans react to the Stuart's as best they can, sending the commanders and recon elements to the objectives. Panthers still struggling to get in the action while the town fight drags on. Finally get some reserves, so now I have a full platoon of Shermans heading into the bocage as well.

Germans are able to contest the objective with a recon unit. But have terrible luck shooting. A Panther get a shot at a tank destroyer but misses, and the command tanks cant even finish the Stuart's.

Final turns, my tank destroyers and plans both bail a panther. Stuart's kill the recon, and the Sherman's take over on the objective and kill 1 command Panzer 4. By now the Germans have won the tank battle in town but only a few Panzers survived.

The Panthers both fail to remount, and fail their last stand. That is the end of any chance of a German court term attack, so they concede the game.

A win for the US!

The new rules turned out pretty interesting, there are more changes then I had noticed. In addition to all the new points, Panthers are down 1 front armor, Sherman's lost 4" of range down to 28, Stuart's are slower ect...

I found it quite fun honestly, I like games with lots of terrain where there are more moves to make rather then just shooting from hull down. Like the new points as well, more to come in the future.