Sunday, 28 September 2014

15mm - WW2 Canadian Infantry Section

Finished off my section of Canadian Infantry today, just used the painting guide from the ViIllers Bocage book. I tried to put a blue square on their shoulders, the patch for the Highland Light Infantry of Canada, they had that with the painting guide and it seemed like a quite easy patch to do so why not!

Anyway here they are taking cover in a woods while the Lt figures out his maps.

These are from the Plastic Soldier Company 15mm late war British box, so allot smaller than the rest of the stuff I have posted so far. Pretty happy with these guys, allot of benefits to them being plastic and didn't cause any problems. I decided to use the Baccus basing kit for the basing which is intended for 6mm stuff, so the grass may be a bit short really.

Next quick project is a small group of SS Infantry for them to fight with. These are metals from an older battle front box, these ones had a fair amount of problems with flash so I kind of like the plastic ones better really. Although this BF set comes with allot more variety of guys plus allot of support weapons so there are pros and cons I guess. I was planning to just do 8 of these guys but couldn't resist the sniper  and a machine gun.

It's kind of fun painting the Flames of War stuff in smaller numbers, pretty tempting to get a support weapons set and do a few more.


Saturday, 27 September 2014

Infinity Battle Report - Morat Agression Force vs Haqqislam

So I went down to the Ottawa Infinity club yesterday to play a few games, and managed to get a few pictures from the first one before my battery died so I thought I would put them up. They are not very good pictures but oh well.

Morat Agression Force vs Hassassins
We decided to play the 3 civilian game that one of the guys dreamed up. So there are three civilians (the bright red guys), one on each side and one in the center, whoever controls the most after 3 turns is the winner basically.

I deployed my fire team on the right between the red and blue shipping crates, a witch soldier (war band) further over, and the doctor between them. I put a sniper behind the red box i the middle, and the Sogarat (big fire support guy), and engineer and the doctors drone on the left.

A sneaky guy from the Hassasins tried to use impersonation to sneak right in close.

But then remembered he can't impersonate aliens so he was stuck just standing there.

But never mind since another sneaky guy that uses haolographs to cause confusion walked into the center building and picked up the civilian.

Then the enemy sniper decided to kill of my sniper, turned out easy with his viral sniper rifle. I thought I would take a cool over the shoulder shot but you can't see the other guy who was way over on top of a building.

On my turn this were looking a bit bad since two thirds of the civilians were way over on the wrong side of the table. But I decided to have some fun anyway. My witch soldier walk up behind a building, used a smoke grenade to block fire from the fire team, and attack this guy in a sword fight.

Who he easily killed do to his high martial arts skills.

Then my big guy took out the sniper, you can almost see him up on the building this time but not quite..

Finally I moved up my fire team and put some fire on the enemy fire team behind the red crate, taking out 1 and putting down a supressive fire with the heavy machine gun.

The turn passed back again and a Hacker dropped down with air deployment, and hacked big sogarat shutting his powered suit down.

Then a second one dropped down behind my lines. He took out doctor worm easily,

Then he moved up and took out a few people from my fire team before he died.

On my next turn I took out another couple of guys but couldn't get close to the civilians. Unfortunatly this put the hassasins into retreat, so there turn would be the last in the game meaning I had no way to win since they would just take the civilians with them.

So a big loss for me since I never achieved the objectives, but I had a good time fighting, and even managed do get a guy into close combat, so was a real fun game.

Played a quadrant control game against Nomads after this, but me phone died due to the no singal in the basement of Fandom so no pictures from that.


Thursday, 25 September 2014

Infinity - Raktorak, Morat Sergeant Major

So got another Infinity guy done in time for some games tomorrow, this is 1 of the newer release a Raktorak with Vulcan Shotgun, basically a fancy fire shot gun.

My feeling is that this guy is going to be a bit annoying in the falling over department with his gone way of to the side, and the big hunk of wreckage hes standing on over there as well. But it is a cool pose so there you go. I kind of like the hunk of stuff as it lets you mess around with some weathering, I used gold on the top with the corroded copper wash from GW to make that look oxidized a bit, and metal with a rust one for the bottom. Can't see it much on the picture but it's not bad.

Also got a few guys clipped out for my next mini project. Going to do a section of Canadian Infantry for WW2 in 15mm, single based. Then probably some Germans to fight them (can do either normal or SS actually with the bits I have). That will let me mess around with a few skirmish games, I want to try out Force on Force, and maybe some other things for WW2 and it will be allot easier to try then 28s.

Plus I'm moving next week and don't want to start anything big, so the procrastinating on Crusades painting continues!

I might try and take a few pictures of some Infinity games tomorrow to post we shall see.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Martial Arts Fanatic + Full Group

Ok so as promised finished off the Tony Jaa looking guy (Martial Arts Fanatic), basically looks like the guy from the protector. Still no fancy base so I just have it on a black one for now, will pop it off and switch later, but I still did all the spray so the guy is done anyway.

Pretty happy with this, the one is a bit off as you can see but no big deal. The ropes turned out pretty nice.

Also have a shot of the full set:

Pretty cool, so as a reminder it's the Martial Artists set from North Star with the Mosaic Bases set from Micro Arts Studio. Here is a shot of their army sheet.

Basically all the extras have Dashing (bonus when charging), and the Shaolin also have acrobat. The master then just has a bunch of stuff basically.

Not sure when I will get to try this out but hopefully sooner rather then later, if I'm honest it was more of a painting project I got on a whim just because I thought the sets were really nice.

Still I need a Bruce Lee!


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Dim Mak Master & Martial Arts Champion

So finished up the next 2 guys today.

First is the Dim Mak Master (touch of death master), I figure he looks kind of like Pai Mei from Kill Bill, so I painted him to look a bit like that. They have him as the protagonist in the army, not sure if I like that or not, any way here is that guy.

Second I have the Champion, the bruiser for this group. I decided he looked allot like Ryu from stree fighter so I painted him like that. Was tempted to paint his suit red like that other guy to mix up the colors more, but decided to be boring and just go with white.

Always before I have been cropping the pictures and doing auto-enhance, but decided to skip the enhancing this time around. I think the pictures actually look better this way so I guess I will be doing that from now on. Pretty happy with hose these two turned out, especially the master, but I am not super keen on that miniature.

I got the Tony Jaa looking guy put on a temporary base ready to do tomorrow.

Then I will be done with all the Kung Fu guys I have. Probably will paint an Infinity guy for Friday after that and then some more historical stuff. Not sure what thou. Back to Saga Crusades maybe, but I have some half done WW2 stuff as well.


Monday, 22 September 2014

Martial Arts Students

Today I finished off the 2 Jet Li looking guys in the set, they are calling them martial arts students. I find these guys to be pretty sweet especially the kick in the head guy that is just good fun. I decided to paint that one with a white shirt and black pants like in the end of Fearless, and just did the other guy in purple. They seem to use all kinds of colors for that, I kind of wanted to do it like the suit Cane sometimes wears in the old Kung Fu TV show but that is kind of gold looking and I thought it would be really hard to do so I just went with purple.

Seems like I might have to work on a way to take better pictures after I move.

Hoping to get the old master and the street fighter looking guy done tomorrow, still don't have a base for the Tony Jaa looking guy which is a shame as he is prob my favorite one of these. Guess I will have to put him on a temp base for painting or something.

I did a bit of reading of the rules for this game and it seems like it might be pretty interesting. They extras seem like they are mostly intended to just die, leaving a fight between the protagonists, but those fights are meant to go on for awhile and there are lots of 'wounds' type effects that the winner can choose for the looser to have.

They use traits to make them different, the Yakuza are sneaky, the cops get hand cuffs, ect...


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Shaolin Monks

So today I painted up the 3 Shaolin Monks from the North Star Martial Artists set. I am kind of on the fence about how they came out, pretty good poses but there was allot more flash and such then the Yakuza, one of them even lost an ear over it. Also I am not sure if I am happy with the orange or not (but I don't have many shades of Orange so not much choice).

Also the Mosaic bases from Micro Arts didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, not really 100% on those but it is what it is now I guess hah.

Note that after this picture I went back and painted the teeth. They are pretty cool but I like the Yakuza better anyway, made the others will come out better. Planing to paint the two fearless style guys next.

Let me know what you think.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Infinity - Med-Tech Obsidon Medchanoid

Today I finished off another infinity guy to add to my growing army for that game, I have something close to 30 models for my Morat army now. Anyway this is a really strange alien robot type worm thing that is both a doctor and an engineer in this game so he is pretty handy and can move around fast. It is kind of a strange looking model thou so that is a bit interesting.

I just painted it mostly blue and grey to match with the rest of my guys, but decided to paint the big mass of eyes a flesh color, so now it has this really strange fleshy mass of eyes.

I thought it was kind of lame at first, but kind of grows on you how alien and messed up it is.

On the historical front I started working on the Martial Artists for fist full of kung fu. So far I kind of think that this set is not quite as good as the Yakuza was, there is way more flash and stuff like that so that kind of sucks. Also I discovered when I had them half assembled that this set has 8 guys not 7 so I am short on one of the fancy resin bases, so I have had to order another pack of those.

I got the first 5 primed up ready to start, basically it is 3 shaolin monks, and 2 jet li fearless type guys. Don't make a good photo as they are just black but I am going to post it anyway cause why not.

There are 2 mini worms to go along with the med-tech so I may try and get them done tomorrow.


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Battle Report - Warhammer 40k Kill Team

So we played some games of kill team after, decided that it would be fun to play a mini-tournament, so we did a round robin thing, there was 4 of us. Winner got a Captain of the Marches.

My list was as follows:

Death Speaker
5x Wraith Guard
2x Ranger

Game 1: Escalating Skirmish
Vs Black Templars

This mission has both sides deploy half of their team, with half in reserve with out flank (so they come in from the sides). You then try to kill more of the enemies team then they can kill of yours.

I started with 2 rangers taking cover to get ready for some shots and a wraithguard and the death speaker ready to move up and shoot some guys at close range.

They Black Templars had 1 few stern guard with combi-meltas so I felt it would be key to kill them first.

I brought 1 guy in behind these 2 guys and was luckily enough to be able to kill both.

In the mean time the Templars specialist close combat troops came in and started a fight. Turns out they are allot better in a fight then my guys so it was game over for me more or less.

Game 2: Doomsday Device
vs Sisters of Battle

In this mission there are 6 objectives spread around, any of which could be a doomsday device that both armies are desperate to control. Once the device is found the player that has it can start rolling to end the game, so it's important to get it fast and keep it.

The Sisters had a much bigger team with all of normal troopers and some flying ladies.

For this mission I deployed all my big guys in a big wedge around the Death Speaker, I had a psychic power that gives everyone within 3" +1 armor save (or -1 save to enemies), and then the rangers to go for the to close objectives you can see (dice).

Unfortunately the Sisters stole the initiative and moved up aggressively to cover allot of objectives and discovered the doomsday bomb towards the back. So the pressure was on to try and run and get it back before the game ended.

I moved up and kept blasting away as many of the Sisters as I could.

One of my rangers was even lucky enough to take one of them out in an assault! Bad luck for the sisters.

My Death Speaker got into another fight with a lady that jumped over my lines, but this time he was able to win! So in they ended I didn't get anywhere near the bomb but I killed enough of the Sisters to Force a rout test and they failed. So another pretty close game but managed to get a victory this time.

Game 3: Possession
vs Grey Knights

In this mission there are a number of objectives spread all over that can be moved around, so the idea is to get them and take them back into cover, When the game ends which ever side has the most in the winner.

The Grey Knights had a very small elite team with only 5 Terminators (very tough armor) but the cannons on my wraithguard are able to easily destroy them so things were loooking good for me.

I used 1 ranger to cover the objective in my deployment zone, and sent the other and 1 wraithguard to go collect another 2, that would give me 3 out of 5. I ground up the rest of my force to charge straight into the Grey Knights lines guns blazing.

I was taking some casualties due to the relatively high strength of the Grey Knights guns, but so were they for the same reason, so we were almost trading 1 for 1, of course I had more guys to loose and control of most of the objectives.

Things started getting dicey towards the end, but I was able to get some very lucky over watch shots (defensive fire), and took out another 2 Grey Kngihts that way.

In the end they were left with just the commander, when time thankfully ran out and I was left with the objectives. So another close game I would say, things could very easily have gone a different way with the over watch shots and I could have ended up taking rout tests and loosing objectives.

So 2 wins for me but my brother (the Black Templars) was undefeated so we declared him the winner and moved on to a big multi-player to finish things off.

The Sisters were victorious in the big game, every one else was reduced down to ineffectiveness trying to control the big objective in the middle.

I had a good time playing 40k again, the smaller skirmish kill team games can be allot of fun. This was my first time playing the new rules as well which I thought was fine. So would be interested to try playing kill team again, maybe we will have to give it another go when I come home for the Christmas break.

I can't really see my self buying to much more new stuff thou, the single guy I painted for my last post costs almost as much as all of the Yakuza combined! But it was a nice model and fun to paint.


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Eldar - Sprit Seer

Ok so got my Eldar guy finished off. This is another one that has been on my desk for along time so good to have an excuse to finish it off. MY brother / buddies back home like to play 40k so I am going to drink the cool-aid and have a few games of that with them tomorrow evening.

We are going to try a few kill team games with the rules done by the Heralds of Ruin guys:

Heralds of Ruin

They played it in one of the miniwargaming battle reports and it seemed pretty cool.

So any way here is my new guy I painted to lead my kill team:

I never had any Eldar rune decals so I just used an Arab-Israeli war one to put on his robe. I thought it turned out alright anyway. I have a bunch of other Eldar stuff from way back to make up the rest of the armies.

I may post a few battle reports of how it gets on over the weekend, we shall see on that one.