Thursday, 19 February 2015

Battle Report - SAGA Crusader Knights vs Normans

So time for another war gaming Wednesday. I just about have enough of my Teutonic Knights painted to play a game of SAGA so I decided that we should try a game so I can get a bit of practise before the tournament at Cold Wars, and see how this army works out. Try to find the best strategies before Game 3 of the tournament this year!

I didn't quite have my warlord finished, but I managed to get him on a horse and a base, will have to finish his retainer and base latter this week. Hoping to get the War bishop done as well. Was a bit short on troops as well so I used some dismounted knights as warriors, and added in a few Warhammer Bretonnian Knights I had painted a few years back in a Templar theme.

Here's the big man being painted

So anyway on to the game, we decided to keep it simple and play the first mission from the Crusades book, which I believe is called Champions of God. Basically just a 6 turn game and who ever has the most Slaughtering Victory points (provided they win by at least 3) is the winner. So on to the game.

So here is the initial set up, We have a ruined fort of some kind on the left, a small stream, and then some forests and a low hill. I decided to spread my forces out quite a bit which turned out to be a mistake, especially I don't have many troops on the right flank. My plan here is to use the foot units to delay and weaken the Normans while I pray to increase my Piety and get some of my abilities more powerful.

Sadly the Norman plan was to attack fast and crush the guys on that side of the board, so they moved up with everything. I brought my bigger unit of 10 warriors and Banner in front of my knights to try and cover a bit and put down some defensive abilities.

The Normans then charged my hill with their Warlord and 1 group of Knights killing half of my troop, and then a second unit of Knights finishing off the rest, so that was not a great plan really. But I have 1 and a quarter points of troops trying to fend of 3 and a Warlord so not an unexpected outcome really know that I think on it. The Crusader Knights have a nice ability that gives 4 bonus defense dice that it seems I relied on a bit to much.

After the ignominy of  the hill my Warlord was left trapped over there with only 4 Knights to defend him, and unwilling to retreat due to the Warlords Pride rule. So decided to try out the ...My Blood ability which would let me activate 3 units at once and give them some extra movement. They will be kind of weak charges with not abilities to give me an advantage but I am hoping to thin out the Knights and save my commander.

First one goes onto the hill of blood, I loose all 4 of my knights but managed to kill 3 so not so bad.

With the second charge my knights plow across the stream and take out all but one of the Normans in the second unit, only loosing 2 in return. So the pressure has been relaxed a bit, but my Warlord now has 2 fatigues and almost no protection, so a bit of a better position but not great. With my third charge I got my Templars on the other side to charge the Norman infantry, I didn't really want to do this, but the 3 moves are not optional and you have to charge like a man or take a fatigue like a coward.

On the Norman turn they are able to load up Dex Aie which really buffs their Warlords ability to kill people and charge my Commander Bishop Ordo and another unit, which has a predictable result. So things and not looking super great for me.

Well at this point my phone died for a bit so a gap in the pictures, but I fought on and tried to turn things around, I killed a few more Norman knights with my crossbow men, and tried to hang on even with just 2 units of men at arms left. The crusader have a great ability to get more SAGA dice, and their attack pool ability is better then most when you get some piety. So I am finding the crossbow men where allot more useful then the Norman equivalent.

I got my camera charged enough for one last picture at the end, and the Bishop charged across the river to kill some Men at Arms along with his foot buddies. But don't worry he is using a club so he won't spill any blood!

We added up the victory points and it was 24-13 or something in that area at least so a pretty fair sized loss for me. But it was fun to get Teutonic guys on the table after so long painting them, and I did enjoy their battle board. Also got to put down the ruins I painted so good times.

It seems that Wargames Wednesday is going on a bit of a hiatus now for 3 weeks as Serge is going on vacation, unless I can find a new victim to fill in. But that is not likely. But I am going to play a game with Duncan next weekend and then will have some games from Cold Wars so you lot will have that to read.



  1. Looks great Mike...nice looking game, a great excuse to have some Keith's...

  2. A great looking terrain, beautiful armies, and nice excellent report!

  3. The table looks really good. I should get the last of the decals on my Saracens for our game!

  4. Indeed you should! I just finished off my Warlord last night, so I guess I am only 1 point short now. Hopefully I can get another few knights done before Cold Wars or I will have to use the GW ones for that as well. I am hoping to get the bishop done as well so I can try out using that as a 1 point option in our game.