Thursday, 8 June 2017

Battle Report - The Walking Dead All Out War

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday Wargaming Battlereport! This week we tried out a game of the Walking Dead, time to fight some zombies! I just have the starter set painted at the moment, but reinforcements have been ordered, so this is a pretty small game. But I thought it would be a good idea to test it out and see if it seemed fun, and if this has potential to be a cool zombie game to play.

No terrain painted for this yet really, so we just used the card terrain they provide, but I did swap out the paper mat for a different one so it would not be as shiny, also just looks better. We used the roads on that to mark out the size so it is slightly larger then the map provided.

They have a getting started scenario so we did that, Rick and Carl both with guns, vs Derek, Sandra, and Patrick, Derek has a gun and Patrick a baseball bat. The idea is to fight off the zombies and other survivors and get the most supplies (the round tokens).

Here is an early shot, Derek has moved up to a barricade and knocked down one zombie, which draws the attention of others. Patrick moves to block with his bat, and Sandra moves around to the side. On the other corner Rick and Carl are being more quiet.

Some fights starting now, Patrick and Sandra both trying to fend of zombies, Rick and Carl still mostly free. At the end of every turn you draw an event card so some zombies will get moved, and more might show up, and the threat usually increases which counts down to the end of the game. Shooting guns and fighting in hand to hand also increases the threat.

We were making a fair amount of noise and fighting allot and didn't have real kind event cards, so more and more Zombies are showing up. Not good!

Everyone starting to get swamped now, but Carl has managed to search for supplies and found... an empty box!

I finally got a space to search one and got the hockey stick, and Carl searched a car and found ammo I think. Some of my guys are starting to take hits now, both Derek and Sandra are bitten. They ahve special dice you roll for combat, it's pretty easy to knock them down but to kill you need a ! which is usually 1 per dice.

Sandra hops the car to search another token and gets bandages. As a runner she can jump things easily. Everyone else is left to fight! Carl and Rick and re grouping going for more stuff.

Killed some of the zombies swarming in but more are always walking on! At this point we had made to much noise so the threat tracker got filled up. At the end My team had 2 supplies and Rick's team had 3 so they are the winner!

So that is the walking dead, I found it to be pretty fun. Will be better with real terrain and more stuff in general. I think there is lots of room for expanding the table and creating more scenarios, but need more cards and zombies and survivors. So buy more sets is the answer basically!



  1. Is the game tied closely to the Walking Dead IP or is it good as a more generic Zombie game?

  2. I would say pretty generic, the walking dead is pretty generic anyway. It's pretty simple but you need to probably buy a few sets to get going with rules and dice and cards and then you can add on easily. The cahracters can be almost anyone, it seems. Like Rick is pretty much just a guy with a gun, lots of models can be that!

  3. I would like to give a try at some point. I have a lot of figures from Project Z so I am not sure I want to get more (at least until I have the ones I have painted) and I guess getting just the rules is not really an option.

    Ed has expressed an interest in making a 28mm Bullet Train so I am thinking about what sort of game could go with that!

    1. Train sounds awesome, guess we need some Korean zombies! Can try it for sure, I don't have enough zombies really or much terrain so I figure that we can collaborate on that.

  4. Nice write-up Mike...more terrain is always good...