Saturday, 31 December 2016

Battle Report - Warhammer 40k and Kill Team

Well the other day me and the guys back home got together to play some games of 40k. Played a couple of big games with allies, and a couple of smaller kill teams games as part of a mini campaign I guess. May keep the campaign going for another day we will see. I actually found the big games with allies more fun then previous years, so there was less of a need for the smaller ones.

I didn't take that many pictures and we played a fair bit so I am not sure how well this will work, but I will toss up some stuff anyway.

Games 1: Genestealer Cult with Tyranid, and Imperial Guard Allies:

This is the first big game, just had 2 of us there for this one. We played a game with the supremacy cards where you get to draw cards depending on which objectives you control, and then they give you different things to accomplish like kill certain units or storm certain objectives, ect..

I have most of my guys over on the right flank to fight this big red machine, and the storm troopers are going to combat jump.

The big chaos guy was to afraid to fight all the purple genestealers on the top left so he came over my way. The big red guy killed my ogres mostly and made the last one run away. Then my guys jumped in. 2 units in the open and one over in the forest to hold some objectives for us.

I had to hide my storm trooper commander behind the bridge, while my vets moved up shooting at the big red guy. But now he has a bit alien to fight so I am saved from that guy. Sadly the Chaos lord who I named Captain Kill came in the ruins to kill my guys.

You can probably guess my little sword guy is not going to win this duel.

Now he is killing the rest of my guys! They are just normal guys they can't fight that big monstrosity!

In the end allot of our stuff got killed but we got allot of points out of the cards from controlling allot of the board so we had a solid win.

Big Game 2, Cultists, Imperial Guard, and Grey Knights vs the Chaos Warband:

This time we played with all 4 of us, with 3 against one. But each side had equal points and we used the right rules for allies so it worked out pretty well. We are using the big cards that are worth more points and harder to get again. Now playing down the long edge and you get a number of cards equal to the current turn.

First few turns are pretty even, we all sides are killing stuff and taking loses and scoring points. The big ogers had the task of defending the central ruins which became quite important. I dropped in 2 of my units up near the woods to help kill the chaos marines that were in the tank which went well. My other unit tried to jump further back but gott killed by landing in an unsave spot. Here the purple genestealers and about to kill allot of stuff.

The Chaos got some cards to kill a commander so this big giant demon tried to kill the commissar. The unit he was hiding in lost all of their guys but one, and then he ran over to join the big guys hah.

Then the big demon flew into the big ruins to get ready to fight  my ogres and take out the pesky commissar, who was an ace shot with his pistol. Sadly for the demon he was already half dead from doing allot of psychic powers. On the right the Grey Knights (unpainted for shame), have fight off all of the big demon vehicles.

Finally the big demon comes in for the kill, but not only does he fail to kill any of my big guys, the commissar refused the challenge! But he almost dies. In the background the 2 big tentacle dogs and killing the Grey Knights HQ who was protecting the objective getting alot of points for the Chaos and putting them in the lead.

But the game went long on random turns and most of the Chaos stuff was dead, so we were able to clean up on points in the last turn and just eke out a win, like 17 to 14.

Well that is enough reports for now so I guess I will post the smaller games later maybe.

Hope you enjoyed it, was fun to play 40k again after a year and get my new guys fighting. I watch a fair amount of video battle reports while painting so I still know the rules pretty well. Hope you enjoyed reading, or checking out the pictures of my poor guys getting murdered by big scary Demons hah.


Painting - Warhammer 40k

Hello All,

Got some more painting done over the Christmas break. Been working on a bit more 40k stuff that I took home as that was easy to travel.

Genestealer Cult Neophytes:

First up a group of Genestealer Cult guys. I did this the last week before Christmas as a present, but still counts for my numbers! THey are human alien hybrids, pretty cool.

Imperial Guard Veterans:

Also completed a unit of Imperial Guard infantry. Couldn't really get a great picture as I don't have my set up thing here, but also I didn't try that hard if we are honest. Anyways these guys are pretty cool, I converted them with the extra heads from my Tempestus guys to give them cool hats and make them fit in better. Worked really well. They have a couple of Grenade Launchers to bring some pain.


And finally I did a unit of 3 Bullgryns, these are like big ogre guys with huge shields. I only picked them up because this is what the store had, but they are pretty cool. They actually did surprisingly well in the games we played.

Looking at the calendar I am guess this is the last of the painting I will get done this year! But it went pretty well. I probably will do a summary post for the year tomorrow or the next day. Also have a post to do for the games we played yesterday.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 383 
Painted: 484
Total: +101

Ended up just under 500 on the painting count which seems great, and had a positive value of 100 so painted more stuff then got bought, can't argue with that either, bumper year for painting things!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Painting - Militarum Tempestus

Hello Everyone,

Got a bit more painting done. Still working on some Christmas painting to play some Kill Teams games back home over the break. I have finished off the minimum stuff I need now, but still dabbling with a few options here and there.

Militarum Tempestus Command Squad:

Have the Leader guy in the black coat, a medic, flamer, plasma gun and last just a regular guy.

Full Group:

And here is a shot of all of the Scions together, the 3 boxes comes out pretty much exactly to a full list for the rules we are going to play. Quite happy with how they turned out, should be a good laugh.


Also finished off a space Comissar to lead some more troops. These guys are all cool models, with his bionic arm and giant plasma pistol.

That is all I got done so far, but I am also tinkering with a unit of basic infantry, with some swapped heads so they fit in a bit better. Might be able to get them done over the break, will see what happens.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 383 (bit more 40k stuff and some more War of the Roses guys to finish that off) 
Painted: 461
Total: +78


Saturday, 17 December 2016

Battle Report - Frostgrave - Time Rot

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This is Saturday of course, so ya I was a bit delayed getting this one up. Tis the season and all of that.

Anyway we moved on to the second mission in the new book, Time Rot, you have to play with the half your warband that wasn't in the first mission, this one is pretty similar with the amulet treasure to get, plus 2 others. But now time is going crazy so you get an effect based on your imitative roll. Sometimes a guy gets to move twice, sometimes a guy gets slowed, and sometimes a monster shows up!

I casted animal companion again, and Serge got reveal secret to cast so there was a 4th treasure.

So here is our table, just changed around. The amulet is up on the walkway by the big skull pile, and treasures are to the left of it one on my side and one on the other. Turn one things just moved up for the most part. I had my Templar drink a teleport potion and appear by the amulet, but later realized that my thug had it so we swapped them round.

My dog and bear advancing up under the platform,the is the start of Mr. Grizzlies rein of terror. HE just ate up the enemy dog.

The amulet got dragged down by some bad telekensis. But my bear is now in a big fight with the bad guy Knight, my bear with strength cast on him now of course so extra hungry.

The treasure got moved yet again, so the bad guy Kngiht who escapped the bear is over trying to get the amulet. Meanwhile my bear and Templar are running around trying to get him. I casted mud a couple of times to try and slow them down, but mostly affected my self!

Now Mr. Grizxzly has gobbled up the bad Knight and is staring down an apprentice. My Templar is continuing to move up and go for the amulet. I forget the details, but I had a thug run off with the other treasure on my end. And Serge had a couple of guys escaping with the reveal secrets treasure and the one on the end. Most other guys are dead. The apprentice failed to kill the Bear with elemental bolt, so he is now having second thoughts.

The apprentice moved back, so the Bear got right up in his face dripping blood to see if he still wanted to interfere with my Templar or not. Ms. Templar was the free to grab the amulet and everyone was able to move off. In the end we each got 2 treasures, and an amulet in each of the games. The only permanent casualty was my dog, and no gold to buy him back! But I got a dagger that ignores armor for Slippery Pete so that was kind of cool.

Great game with the crazy fun time effects. Sorry this is a few days late so I can't remember the details super well.

This is the last Wednesday Wargaming before the Christmas Season, but we will be starting up again sometime in the new year, with Trafalgar, hopefully!


Monday, 12 December 2016

Painting Update - GW and War of the Roses

Hello All,

I guess it is time for another painting update. I got a few more items finished off so time to show some pictures!

First up some more War of the Roses stuff. Almost have the DBA army woth of stuff I had painted, just one stand and a commander left. But I did order a bit more.

Cavalry and a Bow:

A stand of bow, a Currour, and a knight. That is pretty much the maximum on mounted knights. The main thing to be added is bowmen but a few more various bits and bobs, commanders and what not. Should be able to get to the full 200 point army in the new year.

Grizzly Bear:

Big old bear from the Red Box games kickstarter. Pretty cool model, ery easy to paint. Had a bit of gap in the elbow so I gave him a bit magic gold arm band. I figure this is part of the control animal spell, and that is how you get bears to fight for your team.

Tempestus Scions:

These guys are the main event of this post. As usual around Christmas time I have a tendency to paint a little bit of GW stuff to play with my buddies back home. This year it is being planned as a Kill Team day so I am working on some of these guys. The new Storm Troopers box basically. They come as a set of 5 so I have 2 done now, 1 more to go which will be the commander and some special stuff. This basically exactly gets me to 250pts which is what you need for that. I may add a bit more odds and ends, but will see how things are looking time wise as I needed it all done when I fly out on the 23rd. Hopefully can finish off the last 5 during this week.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 347 (Temptus Scions) 
Painted: 455
Total: +108

Doesn't seem super likely that I will quite make it to 500 but that would be cool.


Friday, 9 December 2016

Battle Report - Frostgrave - Forgotten Pacts

Hello All,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report. Decided to play some Frostgrave this time around. With the new Forgotten Pacts book out now we decided to do that, so we went for the first mission in that book. The goal is to use have of your warband to get a magic Amulet, while the other half goes on to mission 2, Time Rot. I forget what the first mission is called, but we are planning to do #2 next week.

I started a new warband because I wanted to have the Animal Companion spell, as I just painted a big bear.

For the first missions I sent my apprentice, a Man at Arms, a thug, and 2 theifs, and casted my spell so also a big bear! Serge had his wizard with a knight, treasure hunter, crossbow man, and theif I think? So a bit better guys being an experienced warband, but I had a bear.

The amulet is in a chest in the middle and 2 other treasures are nearby, guarded by monsters, and a third treasure is on the other side from me due to reveal secrets.

First turn everyone mainly just moved up, and I casted strength on the bear. But when the bad guys picked up the treasure from reveal secrets a barbarian Templar and Knight showed up right behind them! This resulted in a dead theif right away.

After another turn of positioning and barbarian rampage our stuff got engaged. The treasure hunter was near where the amulet used to be, but mr wizard used telekenisis to move it. But the hunter had been trapped by my grasping hand spell. So I sent my bear in to muder him real good. They are both +4 fighters and both had strength on, the hunter from a potion, and we both rolled a 20! So they just killed each other out right.

Our other guys were busy killing the monsters by the treasures. My theifs had allot of trouble getting theirs but got him after 1 casualty. The other guys killed there's no problem but were having trouble with the barbarians! Here their knight is down, but the barbarian templar gets killed by a crossbow bolt.

I decided it was time for treasure so my remaining thief hopped across to get the one up high, and my thug went for the amulet. The man at arms had died from an elemental bolt. But you have to make a will power test to get the amulet, and thugs are not great at that. So despite trying like 3 times I failed. You can see the barbarian knight coming up in the picture, but the crossbow guy decided on revenge and killed him for me! That area is littered with bodies now.

My treasure caused a Ice Giant to show up, which meant it was time to run away!

After this everyone was just running out. My theif almost got trapped on the edge by a 2 headed dog, but he was able to push it back and escape.

In the end we both had 2 treasures. I got the one close to me, and ran off with the reveal secrets treasure, and the bad guys got the amulet and one other. No one died permanently due to the end of game rolls. I got 2 levels and they got 3 I think. The amulet is not that tempting as it takes away 10 experience every game!


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Battle Report - Flames of War Desert Campaign


We had another day of our ongoing Early War Desert Campaign at the club. I did the German attack from Hafid Ridge to Point 202. Oh we are doing operation Battle Axe.

I had an Afrika Corps Panzer Company with an additional free unit of Panzer 3s and another of Panzer 2s. The British had a Crusader company with free Recon and Infantry units. This gave me a pretty hefty advantage to be honest.

This is a night time turn for the campaign so all the games start off in darkness but it will become dawn at some point.

We ended up playing Free for All and I got the first turn. I quickly saw that I had more tanks and mine were veteran so I decided to try and just kill all the vehicles to break company morale. Originally I thought I would also need to get the infantry but turned out the British had just 5 platoons. I spread out on both side, and moved up my infantry to attack the British infantry. I was hoping the Crusaders would come down the middle and get surrounded.

The British moved up to the edge of their range, only a few got to shoot but they managed to kill a tank!

I returned fire without moving and killed 2. I was using storm trooper to keep them at the edge of 24" as that was pretty advantageous for me. I was only able to be hit on a 6 vs 5 for the British, and I had more shots! On the other flank my tanks just sat still and shot up the recon unit. They had fired at my armored cars to no effect and now all died.

Things got into a bit of a shoot slug fest now. With the dark and long range and low fire power for early war weapons kills were not so easy to get. But I loose two thirds of my fire power if a tank moves so had to wait it out.

As the fire fight continued the weight of fire really paid off for me and more and more British tanks were destroyed reducing their ability to fight back. But I still lost a few tanks. But was lucky enough to pass my platoon morale rolls when forced to make them.

Eventually all of the tanks were destroyed except from the commander, who failed his company morale roll, so it was a victory for the Germans! But perhaps not a very exciting one. Luckily I was not forced to go near the Royal Horse Artillery which is very dangerous in direct fire, but not so great at throwing bombardments against tanks in the night.

Maybe not the best report, but that is how she goes sometimes.


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Battle Repot - Art de la Guerre - 200 Points

Hello All,

Time for another Wednesday war gaming battle report. This week we got the chance to try out a full Game of Art de Guerre at 200 points. Same armies Triumvirate Romans for me vs Komenan (hard to spell!) Byzantine.

I ignored the terrain set up rules and just set it up, this game has a bit of an unusual table size, so the mountains mark the border on one side and we just measured back from the center line.

My There commands were:

1: Lots of Legions and a good genera;
2: Medimum foot with Elephant and Mediocre Legions
3: 3 Cav and a light Horse

I was expecting to see one command with lots of knights, one with spears and bow, and one with light troops. So I thought I would guess on the spears and bows being one the right by the forest and the knights in the middle. So I put my legions on the right medium troops in the middle, and cavalary on the left. Basically hoping to refuse the flank and fight the troops I want.

Sadly the Byzantines brought only 2 knights, some heavy cavalry, and tons of light foot and light horse???

Here you can see the deployment, big horde of light horse on the left, I don't really want to fight that. And a big line of light foot that will just run away! Argh

The Byzantines Moved up all the mounted troops very fast, with the foot just sitting.

I moved all my mounted back to delay any fights, and my legions wheel around, deeply regretting not being in the center. The Byzantines then advanced again, chasing back some light foot. They brought forward some of their foot and sent more into the woods.

I turned my mounted guys back into the fight to protect the rear. We lost track of the edge of the table, but oh well I just moved it. Other wise my legions advanced again.

Next turn the fighting happened, all the mounted troops charged in.

This went alright for me, the light horse guy routed, but I got 2 in return. The other fight was not decisive with both of us taking a disorder.

On my turn I sent some Elite legions to fight the guard. I brought my line in on the cavalry, using a foot to flank and the Elephant to face the knights. I thought I would be able to roll up the Byzantine cavalry at this point, but they refused to die!

The fighting continued, I got one of the cavalry units, but lost one of mine. The battle with the Varangian Guard is not going great either, and a light horse is heading for my camp.

This is the last picture I have, but I lost my mounted general and the camp and failed to get many more units. So my army was demoralized. The Byzantines were about half way so it was not a total loss thou.