Monday, 1 February 2016

Battle Report - Team Yankee

So time for another battle report, this time Stan cam over for some Wednesday gaming. Took me awhile to get this on up for various reason, but one being that when I went to do it photo bucket was down. But oh well here it is.

This games were very fast so not tons of pictures.

Game 1:

So we are still playing with the forces from the starter boxes which is a bit limiting. But for game one I decided to try not taking the helicopters and going for the extra tank instead, still around 50 points. This gives a unit of 3 and unit of 2 and the commander. The Russians of course had everything, and the game is still Free for All as we are not willing to go to reserves with so few points / units.

This is how things start with the objectives spread around, I basically put a platoon on either side with the commander in the middle.

The Russians got the first turn, the helicopters moved for side shots, and big platoon of tanks dashed forward while the other was cautious. The helicopters weathered the AA fire and killed one tank with their missiles, the other failed platoon morale and was gone.

I moved up with the last platoon to get some fire on the small platoons of T72s as that was the only option but no great effect. The Russians shot back and got 2 bails and a kill, which forced another unit morale test, which was failed. I forget if the Russians killed the commander or if a formation morale was failed, but that is a mute point really.

Game 2:

This game I only remember to take 2 pictures of, I went back to using the Cobras again and did much better, but the result was not much different.

I believe that the Russians had the first turn again, but played much more cautiously, this time only getting one kill which was from the Hinds shooting to the tanks front. This time the tank passed the unit morale test. One my turn I moved to the forward end of the field to get the best chance of a hit and killed a few tanks with the far platoons. On the other end my second platoon and the Cobras focused on the big Russian platoon to try and force a morale test. I killed a few tanks and forced the test, but the Russians passed with ease.

The Ruskies moved in the rest of their tanks and flanked with the helicopters. This resulted in a dead commander and platoon in the field. Around the church the three remaining T72s managed to take care of the Abrams down there. So with just the Cobras left it was another American loss. Thou this time many more T72s got destroyed.

So possibly starting to see a trend now but I am not sure. I think it may be better for the Cobras to actually fire on the Hinds as they are more deadly due to the ability to always move and get a side shot, where as the Cobras have to skip a turn or always be shooting the front of T72s. But also at this points level there are not allot of options really. The tanks ignore so many of the rules that you can't do to much to give them a hard time other then be in cover and gone to ground. So luck and having the first effective shot is a big deal. Hopefully things improve a bit more as we add more stuff, but this is still a pretty fun game.



  1. It was a very fun game Mike...I'm thinking stand-off is the best asset of the Cobra, even with the turn almost have to deploy them in ready to fire positions.

    Can't wait to try more...great report and pics.

  2. Nice report with a superb looking table!

  3. Thanks guys.

    Probably right about the Cobras but if the game last 4 turns or more then I think it might be worth it to get rid of the tanks saves. But getting the kills in first is important also as it reduces the fire coming back. But clearly need to be trying something different!

  4. That looks like a good game.

    It will be interesting to see what happens if there is some dedicated AA on the table (though to be honest I have no idea what the ranges/effect of any them are)

  5. Well the VADS is ROF 7 I think FP 5+ so it won't have trouble killing some helicopters if they get within like 30 inches of it. So that will change things for sure, I think it will make the Hind worse and the Cobra better but who knows really. The AA platoons are pretty cheap also.

    Now how long is it going to be before BF can sell us the AA is going to be the real question.

  6. I have one of the Soviet ones but I suspect that I will need at least 2 to make a platoon.

    I hope to catch up on my painting before Battlefront releases anything new!

  7. Ya I think it's 2 or 4. All this stuff is already released thou it's just on back order for god knows how long!

  8. Hey mate, I hope all is well. Can you tell me what mat you are using for your grass bade, it looks really nice. Thanks!

    1. The mat is one of the ones from Baueda, they are in there ready to play section under terrain mats. Expensive but very nice.

    2. You are a scholar and a gentleman. Thanks!