Monday, 25 September 2017

Infinity Tournament!

Hello Folks,

This past Saturday there was a big Infinity tournament in town, which I decided to go to. Worth it just to beat the heat really hah. Anyways I had soem fun and took a few pictures of my games so here is that!

Game 1: Rescue vs Nomads

For my first game of the day I played a cool Nomads force. They had bad luck with bandit infiltration, and my Nisse and Brother Konstantinos were able to kill allot of his guys. This left just enouhg time for my hero Joan of Arc to snag a civilian to rescue so I was able to get a win.

Game2: Supplies vs Haqq Islam 

For the second game I had to play against so desert people in space. I am told this is the clear floor of a space station hah. I guess I made some bad decisions in deployment and got a bit unlucky in my first turn and my heavy hitters were taken out. I tried to fight back but it wasn't happening and I got a devastating loss.

Game 3: Forgot the Mission vs Onyx Contact Force

Game 3 was against a really cool guy with some creepy aliens. In this mission you had to connect a console on the center line and then collect a beacon. The table was really open and I had the first turn so I was able to kill allot of guys with my Nisse HMG and get the button pushed. The Onyx pushed back hard and killed allot of my guys as well but they were stuck on the back foot. We both got some success out of medics healing snipers also which is fun. Their little TAG made a good puch for the center, but I eventually brought him down and was able to snag a beacon for another victory.

Game 4: Safe Zone? vs Aleph

Last game was against Aleph, they had some scary guys on the roof tops, a Marut TAG and Pheonix with his missile launcher. I made the mistake of trying to fight all that on the roofs and lots all my main big hitters again. But this time I was playing my second list which had more guys. I was able to play around the TAG some how, and with crazy lucky a basic regular paramedic shot down an Asuras, and a bunch of their smaller guys. My Hexas managed to kill Phoenix and that left not much more then the Marut so I was able to control 3 of the zones and a console somehow. This turned out to be a really fun game and goes to show why you don't give up to easy! Like I maybe did in game 2 hah.

I ended up 4th overall out of 12 which is pretty good. Was a fun outing will go to the next one if I can.


Battle Report - Flames of War

Hello All,

Time for another Wednesday wargamming battle report! Even more late this time but oh well here is another battle report! This time we played a 1500 point game as a test for the upcoming flames of war campaign where I had 1 firestorm troop (Panthers) and Serge had 2 (IS2 and Plane). Idea to use as a test to see how long it takes to play a game like that. Oh I took a StugG battery, the Russians had some odd mixed force. They always working on some kind of an angle!

We played basically the new version of the forced withdrawal mission, I forget what it's called, but I had to pull back units while the Russians attacked.

The Russians of course waste no time charging in, right down the middle with the tanks. I deployed my StugGs conservatively so not much else for them to do.

 StugGs in the forst blitz forward with just 1 bog, and the Panthers deploy from ambush. This worked out pretty well killing a good amount of T34-85s and making the Russians unhappy hah.

They fired back but without any huge success, hard to hit Germans in the woods, and the first shot was pretty decisive. On the other side I have the other StugGs gone to ground in the vineyard. Some big scary Russian tank destroyers are trying to get them, but there are to many modifiers for them to hit provided that I don't fight back. Lucky for me I can't hurt them from the front so no worries hah.

Infantry pressing forward now, making my other StugGs in the field worried, they are trapped between the infanry and some bad rocky ground, so not a great spot. I made a bit of a mistake backing myself in there.ALso the IS2s and tank destroyers were moving to both fight the Panthers which is no good for business so they had to move. StugGs in the forest now mostly smoking. Lucky for me the Russian plane is not interested in battle.

More battles with Russian tanks playing peek a boo with the hill.

Betweem a few losses and having to pull platoons I am now quite feeling the pressure. The Russian infantry is coming for the objective which I am not to worried about, but 2 Panthers can only kill so many tanks and you really do have to kill every single one!

More tanks burning on the hill. I used my infantry platoon to block them from flanking the Panthers.

The IS2s decided to grow some stones, and have no torubles pushing my infantry off the objective and killing them all. That is not great. The other objective is under pressure also, the StugGs had to move to contest to prevent a loss, which Serge even had to remind me off.

Gave it a good shot and extended the game as much as I could, but the Russian infantry got on the objective and I didn't hav enough left to push them off, ot really fight the big tanks. Was a fun game! Not much luck for the Germans overall so we shall see how the campaign goes...


Monday, 11 September 2017

Battle Report - Triple Feature!

Hello All,

September is looking to be a busy month for wargaming! Had 3 games set up for last week, so getting a bit behind on reports. So I decided to do them all at once as a triple feature, more games more fun right!

Warhammer 40k:

First up a quick report for a 40k game from last Wednesday. 1500 points, we did the combat patrol scenario. The Marines got to bring most of their stuff and had a force on the left by the forest, and a tank and some hell blasters on the right.

I had my main force hiding behind a rock and brought in some wraithguard to kill the tank, and some other stuff to fight off the hell blasters who strayed a bit close to the edge.

Measuring some death.

Marines are picking me off bit by bit with long ranged shooting, but we are still pretty close at this point with a couple units killed each side.

The wraithguard are sent to fight off a a few units.

Advancing up the middle through the ruins.

In the end the Marines killed off almost everything to secure the victory.

Art De La Guerre:

On Friday I played a game of ADG with Duncan, Trying out some of my WAr of the Roses guys against his Aztecs! New army time, we are thinking about playing in the tournament for this at fall in so good to try out a few games.

I mostly stayed back by my artillery and bows planning to get some good shooting going, but the Aztecs raced in.

Things get real close and personal real fast, the Aztecs it turns out have a bunch of spear atlatals so it kind of went both ways. Also they have allot more guys then me.

Things went alright for me, especially on the right fank where my foot knights were beating up some mediocre troops. But I was loosing stands here and there and ended up with almost everything disordered, so I reached my break point first. The Aztecs took a re4asonable amount of losses thou so not super embarrassing showing!

Walking Dead:

On to game 3! On Sunday I went over to Good Duncan's to play a zombie game with him and Stan. Fun times.

Once again we are fighting for supplies in the rural shopping center. Stan has some bad guys on the Left corner in a fenced off quarter of the gas station. Duncan has Rick on a horse up by the store, and my heroes on the left.

Everyone spreads out and goes for the supplies, I am being a bit cautious as I don't really want to fight either of the guys, they have lots of guns, or horses.

I am doing pretty good on collecting, and got to set a fire so I started a forest fire which blocked off Stans route to get to me. So things are going pretty smooth.

Then a bunch of zombies show up! Here they jump Carl and really put a hurt on him, but his lucky hat saves, the day for now! Lucky Rick is on a horse so pretty fast to come save the day.

I had to fight off a bunch on my side as well, including diablo in the red dress!

There she is crap.

Then things got really funny as an event Duncan controlled had a mega herd of zombies show up right by Stan, and I got to pick where they went, so they all jumped on some poor guy and ate him up real fast.

Well with things going that bad it wasn't long before the threat got real high and we had 2 turns to escape. Which went alright really, a few of Ricks family members got eaten, but I managed to escape with everyone and 4 loots, so I was the winner! I think Duncan had 3 and Stan 2 or something like that. Rick really stuffed his pockets.

So there you go 3 games! Another painting update should be coming up soon also, I have been busy painting lots of lord of the rings guys!


Saturday, 2 September 2017

Battle Report - Warhammer 40,000

Hello Folks!

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report. Decided to go for another game of the new warhammer 40k, the big new things these days. This timne we played a more normal sized game at 1500 points, and I took my old Eldar army which I have had for years to face off against the Space Marines. This got me actually wanting to add some stuff! Which is pretty crazy not going to lie. I actually started painting some fire dragons which I have had for crazy long, they were in my original army in high shcol and I paint stripped them not long before I moved to Ottawa so that is a bit back there!

Anyway it is Space Marines vs Eldar again using the Open War cards, this time we had a battle for supplies, 6 objectives one is real whoever holds it at the end wins, and it was night time, line of sight is reduced to 12" and has a 50% chance to go up by 6 each turn. Huge help for Eldar with short ranged guns!

Here is our set up, I got my spearhead going up the center with a couple of big dudes and most of my stuff, and some fast guys in back to find the real objective. The Marines are hanging out in the ruins with some hellblasters and heros and other guys on the flanks. I stole the initiative so got to go first!

Everything blue has to be murdered.

I got in there right away and charged with my banishes, but they got beat up real good. They are not really an awesome unit, but they can really charge out there. Worth a shot. The Marines fired back with what they had but it is tough in the night, some flyer guys did jump down and attack some of my back line guys, and we found out the real objective is on the hills so the rest got removed.

Next turn the avatar started his great works, throwing his sword to half kill the tank. You can really see his white flowing locks in the middle hah. My wrath guard finished it off. Meanwhile my big purple guy had his turn to charge into the ruins, a bit more effective starting to whittle down the hell blasters, their guns are super dangerous to my big guys so that is important.

The Marines strike back and kill my big guy, and the fliers in the back kill more of my warp spiders, the fast guys. They also starting sending more guys to the objective realizing the trouble it is about to be in.

Next turn I remember my scorpions in reserve and deploy them, and they along with the Avatar assaut the Marines on the hill and kill them all. Allot had died from shooting thou.

The Marines are starting to get low on troops so they pull back to reorganize and try and fight me one at a time, doing some god damage, their fire adds up.

The Avatar is still thirsty for blood so he assaults the land speeder and blows that thing up, and I sent the rest of my wraith guard up to stall the Marines forces.

They kill them of course, but loosing more guys. Next turn My scorpions come down off the hill and charge the rest of the marines, and I put my other remaining unit on the hill. The Avatar slaughters the Space Marine Lt but doesn't have time to get to the Captain, but he is trying as you can see!

The Marines use the last of the fliers to beat up my farseer, and the Captain puts some good murder into my scorpions.

Last turn they put all the guns they can into my guys on the hill, but can't quite kill them all, and the Avatar makes them pass morale. So no tie for them! A victory for the Eldar, had a good time killing things with the Avatar, but to be fair the night helped me quite a bit. It forced the tank to move into range of the stuff that could kill it, instead of staying back where it could safely pick them off. We will see what happens next week!