Monday, 25 January 2016

Painting - Dungeon Saga and Bruce Lee (Boards don't hit back)

Hello Folks,

So over the last week, and allot on Saturday which was pretty much a painting day, I got the rest of the Infernal Crypts (Demons) expansion for Dungeon Saga painted, and also painted Bruce Lee which is pretty sweet.

Bruce Lee

So way back in November of 2014! I joined a kickstarter for Dragon Tides, a Kung-Fu action movie board game. Really the main reason I did was because they were including a Bruce Lee model, but I really like Kung-Fu movies as well so I thought it might be fun, and they had some other cool models. So last week the base game showed up (they are still working on all the extra stuff I guess. I was super excited to paint this guy so I went ahead with that on Saturday, and watched Enter the Dragon, hence the quote above).

The scale is 32mm so it's a bit bigger then normal, and the details in some areas, particularly the face, are not as deep as you may prefer. But they have nice dynamic poses, and each one has a cool unique base. So I think they are very nice overall.

So there is that, 7 more models to come eventually, of course this is exactly the kind of distraction project I don't need right now!

So on to the Dungeon Saga Stuff.

Lesser Abyssals:

The last of the minor demons.

Drech'Nok the Destroyer:

Then I have the Demon Prince Drech'Nok the destroyer, boss of all these guys. This is a pretty nice model. The one thing I thought was funny is that they didn't give him fangs, so the mouth kind of makes him look like an old man with no teeth a bit.


Then finally there are the Morlochs, the ogre sized Demons. Had to burn a bit of the midnight oil to get these done yesterday, but I was excited to have this expansion finished off.

Group Shot:

As usual here is a couple of shots of the full group together. I forgot to put in the 2 heroes for this one, but you have seen them before so no big deal I think.


I also got a few of the furniture items that were included on the side.

So with another expansion complete here is a shot of everything that is left to go, not that much really.

Dragon, Undead-Demon, God/Sprit guy, last 3 heroes, 5 Resin Heroes, and a bit more furniture. There is a bag of doors as well but I dunno about painting that we will see I guess. Actually there are 2 complete sets of the doors and furniture, but plan is to leave one in the box unpainted so it is easy to carry, and paint one for other war gaming.

Let me know what you think.

Edit: Forgot the numbers

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  1. Looking pretty awesome Mike...Bruce is sweet, well done.

  2. Bruce Lee looks great but you are right the face is a bit lacking especially for a figure this size.

    How does he look next to your other fistful of Kung Fu figures?

  3. He is a good bit bigger then the other kung fu guys. Maybe you could get away with it if you don't care to much but it is noticeable I think that the scale is different.

    Took awhile to find the kung fu guys hah they predate the magnetizing so wasn't sure where to look.