Monday, 25 February 2019

Tale of 2 Wargamers - Part 3

Hello All,

Got together for another game of Warhammer, so time for an update on our progress on these armies. As you may recall I am doing Necrons and Nick has some Tau.

Also have a new Mars like table that I have been working on.

Here is the current state of my army, some warriors and immortals backed up with scarabs an anhiliation barge and a couple of characters. I decided my Overlord needed a name so I googled some pharos and settled with Overlord Ka.

And the current Tau, making very good progress with allot of stuff built and block colors painted. Just need a few details and basing.

Emperors Will;

Game wise we played the emperors will scenario, each player has 1 objective worth 3 points, and you can get a bonus for first blood, warlord kill and line breaker. I ended up with first turn.

Turn 1 I advanced a the barge shot his Tesla guns at the battle suits. Got super lucky and killed 2, the last failed morale and ran.

The Tau moved forward to counter attack, but failed to achieve much without the suits. The piranha light skimmer missed with his anti-tank shot and other heavy weapons weren't effective due to moving.

Turn 2 the advance continued. My warriors and the barge badly mauled the best Tau unit, the path finders. And my bases of scarabs assaulted and killed their ship. They are good at dismantling things.

The Tau fought back hard, but all their good stuff had been mostly wiped out.

Next turn the scarabs assaulted and finished off the path finders, and all that was left was clean up.

A solid victory for Overlord Ka.

Next turn I am going to try some Demons yo change things up a bit. But still working on more Necron units!


Monday, 18 February 2019

Battle Report - Cruel Seas!

Hello all,

Time for another battle report. Yesterday I was able to get together with Duncan and Stan to try out some more cruel seas. This time we are playing the ambush scenario and have expanded our fleets a bit.

The British were attacking so I took a Fairmile D and 3 Vosper MTB (commanded by Stan). Duncan had 2 E boats for defense and a merchant tanker and Flak Ship for us to hunt.


Here is the set up, I tossed down some islands and rocks haphazardly. We start of slow from the close edge and the Germans sail on 1-2 at a time from their corner and have to sail the 2 large ships of the far edge. We of course need to sink them!

Turn 1 being sneaky and taking it slow. Its night so the German's cant attack right away and we want to delay until the big ships arrive.

Just taking it slow.

Getting close now. This was the last round of sneaking, some targets coming on.

Next turn we kicked up to combat speed and started trading shots. Stan is fighting 1 MTB while I take the other. Managed a good 6 lbper hit. We kept getting torpedo crits but never cooked any off.

The battle gets real. The Fairmile D moves up and puts some torpedoes in the water, the second shot, and hammers the E boat. But is taking heavy damage and suffers an engine hit. The MTBs swarm the other boat.

First E Boat sinks! Feeling confident now but my ship is really limping. Just hoping to get a few torpedo hits.

The 88 on the flak ship finishes me off however. The MTBs fairing better sank the other E boat with 1 loss. Now they are lining up torpedoes.

They sink the merchant tank with ease getting 4 solid hits.

Next turn the flak ship hits back hard, I think we went down to 1 boat or maybe 2 but damaged. But Stan was able to get more torpedoes on target and just barely managed to sink it before it got to go again!

Was a very fun game, feel like it went better this time felt allot more balanced anyway, lots of sunk ships all around!

Hopefully I can get a few more ships painted for the next battle!


Monday, 4 February 2019

Battle Report - Stalingrad Turn 1

Hello All,

This past Sunday we had the first round of the Stalingrad flames of war campaign. I was set to face bad Duncan and was attacking.

I took some panzer 3s and 4s a few 2s as well, plus some infantry and armored cars.

Duncan had t34s kv1 infantry and guns.

The mission funny enough was breakthrough again. But this time I had to attack.

Here is the deployment, I set up my tanks to rac around the woods. A big blob of infantry is on the hill and some guns along the woods.

I just dashed forward with my tanks, not much to fight. My hope was to get close enough to the wood to push back the ambush but this failed.

Some KV1 turned up in the woods  but their fire was ineffective.

My turn, time to surround the woods. Only the Panzer 4s can hurt the KV even from the side. So I tried z blitz move to get more in range. But failed the roll. I think I still got 1 bail buy bad news overall. The panzer 3s faced the corner where I assume z bunch of t34s are about to appear.

Infantry just ignored.

T34s came as predicted, but due to moving and crops not much effect. The KV did better and killed 3 panzer 4 plus a bail. That guy failed to remount, and failed last stand.

Next turn the t34 saw off the panzer 3s, and the KV got the commanders. This left my with no platoons in formation so it was z game over.

Pretty brutal win for the Russians. I spent Saturday painting some panzer 4s. But that turned out to be a bad idea. They just cost way to many points to be useful. Much better off with 3s. I di need some ma4fers though.