Saturday, 17 August 2019

Battle Report - Team Yankee

Hello Folks,

Time for more battles. Decided to join the club night yesterday, so Serge and I set up a side game of Yeam Yankee. Sine we never had any stuff for what was the main thing.

50 points game, ended up being No Retreat, as usual we used 40% for reserves. I had some French with a few american hum vee against Russian infantry.

Heres the set up, French attacking on the left. I put my armored cars on the close side, tanks the far side, hummers in the center. Main road is blocked by mines.

Russians had infantry on the far objective, and a ridiculously big unit of BMPs on the other. My plan to kill the vehicles and use my tanks to line the infantry.

Turn one blitz up to the wall and hammer the BMPs. Do pretty well kill maybe almost have, 5-6 of them maybe. Held back the choppers, didn't want to risk them yet.

Russians fired back with missiles, but with bad luck only killed a single car. Also dropped a small ambush with 3 missiles, but just 1 kill there as well.

Next turn I moved up my tanks and helicopters to kill the ambush. Rest stayed still to get maximum shots. Not as lucky this time but I took out a few more. Also killed the ambush, Russian infantry had AA but it was ineffectual due to the gunslinger rule keeping me gone to ground.

The Russians brought in a big AA platoon and killed all but  helicopter, and pulled back their vehicles. My helicopters are only 1 point each so this is not a big loss.

With the Russians falling back I pressed forward onto  the objective. Also started moving over my tanks to try and stop them from bringing up stuff to contest. Killed a few infantry, actually found the tanks much better at that then I would have thought.

No major action from the Russians, but a few more small reserves. I think the long range missile guys.

Next turn I drove on to the objective. Russians moved up small platoons to delay and get wiped out 1 at a time. But chipping away at my forces as it goes. The long range missile guys had terrible luck thou, and some of the Russian units were a bit useless now, like missile AA after the choppers are dead.

Eventually Serge conceded. But my force was also very close to breaking, so maybe best to call it a draw!

Was a fun game thou, very different game at 50 points then 100, also with a bit bigger table. Personally I think it was a bit much to have 1 giant infantry platoon, that unit was allot of points!

Took a few quick shots of the other games:

 English Civil War

Saga. Norman's vs Norse Gaels.

Early flames of war, with some cool planes. I like the big one.

All in all very successful club day.


Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Painting - Update Khorne

Hello Folks,

Got a bit of painting done over my summer break, so thought I would do another small update. Just a few more Khorne items to flesh things out a bit. Would like to do some more of these guys, but it's on to the next big thing after this. Well I may do a few bits here and there.

Bleeding Icon of Khorne:

This is one of the judgements of khorne a blood priest can summon. The darker red is the fresh blood effect which doesnt show up in pictures well, but is shiny like blood.


Next some demon dogs. You can summon them pretty easy to run around and take objectives. Never got to try them out sadly.

Altar of Skulls:

Lastly the free terrain piece for Khorne. Helps priests cast prayers. Pretty cool model, takes a bit of time to paint but is not to bad. Looks cool anyway.

Forgot to take a picture so had to grab one after I put the good stuff away. Plus it's pretty big, but the above should give a good idea.

Samurai is the next big thing. Have a bunch of stuff for that, involving a few different games. Main thing this time will be Europeans and Monks. But I have a bunch of fun stuff to work on. Still plan on doing some 40k and Team Yankee side projects as well.

Pledge Status, 2019:

Bought: 186
Painted: 206
Total: -20


Monday, 5 August 2019

Battle Report - Age of Sigmar

Hello Folks,

Time for another battle Report. This week I am back home and we played some age of sigmar. Got 2 games in, first a 3 player games, then a 2vs1.

Game 1:

First game was the multiplayer game, we played something roughly based on the open war cards, where an objective arrives turn 3 and who ever controls ot wins.

Heres the start, my khorne guys in the bottom, lizardmen to the right, and storm cast Eternals up top.

Turn 1 fan out and advance. Try to cover lots of ground.

Turn 2 some big combats with the lizardmen. The cav took out my wrathmongers, but the bold warriors got the Sarus, and my heroes got the sarus that teleported behind.

Next turn I used a blood point move to engage the flying dudes with the skull crushers. But lots most of the big unit of blood warriors to the dragon riders. The objective is down now so everybody runs that way.

The Stormcast have by far the most guys left and are all on the thing, so clear win for them.

Game 2:

Fir the second game we decided to double up in the person with the most points, which was the Stormcast. I just had to drop most of my heroes no big deal.

2 objective control both to win.

Just moving up a bit.

Mass of flying dudes come down and delete a unit. We can't get to them so going to delete another unit next turn

Things looking bad. We tried a teleport trick to get the objective and win but failed the charge. After that just to much stuff had died. We got pounded by all the shooting and couldn't deal with it so a loss for us.


Friday, 2 August 2019

Painting Update - Khorne

Hello All,

Just a small update today. Managed to finish off my 1000 point Warhammer Age of Sigmar Khorne army, just on time as I'm leaving today.

Mighty Skull Crushers:

First the last unit, some big guys with axes riding juggernauts of khorne. I guess thet are some kind of demon rhino machine. I kind of regret giving that guy the horn, as it looks a bit lame and a shield would be better. But it has a good game effect so oh well.

Exalted Deathbringer:

And the last Hero, big giant spear ready to impale someone. I just thought this guy looks cool.

I have a few more Khorne bits to add on to give a bit of options, might get some more done while I'm off this week. But also maybe not.


Finally for today I have the second Grench armored car unit. Had these done for the last team yankee game but only getting to posting them now. They actually did quite well, maybe I need a third unit. I still have a unit of French infantry to paint then it's time for another wave of Team Yankee stuff. Suppose I need some more support units as I dont really have much French supports other than the choppers.

Anyway that's all for now, have a good one.

Pledge Status, 2019:

Bought: 186
Painted: 199
Total: -13