Thursday, 27 June 2019

Battle Report - Operation Maple Resolve

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle Report! This week is more Team  Yankee,  the flavor of the month. Serge wanted to try out some Canadians so we are doing a training scenario. Actually a video came up on my YouTube thing about a similar one done with the Brutish at the training area in Alberta. So I tried to set up an Albeeta table and tried to have big items of terrain to break up line of sight.

I took an AMX-30 platoon with armored car support and an American armored cavalry troop with 2 Abhrams. Canadians had some Lepoard 1s and ADATS not sure what else. (People sure love ADATS).

Random scenario was Encounter, we modified the rules to have 40% of points in reserve instead of half the number of platoons. So no gaming the system with 2 point M113 scout sections.

I missed the first turn, but here we are 8n the thick of things. Canadians knocked out some M113 scout sections, but took a pounding from French and American tanks. Bad luck sees the unable to kill the armored cars.

With the ADATS busy the abhrams charge to the objective. Leaving the armored cars to defend the objective. They still have big guns so easily kill an ADATS.

Canadians get reserves and attack the armored cars, but their poor luck lingers. They do managed to kill the Amer7can commander who was taking the objective. But the fast Abhrams move on the objective.

No reserves for Canada next turn so nothing to oppose the Abhrams.

Game 2: Dust Up

Game one was super fast so we had time for a second go. Again at 50 points. I changed up my list and swapped the Abhrams for M60 Pattons. This thime we are in opposite quarters, and Serhe rejigger the terrain to have longer sightlines.

I started with all the French this time. 1 platoon of tanks behind a wood, 1 and the cars by the factory. Canadians a bit more exposed but they have 1st turn.

Canadians 1 platoon 9nto the factory woods  and 1 behind the other. I got lucky and managed to blitz mine by the woods and killed all the of the woods leopards. My guys by the factory moved and shot the other unit, but with no stabilizer just got 1 kill.

Turn 2 the remaining leopards entered the woods but had terrible luck, just killing 1 French tank, and all died in response. My other tanks advanced and knocked out an ADATS. this left the Canadians with nothing on the board so they conceded.

So there are a couple of quick Team Yankee games. Really shows how vulnerable some of these tanks are! I think this also changes how I will approach the 50 point games (due to delayed reserves more like 30!). Seems like having some infantry to stall for reserves can be a big deal.


Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Painting Update - French & Contrast Paints

Hello Folks,

Another painting post! This period got started with some more Team Yankee models, but then I decided to try out the new contrast paint line from GW and got excited about that. First things first some more French.

AMX-30 RC + VAB:

Got a pack of the armored cars I wanted, look very cool to me. Sadly meeple miniatures only had 1 box, but I have ordered another. The French are turning into a full army bit by bit vs the side project they were meant to be! All fun stuff thou.

Contrast Paints:

Not  sure if everyone paid attention to this but recently Games Workshop released a new style of paints, basic idea is that you can paint one heavy coat over a light undercoat and get shade base color and highlight all in 1 shot. The paints have s consistancy like a think wash. There are lots of you tube videos on these so I would take a look at some of those if interested. The Warhammer TV one on how to use them shows it well.

So I decided to paint some old Eldar stuff to give me a try.

Fire Dragons:

First expirement was to paint some fire dragons. Have had these for years. Was among the first kits I got, actually stripped them before I moved to Ottawa. Anyway I did a single coat plus touchs of the contrast paint to get the orange red and black. Especially on the orange you can see a bit of a shade and highlight. Super fast and looks good. A bit similar to dipped models maybe.


Next up a classic Faseer. This one has the contrast black and bone. I wasn't super happy with 1 layer of contrast, it is over white, so I did a second and some blue edge highlights. Finding the contrast effect works better with lighter colors.

Eldar Guardians:

Finally the first half of a guardian squad. Ran out of old eldar models so I had to buy this kit! Still having fun with the contrasts so probably will do more while I am adding bits to the French.

Not sure the contrast paints will have much use for historical, but surely there will be some. Might be a fast way to paint horses, which is good as I hate doing them! Anyway those are my current thoughts. I like the new paints, seem great for beginners especially!

Let me know what you think.

Pledge Status, 2018:

Bought: 128 some French + Eldar
Painted: 154
Total: -26


Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Battle Report - Warhammer 40k Necrons vs Tau

Hello All,

Time for another battle report. 40k time again, taking advantage of the long weekend. I had my Necrins again, Nick had his Tau and Tim used my Tau.

We played 1000 points in 7th edition but used the open war cards. Ended up with the one where you have to control 3 objectives, the twist was an honorable battle so deployment was by army instead of unit.

Here's the set up. I had to deploy in a narrow band, so ended up all spread out. The Tau had a bit more room but mostly hid behind the rocks and ruins.

Turn 1 I moved up and tried a few shots. My Anhiliation Barge killed a few battle suits but was killed by the tank. In general heading to the central objective.

Turn 2 even more advancing. My mission fir this turn was to kill the tank. No luck with the deceiver, but got super lucky with necron warriors and the took it out. Also got my scarabs into combat with the suits.

Turn 3, my main force is still heading for the middle, but slowly getting picked apart. I charged out with the deceiver and killed allot of stealth suits, but they fell back and he was killed with mass fire. Also the suits won there melee and killed the scarabs. I have been doing good shooting up tsu units thou.

Next turn I move my warriors to take the central objective, and Overlord Ka charges out to kill some kroot. Also manage to down the last battle suit. Return fire is brutal thou and I loose the last of the immortals save 1.

Final turn is a rush for the floating rock. I had it but the Tau mustered enough fire power to kill my unit and take it. The Over lord finally finished killing his opponents.t but it was to late really.

So a narrow win for the Tau, but a fun game overall. The new contrast paints have rekindled my desire to paint 40k stuff, so likely more to come. Also a painting update soon.


Thursday, 20 June 2019

Battle Report - 7TV - James Bond

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle Report!

This week we are finally trying out some 7TV, I picked up the box for this game a year or 2 ago along with a few models. Finally got enough done to try a small game. Never had exactly the right terrain for a spy game so I just set up a country side setting.

The spies had, Bond, a lady Spy, a crack pot inventor, and 4 security guards. SPECTER had Blofeld, a faithful lackey, a minion commander, and 4 minions plus a scientist.

The scientist had a special gadget, turned out to be a jamming pocket watch, which the good guys want to steal. So that's the mcguffin.

Here's the set up. I put Blofeld near the road, some minions and their commander behind the hill with the commander, lackey and more minions by the woods. On the good side the spies snuck forward, with the guards guarding the inventor by the hill.

My turn I just moved up and took a couple rifle shots. No effect. But I sent the lackey to try and flank around the house. Then the guards moved up.

Next turn the good guys line off behind the hedge, otherwise more of the same.

In this game every turn you draw a count down cards, these control the length of the game and give special effects. This tur I drew script change and a minion and guard changed places! This let my guy shoot his SMG into the midst of the spies, but no effect. The guard got killed thou hah!

Next turn the spies killed my minion and started advancing, and started bringing minions back, with Blofelds endless subordinats rule hah!

Next turn things get close, the lady spy runs in and kicks the minion commander in the face.  Bond moves into the middle of everyone after the star. He had a card declaring him a diva, so no one can target him. Pretty sure that must be Lazenby then.

By now the security detail are all dead so I spread out to try and chip away at the costars.

Bonds getting close now, and the lady had the commander almost dealt with.

All the minions then dig pile Bond stunning him, so blofeld can shoot into the combat and do some damage!

But Bond dofs a disguise and escapes, to kill the scientist, but no action to grab the goodies.

On my turn Blofeld grabs the watch and the minions surround them.

Bonds turn and they draw the inevitable explosion card! Blofeld and his guys get toasty. In the end the lady spy kills the commander, and bind the minions, but blofeld squeaks by with the watch.

Points wise I got 1 for axing the spies (half dead) and the watch gives d6 and I got 1 so 2 points. The spies get 2 fir killing the minion commander, so we end with a draw!

Thoughts on 7TV:

I thought it was a pretty fun game, lots of random bits and TV show flavor, plus it's very simple. But it is a bit like the Kyng Fu game where Its more about the story / silly fun then being a cimpetati e game like chess. If players just want to do the mechanically best thing all time vs the fun thing could be a bit lame.

I ordered a few more bits so probably another game coming. They have a pulp set out now as well so that is tempting.


Monday, 17 June 2019

Battle Report - Team Yankee

Hello Folks,

Time for more battle. This past weekend we had s big multi-player game of team yankee. Me and Stan had the good guys, with Americans, French, and Canadians. Facing of the Soviet might if both Duncans. We had 81 points per side as that is just how it worked out.

Scenario wise we did Encounter mainly due to no reserves, but played with hamburger deployment (long wise) as that is how people were standing. We are not taking it super serious!

Mostly deployed, free peoples (was informed France left NATO need a new term?) on the right, communists on the left.

All ready for action.

Turn 1 we fired the missiles we could but allot of inconvenient buildings were in the way. The Soviets advanced and immediately wiped out half the French tanks!

Turn 2 the Warthogs came to save the day and started blowing up tanks, our missiles were much more effective now as well. But the rest of the French pulled back behind the Canadians. Who were doing quit well.

Soviets advancing on the left flank, but being pushed back on the right.

You cant move a d shoot missiles, so ky forces were mostly static with only the Canadians advancing at all. The T72s are mostly gone by now so the tide is turning fast. I decided to attack the Russian artillery with the warthogs and 1 got shot down.

Final few turns. The Canadians had opened up a path so my hummer commander advanced down the road stopping to assault the AA guy.

You can see him now on the objective way in the back. We had a funny moment where he tried to hide behind some buildings, but they turned out to he second stories and all promptly got put back.

But the French tanks took the time to move on top of their hill and kill the last Soviet platoon ither than supports. Heroically winning the game.

Finally the good guys catch a break! I think it had allot to do with us deciding to play long eise which really hurt the T72s which have a lower range. But still allot of fun.

I am contemplating more French now!


Sunday, 16 June 2019

Painting Update - Bond Villains and French Tanks

Hello All,

Time for a painting update. For the last little bit I have been painting some guys to try out 7TV, but we are playing Team Yankee today soon did some new stuff for that as well.

Age of Sigmar Objective:

First to get the ball rolling a small terrain item / objective. Part of the dwarf ruins table.

Minions + Commander:

Some minions, loosely based on the bad guys from you only live twice. This wereots of fun hah.

Evil Co-Stars:

An evil scientist and Jack booted thug. Some more important bad guys basically.

Ernest Stavro Blofeld:

Of course you need the big cheese so I painted this guy as a Blofeld. He is more skinny usually in the moves, but cat and scar unmistakable. Could be Dr. Evil too i guess. What I really need is goldfinger. This lot are the bad guy starter set

Security Guards:

Last bit for bond are security guards. These are from the action starts starter. I thought they were a bit lame but they turned out pretty good. Have a bind from that set as well. But I already have one so never got to that yet.

Doc Brown:

Almost forgot do brown, also from that set.

French Tanks:

Finally a company of French tanks I painted yesterday. I used the guide in the new colors of war book which was pretty good. That is a nice reference. I actually ordered these by accident, meant to get AMX-30RC instead of AMX-30 but still cool. Maybe this will lead to more French I dunno.

Anyway that what I have for now! Should have a battle report for our 4 player team yankee game up tomorrow.

Pledge Status, 2018:

Bought: 108 
Painted: 138
Total: -30


Thursday, 13 June 2019

Battle Report - X-Wing - Scum vs Imperial

Hello All,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle Report! This week we are playing some X-Wing with another show down on Mustafar. So instead of asteroids we have smoke plumes counting as dust clouds.

I took a list with 2 tie strikers, a tie reaper and of course Darth Vader. Fighting some scum with 2 fighters and 2 medium ships. Not 100% on all the names.

Ready to fly.

Turn 1 pretty much a straight advance. Vader is hanging around the outside ti swoop in.

First turn of real fighting. Things started to go bad at this point. One of my strikers never had a shot, and I wasn't really able to coordinate firing well. But Vader got a good hit in. Allot of damage to me thou.

Trying to straighten things out. Went alright but not great. Vader killed the big scum ship, but all my guys except Vader have 1-2 hits left.

Another not awesome round. Vader flew in the smoke and got stressed so lost his power, thexreaper is way out of position, and a striker got killed!

Next turn lost the other striker, but killed another scum ship. Still possible to win but the big scum ship has allot of hits left so not likely.

A few rounds of adjusting and it's on the fight again. Not much effect thou.

Vader got in the dust again and both scum ships got him at close range. Sadly went down.

Then they clean up the reaper. Was a good game, decently close. But I feel like i lost it in turn 2 with some nit great flying. Wasn't able to really capitalize on some abilities either.

Anyway that it for now, James bond next week!