Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Fall In - Part 2

Hello All,

Finally time for part 2 of my Fall In coverage. I never played in any games other than the tournament, but I have lots of pictures of games I found interesting for one reason or another.

First up crazy cool old west tablecwith everything!



A mine!

Very nice river and camp

Circle of wagons
They had extra sections to swap in as well for even more west!

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Big models



D-day their water looks amazing

40K stuff

Monster mash table, Duncan loved this game

World Cup of Soccer

Neat shirt

lots of teams

Epic  Tournament 

Great Terrain in the Carnage and Boredom room

Blood and Plunder Tournament!

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Flames of War


Very Impressive city 

High level WW2 game, I thought the tress and rivers looked good. Kind of map like.

Well that's all the pictures I have. Hope you found it interesting. Lots of cool games this year!


Thursday, 21 November 2019

Battle Report - Age of Magic - Tale of Challenges

Hello Folks,

Tine for another Wednesday wargaming battle Report! This week is age if magic, Serge has the goblins (kingdoms of the underneath) and i took undead.

Have been trying out a few of the other scenarios in the book of battles. This time around we are playing 'A tale of challenges'.

A pretty standard battle to murder points but each player has to choose 2 challenges to try to complete. Harder ones are worth more points but if you fail you loose points! Some also gave special rules.

I declared:

First Blood - kill the first unit
Leave only Widows - no enemy units eith more than guys at the end

Serge called:

I will protect my land - no enemies on you half
I will crush you - kill most expensive enemy unit
My fury shall echo through eternity - kill 10 guys in 1 turn

On to battle

Goblins go first but start with just 3 dice so just advance a bit.

I advanced more and took some bow shots but built up some fatigues. Also charged and half killed a goblin unit.

Goblins pull back the 4 remaining and open up a chasm! The big unit of 12 then charge my skeletons. On my turn I rebuild some skeletons and move around to avoid taking damage from the chasm.

Goblins launch a bunch of charges so lots of skeletons are crushed. Even the balrog gets in on the fun.

This makes it time for ghost, they haunt the goblins killing half a unit and scaring them into the rough. The goblins spend there turn attacking, but are just short of killing the last skeleton.

On my turn the ghosts eat a wizard, and my warlord breaks up another unit.

Missed the last turn, but the goblins kill the ghosts, and charge but fail to kill my warlord. The balrog was forced to hide in the back as he got allot of fatigues from the undead curse.

In the end I failed  first blood which cost me a few points but achieved leaving only goblin widows.

The goblins crushed me and echoed their fury, but failed to protect their lands. As it turns out my last big unit of skeletons wandered just close enough.

We were pretty close on points so the land protecting did it. I think we ended 24-19 fir me all told.

Was a really fun game, I would absolutely reccomend this scenario its a great one  especially for age of magic!


Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Fall In - Middle Earth SBG Tournament Report

Hello All,

Just got back from Fall In which was last weekend, so figure I will follow my usual trend and upload a couple of reports. First one will be a report on the tournament I played on, the second other random stuff.

This year I decided to change things up and play in the lord of the rings tournament. I posted my army previously but it was:

Bolt Thrower
A few Warriors
And some citadel guard

Meant to be a fun theme list based on the citadel defenders of Minas Tirith.

The tournament was well attended with 24 players, so had 4 rounds.

Round 1, vs Rohan in Lords of Battle:

Here is the set up for game 1. Had to fight a very elite list of Rohan with lots of characters. Unfortunately I decided to split up my guys a bit to much.

Theoden and his guys charge the left making a mess. Eomer and Durnhelm charge right. Second mistake starting to close to the center so they could charge straight off.

Sadly I kept loosing the roll for iniat8ve and kept loosing the heroux moves, d9 got charged allot. Plus they had the big banner guy bringing back might.

So it was a quick loss for me but still interesting. My theme list wasn't quite competing thou.

Game 2, vs Angmar in Heirloom of Ages Past

Here's the set up for the second game. In this one there are 6 objectives, when you get to 1 you roll a Devon a 6 it's the objective, else its removed.

Angmar got it pretty fast with their orcs, or maybe goblins I forget, in the top left. So o started that way while the spiders and Wargs tried to delay Hurin.

Most of the got cleared up pretty fast leaving the queen.

One force delayed my guys while the guy with the loot ran to a second

Cutting down lots of enemies but not breaking through, spider coming to help out, but it was wounded by Hurin.

More chasing.

The spider made it but got killed.

I was breaking through and getting closer, but the goblins started climbing things and jumping off to end the scenario a bit faster.

In the end I broke them but a shaman was their to cast fury and keep them around. So I couldn't get the loot in time.

Game 3, vs Rohan in Contest of Champions:

Here's the set up for game 3. At this point I realized that table assignments were based on tournament rankings. So I would need victories to get out of the desert. Not keen on this to be honest. Anyway this game was against another Roham force, conest of champions this time. So Denethor has to fight a duel. ..

Turn 1 they charge in and immediately kill Denethor so that is bad. My line holds thou and I kill a couple of guys with the bolt thrower.

Next turn is a bit of a mess. But they get the charge again. Hurin is the next target. But I am hitting back. My biw guys are doing particularly well for whatever reason. Also they kill poor pippin!

Flanking force coming around now as the numbers dwindle. The sons of Erol in the red cloaks are tough characters and do allot of damage. Seemed like I might just be able to turn the tide.

But now I am getting out numbered so it all falls apart.

Rohan mops up.

So another loss, but closer this time, and turned into a fun game actually. Even thou Denethor immediately went down there was still a fight.

Game 4, vs Harradrim in Hold Ground:

Well once more to the losers table hah. Here is the start of the final game. This one has warbands coming on from the edges and who ever holds the center wins basically. I was facing a small group of Isengard and a Mumak!

Most forces arrived 9n time but Hurin was late. It ended up that Pippin was between the Mumal and the bolt thrower so he will have to slow it down.

Every one heads to the middle. The bolt thrower managed around on the mumak.

Next turn pippin got trampled sadly. But he managed to lure the Mumal away giving the bolt throwerc1 more shot.

It missed thou. On the good side Hurin and his guys showed up and Irolas was getting close to the center.

Next turn the Mumal charged the bolt thrower crew, and Denethir engaged the Isengard force. So I should be free to take the center for a bit. My big concern is that stumpy will come trample all my guys!

Second turn if fighting and the crew dies. But Denethor is doing alright with help close.

Hurin steps up to slow the now free Mumak!

He and some of his pals repeatedly charge, my plan is to just tie the Mumak up but they are doing wounds. So long as I can keep priority and charge it is going well. But as soon as the Mumal gets to trample I am likely done.

In the north the fighting is going pretty well. We are more or less even on kills but they are not getting any closer to the center which has to be held.

The back and forth continues, stompy wins 1 round of combat and kills few citadel guards, but I am getting the charges in, so Hurin 8s doing good work. My force was broken now, but only a few guys ran.

Finally Hurin kills the Mumak! This broke the evil force as well. At this point we were out of time. But I still had a single citadel guard holding the ground so it was a win for me!

Was allot of fun fighting the Mumak.

After that we had a set up for favorite army I tried to take pictures of them all.

The googly eyed spiders and galadriels elves were the winners. I got some good comments well. I ended up just above last place, but won my own Mumak in the raffle!

In the end this tournament was perhaps I bit more competitive focused then I expected, at least compared to the last one here. But it was allot of fun never the less. Particularly liked fighting the Mumak and second Rohan force.