Monday, 23 July 2018

Battle Report - Team Yankee

Hello Folks,

Finally got around to playing another game of team yankee. A few new releases have hut the streets so we have some new toys to try out.

I painted a bunch of HMMWVs and Stan had some Canadians. We were set to fight Duncan and his East Germans. Some stuff was not fully painted and we has a few proxies but it served the purpose of getting things going.

When we saw Duncan using a shovel to set up his army we decided that reserves might be an idea so choose a No Retreat mission with the Germans defending. It was thought that this might give NATO a fighting chance.

Here is the set up. Very nice table with some German villages and rivers. Seveal prominent hills. I took the hills flank and the Canadians had the far edge. The bridge in the back has the objective. So our plan for now is to blow up Russian vehicles and start peeling back the infantry to get a crossing.

First round went pretty well. We played it kind of slow concentrating on shooting. The Canadians destroying a bunch of bmps 1s. I killed a few as well but not that many!

The Germans advanced a bit and popped off a couple of shots but to no effect. Their missile AA moved into range to shoot the Cobras next turn.

Next turn we are keeping up the fire. I am chipping away at my bmo company and the Canadians advancing along the ridge.  The Cobras moved to the other corner out of missile range.

The East Germans stuck to their plan with minimal movement and a few shots.  They knocked out 1 of my VADS.

On our turn the Canadians remained confident and kept pushing. I failed some blitz moves so pulled back a bit. But my guys on the hill kept up firing. Bit more then half of them killed now. Also the Cobras came back to avoid those missiles. I fired off the rockets but no effect.

German turn and they start hitting back. 10 t55s came in from reserve and a leopard got knocked out. We were doing well against btrs but what can we do with tanks.

The leopards came into position to shoot the tanks and the Cobras went down behind town to help out. Meanwhile I pretty much finished off my vehicles.

Now things start to take a dark turn
 The t55s are finally in position fir a half effective shot and see off a leopard platoon. AA shots on the Cobras are ineffective. Tgey try to shoot down my hueys that landed behind the AA but no luck.

For my part I move up and starting shooting up the infantry. Slowhy chipping ghe away. The cobras and remaining leopards fire on the tanks. But we are not really getting the results we need. The infantry in tge back got a kill, making them selves a bit of a pain.

Now a second wave of German tanks show up. The kills against us are pulling up now. Thus is not going in a good direction!

We decided to give it 1 more turn to see what we can do. But it is not that much. We killed the better part of like 30 btrs but 20 tanks on top of that is just to much for our 7 tanks and 14 hummers!

Final shot. The paratroopers were all destroyed and only a couple of leopards are left. We are no where near the objective so yet another solid victory for the bad guys.

Was fun thou to get all the toys out and play a game.  Things were going pretty well fir us until the tanks showed up!


Saturday, 21 July 2018

Painting Update - Team Yankee

Hello Folks,

Finally time for another update! Been kind of a slowish July. Summer time and all that, also I haven't been as motivated to get painting done lately so have slowed down a bit on that as well. But there are some things coming up so the ball is rolling once more!

We are playing some more Team Yankee tomorrow, actually this has been on the books for a bit so I have been getting some stuff done.

Note that I was to lazy to set up the picture both, so these pictures are a bit crap. But it's late and I was lazy. Also I already had stuff set up for a group shot so space was an issue.

Hummers with real TOW Missiles:

Well at some point I noticed that all the HMWVs I painted with TOW missiles were actually singer missiles. Oops, not sure how I made that mistake. Anyway I decided to order the Ryans Leather Necks bow becasue it gave me the right number I needed to fix it. So here are the new cars with correct kit!

Patton Tanks:

That set also includes 3 Patton tanks which are pretty cool so I painted those as well, thy not right.

Armored Cavalry Troop:

Now that I had a cool platoon of 3 tanks I needed a way to field them. Flipping the Stripes book the only real viable options that stood out to me was the Armored Cavalry Troop. This formation has a M113 Scout HQ, 1 platoon of tanks, and platoons of 1 M113 Scout and 1 M901 ITV. This sounded kind of cool to me so I decided to use my last 5 M113s to make that. This were going to be a mortar platoon but this seems more fun. Finished off these today.

And that is pretty much all the Team Yankee stuff I have so this project is over until the next release, or I decided to get more. Well I do have 2 more warthogs but feel like that atm.

Since I have so much stuff that can technically all be fielded as 1 giant legal army, I decided it was time for an army parade! So there you have my Team Yankee collection, pretty much takes up a 4x6 table on its own hah.

That is:

M1 Abrams Armored Combat Team:
      12 M1 Abrams (2 away from full shit)
      M113 Mech Platoon
      M901 ITV Platoon

Armored Cavalry Troop:
      M113 Scout
      3x Patton Tanks
      2x M113 Scout Sections (1 M113 Scount & 1 M901 ITV)

HMMWV Cavalry Troop:
      HMMWV HQ
      3x HMMWV Scout Sections

      4x M163 VADS
      4x HMMWV Stinger
      3x M109 Artillery
      M113 Fist
      UH-1 Huey Rifle Platoon
      2x AH-1 Cobra
      2x A-10 WArthog

All that comes in at a cool 177 points. Of course the tanks formation alone is 106 of that, they are expensive and all the rest of it is pretty cheap. The HMMWV formation is only 10 points hah, a single Abras is 8 (9 with extra armor).


Also painted a few ringwraiths. Not going to lie I picked up a box at FDB assuming it was the winged fellbeast guy, but when I opened it there was 9 of these chaps. Oh well everyone always need more ring wraiths (until they have 9 at least...)

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 149
Painted: 205
Total: 56

Crossed 200 models painted for the year, pretty good! Tune in a day or 2 from now to see how team yankke went. Hoping to see some Canadians!


Friday, 6 July 2018

Battle Report - Saga Dark Ages

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are playing Saga once again, but Dark ages this time. I wanted to try out the new Skraelings board so we have some Vikings invading northetn Newfoundland.

Only 4 points thou as I never got around to painting more. I had 3 units of warriors and some levy, the Vikings had 3 units of warriors and some Hearthguard. No Berserkers thou.

Inital Deployments and terrain, kind of a goat path along the beach. Kind of a nice beach buy still. Lots of rocks and stuff up there and I put some trees. Maybe a bit tall fir there but my excuse is that this is during the medevial warm period.

Vikings had 3 dice as player one so did some manuvers but were playing it safe. The new thing for the natives is sprit totems that give permanent buff but cost allot of Saga dice so I was happy to play slow and get that going. 

Went for Puma Totem to get an extra Saga dice and Eagle on the archers for better shooting.

Turn 2 was allot more active. The vikings moved up with everything. I set up another totem and got to throwing sticks. 2 units of braves moved up and tossed their javelins. The vikings used an ability to exhasut 1. The other used an ability to get a free shot the move and throw again with no fatigue. This went very well killing lots of Norse men.

Had some phone problems so only had 1 mors picture. I think the last couple got lost. Anyway the Vikings hit back with multiple charges doing a good bit of damage taking advantage of my low armor and not letting the javelins charge.

I hit back with efficency javelin throws. My warlord activated beaver totem to reroll hits and killed the hearthguard. But was left vulnerable and got killed by I guess Leif the Lucky! But he was also vulnerable and my braves threw sticks and killed him.

In the end after lots of murder the points turned out 19 to 19. So a draw on the rock.

Hard to win with less points so you really need to be crushing it.

I liked the new board thou good fun. Much better then tge last version.


Thursday, 5 July 2018

Battle Report - Walking Dead

Hello All,

This past weekend I got a chance to do some more Zombie Apocalypse gaming with Duncan! Giving the walking dead game from Mantic another go.

I changed things up a bit and brought my 3 hazmat guys, plus the veteran my leader, tge fireman, and the mechanic.  All custom profiles as have been seen before. Duncan took a classic Rick Carl Glenn and Carol group with the prison timelone cards. We both had a few weapons.

Here is the table, Prison plus some road with a gas station and allot of crashed cars. I cam in through the hole in the prison fence, Rick and Co.  From the far side. Various supply tokens spread throughout.

My idea is to nab all the supplies in the prison and on that side. So my guys run for the one out side the fence but mostly stick together.

In this game the zombies get cleared out pretty well at first. But Rick and Glenn are getting up in my business!

Soon I realize I need to murder some of Duncans guys and take their stuff or I will loose. So I start shooting Rick in the face and starting trouble.

This degenerates into a big punch up. Here Carl is fighting my leader and a hazmat guy wit s chainsaw. So I don't have a leader but Carl has no gas so hah!

The melee continues. Carl finding himself surrounded and gasless goes down. Rick is being a real pain thou.

Chipping away at Rick gang but I an loosing wounds as well. Starting to be a problem. But the Rick goes down in a blaze of glory.

Then tge walkers arrive.  Glenn drops an alarm clock which gathers them and everyone tries to grab loot and run. A few more guys die but most of the rest escape. I was able to grab a few from the pile left when Carol died. That was enough to give me the edge!

Never made it into the prison thou hah.

This was the most fighting we have probably ever done between gangs which was interesting. Played out very different and we never got the huge hordes of zombies which can kill very fast.


Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Battle Report - By Fire and Sword

Hello Folks,

This past Friday was our wargaming club day, this time around it was a by fire and sword day. We had around 10ish people which is pretty good.

I ended up in a game with Ben to face off against Nick and Martin. We had Brandenburg and sweedish against a double does of Polish. We just played a skirmish game and ignored the fact that each side had 2, just had a bigger table and played normally.

We choose the take and hold scenario, which gives 4 points for holding a central hill and 2 side hills worth 1 each. The Poles had a recon advantage and choose to ambush some Panceiri pretty scary.

Deployments, you can kind of see the hills under the mat. Anyway I had 2 units of 3 dragoons on each side of a hit of 4 titers with a small cannon on the side. Mainly facing Nick who had some dragoons and small units of mounted with a stronger on across the wood and 1 in ambush.

I did not great with pictures sadly. Anyway turn 1 I moved up my dragoons and my riters had a brief fight with the light cavalry who lost badly. Meanwhile the cannon popped some shots. In turn 2 the ambush turned up in the woods.

Here are things on the other flank. Lots of fighting. Going back and forth I guess.

The ambushing Panceiri crushed my unit of dragoons running all over them. But thankfully missed my artillery. On the other side we had a dragoon shooting match while my riters set up fir another chatge.

They went in but defensive fire pushed them back. The victorious Polish unit was a bit stuck with no orders. Somehow Bens unut 9n the hill was holding out. But we may have made a mistake in how disorder was handled.

Overview of the battle. Poles cleaning up on the far left.

Eventually that Polish unit on our side got organized and set off to retake the hill. But artillery shots are adding up and they are a pretty reduced. Same thing with my hill but the shooting is a bit better. Still I am down to 2 stands as well.

Final view of the battle. We were able to hold the central hill, somehow. And my riters managed to take the right flank at the last minute.  The Poles have built a country on the left however. We all had heavy losses (50%) which gives 0 points except Martin who had acceptable losses for 1 point. So it was 5 points to 2 for us. If the Poles got another turn or 2 they would easy take the center. But to bad times up!

Was a real fun game and good club outting,  despite the heat which was to dam high!