Monday, 23 November 2015

Dungeon Saga - Base Game Painted

Ok so been very busy painting like mad, over the last week and the weekend, and last night I managed to finish the base game off completely! So is a few pictures of all the painted models.


These guys came out pretty good I thought. I used the Vallajo effects set which has a painting guide for undead. The base is a mix of German Camo Brown with Rotten White added in, and then more white for a few higher dry brushes. The I did a few wash splotches with a green ink and a brown ink. Then you paint a ring of coppery red around the eyes and do the eyes. The fresh blood effect I used for the wounds and around the face a bit. Finally they have one for dried blood, vomit, and a mouldy green color which I put on in splotches. I thought zombies flesh would be a pain but it was actually pretty cool.

Armored Zombies and Skeletons:

More of the same for these guys basically. The armored zombies are not that great of a model, but they do look like they are shambling which is kind of cool. But the effects kit has some good stuff for making rusty weapons and such which was kind of fun.

Zombie Trolls:

Then I have the pair of zombie trolls. These are much nicer models, lots of details, and the plastic is much thicker so it doesn't feel all bendy. They have big rocks to mash people and intestines leaking out, good fun. Just did the same method as the other zombies. I thought about maybe trools should have a different base color of skin, but it's more fun like this.

Dwarf Skeletons & King:

Next on the list is the Dwarf skeletons and their king. These guys are pretty good but not amazing. The King's hammer is a bit bent, but it's behind so I don't think that is a big deal. They were asking allot to get a single piece model with this especially since the hammer is not connect except at the hand so that is a big undercut. I am somewhat curious what keep their beads on, but best not to ask to many questions to skeletons, and to be fair they need it to seem dwarfish.

Zombie Troll Shaman:

Here is the Zombie Troll Shaman (allot of titles?). These guys is pretty fun with the skeleton face that has a tongue hanging there and no jaw hah. Same method as the other zombies plus he has a leather coat and some straps. In retrospect the strap holding the tooth unto the cane is to similar colored to the wood but oh well.


With the banshee I tried to do the same thing as I had with the ghosts but with a purple wash. But I didn't have a purple wash so I just watered down a purple paint. This was only moderately successful, and then I did wash which made it pink. So I decided to just go with it and painted the girl as a zombie rather then as a ghostly type person. Worked ok but not amazing.

The Dread Necromancer Mortibris:

Finally I have the Necromancer, this model is just lame if you ask me. The skeleton he is raising up on the base is super cool, but then the guy is just sort of standing there and he has like no details. Kind of feel like they were a bit lazy here but what are you going to do. I decided to make him human looking rather then undead, since I had done enough zombie flesh by now. To spice things up I made his spell book flesh colored, and tried to make it look like it was leaking blood. Still I don't think the heroes will have much trouble chopping this guy in the face.

Group Photo:

And here is a group shot of everything in the base set to round it out.

Pretty good looking group of stuff for a board game, and was allot of fun to paint. More and faster then I would have ever guessed! So I am quite happy with that. I think allot of it is doing something different, and you only have 2 copies of every guy at most so keeps things moving along.

Of course I still have allot more stuff. I am thinking to move on to the Warlord of Galahir (Orcs) Expansion, I haven't really done Orcs before so could be fun. Also I have learned over the year that when you have good flow on a project the worst thing you can do is suddenly change gears, so I will prob  keep on with this as long as it is fun, or until it gets all finished (hah not likely).

Be sure to let me know what you think of this lot, hopefully will get to test out the game soon. I will be bringing it home for Christmas to play with my buddies there at the least. Could be a few stuff that can be sued for Frostgrave as well, especially with the Litch expansion being released. Actually there is a bunch of dungeon furniture that is included so I should paint that also, maybe there is a dungeon terrain in my future.

This is also bringing my painted number above 160 for the year so that is cool.

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 238 
Painted: 179 
Total: -59


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  1. Those look good. The game seems interesting as well from what I have read about it.