Monday, 24 December 2018

Tournament Report - Age of Signat

Hello All;

Yesterday I got the chance to go to a warhammer Age if Sigmar tournament ar Sword and Steel in St. John's. I took an undead army as it was that least painting work for me to get the min points.

We only had 3 people but every one played everyone else so it was pretty fun regardless.

We pulled an objective card for the day and got points for number of kills. Which is bad for me as the undead are all about regenerating! So more guys to kill.

Game 1: vs Stormcast Eternals

Turn 1 I started advancing, no shooting g fo me so I need to close in.

The storm cast had their flying angel jerks fall back from my faster ghosts and concentrate on a skeleton flank.

Batyle continues. Storm cast retained the initiative and destroyed 1 set of skeletons.

But I brought them back and with lucky charges got into a few good fights.

Now I got to go twice and dunked down winning my first assaults doing good damage. I am pretty far behind on poi ts thou.

More fighting, I am doing good on the right flank but still allot of Angel's on the left.

The Angel's fall back and throw more sticks.

In the end I did pretty good on killing, but a ton of skeletons died so j am way behind on points!

Game 2: Stormcast Eternals vs kharadron Overlords (sky dwarves)

Now 2 fast shooting armies face off in the rain. The sky dwarfs have a good first punch but are taking allot of casualties.

Storm casts dominate the center bug it's very close on points.

But the big ship goes down and the Stormcast win. So that puts the on top fir the tournament.

We played the last game anyway for fun. But I forgot to take pictures. The sky dwarves flew I to the middle of my army and failed to snipe out my leader. The got crushed by a tidal wave of skeletons.

Anyway was a great tournament, good to try out some GW fantasy games again after a long time!


Battle Report - Walking Dead

Hello Folks;

Time for another battle report. A while back I got together with Stan, Duncan and Ed for a zombie game. Was a semi cooperative game where everyone also had a secret objective. Mine was to get some loot back from a biker gang.

Turn 1, I came in from the bottom. Figure I will head towards the close loot and see what happens. Stan had the Grenes on the left and Ed had the prisoners up top. Stan was feeling friendly so started shooting prisoners right away hah.

Fending off some zombies. Pretty much everyone is heading generally to the center.

Starting to investigate rooms. I got some bandages and a clue that my objective was in the hotel lobby.

Running to that middle building now. The Grenes found some kids in the hotel so start consolidating that a bit.

Got into the building and found the bikers. I had assumed they would be zombies, but nope alive and angry!

Luckily the prisoners decided to help out by tossing grenades in the front room.

The guy I'm fighting inside wont die, this has created a bit of a road block!

The prisoners came in to help, 8s that good or bad?

Stan left before this turn, as a parting gift he shot and killed the prisoner leader!

So when we got the mega herd card it obviously went there.


At this point the threat maxed out so time to hold down a building.

The Grenes holed up in the hotel. All told everyone got 1 loot. The Grenes got their objective and were safe in the hotel with 1 casualty. I got my objective and was in the gas station. The prisoners had a harder time only a couple of guys survived and they never got their card completed.

Waa a fun game, was great to see the completed hotel and try put some secret objectives!


Monday, 17 December 2018

Battle Report - Saga Knights vs Saracens

Hello Folks,

Bit behind on posting reports. Anyway last week I got together with Duncan to play a game of Saga Crusades. We didn't have the new battles book yet but played a game using the tables from it that they posted.

The rolls gave us the following.

Terrain - Unknown land
Deployment Zone - Vanguard
Game Length - Under pressure
Twist - Forced March
Objective - Target

Basically everyone starts with some fatigues and you got double points for killing a unit you picked. We both took mounted units, but my target unit was a double sized unit.

We deployed mostly in lines around the watch tower.

First turn for Duncan was removing fatigue and setting up.

I moved up some crossbow guys and shot my target unit. Got real lucky and killed 3!

The Saracens start shooting arrows as well, but are less impressive and only kill 2 knights.

I charged out a unit of knights on my turn and wiped out the rest of my target unit. But lost all my knights as well. Not great but not bad either.

The Saracens did some more real good shooting leaving only the 1 knight. On my turn I charged again and killed some levy. But with my knights gone it was clear that the next few turns would be arrow filled, and my foot would be to slow to catch the Saracens. Under pressure lets you end the game early so I went for that, figure we are looking at a draw now but could get worse.

Duncan shot up another knight with his last few hearth guards, and had s option to charge and shoot or shoot and charged my warriors. I convinced him charge was better first, due to fatigue. Bug I rolled almost perfect. So after making like 7 saves in lost 1 warrior and all the Saracens died!

That was just enough points for it to be a victory for me.

The randoms options we got were allot if fun so the new boom seems great. We both have it now so bound to be more games in the new year!


Saturday, 1 December 2018

The Kings Hall - 2018 - Middle Earth SBG

Hello Folks,

Today I took part in a Lord of the Rings tournament at Multizone which was great fun. Took lots of pictures so as usual I will do a post of battle reports!

My Army:

I showed it before, but here is the army I took, the 3 Trolls + some Wargs.

Game 1: vs Wood Ekves (Sam) in Domination

For those not familiar in this game you have to control 5 points at the end of the game. The black bases in this case. I thought this would go really bad since there are 5 points and I just have 8 models but have to try!

Spread all out to cover ground. My plan is for the Trolls to advance, some WArgs to hold back points, and the Cheiftan to flank around the back.

First couple of turns just moving closer as the Elves plug away. But they are not having much luck.

Turn 3 getting close to the action. The Warg chieftain is really getting back there thou. This was the time for action, Aragorn charged out to face Bill! We both used Heroic Strike and got 10 fight, and the duel roll was a tie! Happy for Bill despite his fancy Elven blade Aragorn lost, Bill went for a 'Mince em' Fine' and rolled very high. End result was no more Aragorn. Good way to start.

After that the rest of the Trolls got into the fight. Haldir tried to put one over on Tom but luck was not on their side today.The Cheiftan lurked waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Next turn the battle raged on. Bert had a good time and pegged an elf with a stone killing him. Other than that some Knigts start playing cat and mouse with my back wargs. The big Trolls were having trouble getting kills for some reason.

Eventually as the turns passed the Elves were getting whittled down badly, and were not getting the Luck to wound the Trolls.

Finally the Elves were done and the game was over. The Trolls were able to dominate 4 points and weren't broken vs the Elves 1 point. So if I remember right it was a 10-2 or something like that.

Game 2: vs One of the Eastern Armies with the Betrayer (Joseph) in Fog of War

On to round 2 this time it's Fog of War around some Gondorian tents.In this mission you have to write down a hero to kill, a hero to protect, and a terrain item to capture. For me it was kill the betrayer, protect Bert, and capture the 1 tent hill. The other side had to protect Betrayer, capture 2 tent hill, and I think kill Tom, but might have that wrong. Lots of bows and posion and sneaky magic to face this time.

Turn 1 the Trolls stampede forward. While the Wargs hang back, was worried about them gettig shot to pieces.

Closing the gap, still no wounds for me.

Missed a turn, but as you can see the battle has started. Bert broke left to try and protect a hill, but Bill and Tom are in the thick of it. The Wargs are running over a few guys as well. I lost some fights with tons of attacks but was blessed with luck so just lost a wound on Tom.

More fighting, chipping away at the puny humans. Suladan killed the chief of wargs as well.

This turn was a big one. I forget who started it but the betrayer got in a fight with BIll! Bill called heroic strength and won his fight. Once more choosing to Mince Em Fine and rolling very high, there was a dead Nazgul! Sadly ppor Tom was overwhelmed.

Things quickly got worse. Bill the mighty was brought down! This meant for a critical time, as the game might soon end due to me loosing lots of guys. Bert had fought his way back to the main show and was smashing some guys up thou.

But with my force broken the game did indeed end. I achieved Kill ad Protect, and the Betrayers force got capture the terrain and kill. But with my force broken and theirs not it was a 9-6 loss.

Great game thou, this is a really fun scenario for some reason!

Game 3: vs Gondor in Lords of Battle

Next round, fighting outside the Black Tower of Cirith Ungol. What the Trolls are doing ehre we may never know. Might have the name of this scenario but the idea is you get points for murdering people!

Oh snap they have a bolt thrower that seems bad. But the Trolls are a bit lost of choice so have to run across. Plan for the Wargs is to run around the flank.

Slowly getting there but I am seeing this is going to be a problem.

Next turn the bolt thrower is wounding Bill, and the bows are all on Bert. Bad day to not be Tom. The Wargs are safe thou so there is that.

Next turn, not good. The bolt thrower brings down mighty Bill, and Faramir and his pals kill the chieftain and a couple of wargs with a nice Heroic combat. Wargs are not good at fighting Knights it seems, glad I ran away in game 1 now.

Finally make it into combat, but its bad luck time for the Trolls and they just can't win.

Turns out Gondors lances are perfect for Trolls fighting. They are able to finish me off pretty fast. Tom gave it his best shot but died as well. I think I killed 1 man but it was a total victory for Condor, 12-0.

Game 4: vs Betrayer again in Clash of Champions

This one is all about how many guys your leader can mash. Also our lines ended up starting very close. I can't say how happy they Trolls were to not have to walk across a table of arrows again!

Deployment. Bill getting ready to smash.

Of course we are straight into it. This game the Trolls are on fire winning all the fights and killing guys. The Betrayer and Suladan do a Heroic Combat and kill a Warg sending Suladan right into Bill. The Betrayer had tried to Transfix him but with a little might help Bill passed. Suladan called a heroic strike but rolled terrably, so we were tied in fight. Down to a roll off again. But BIll Won! And as per usually pulled a brutal Mince Em Fine and Sulidan just like that was pie filling.

Next Round I was lucky and got the priority, so Bill was able to catch the Betrayer. Not wanting to be transfixed or posioned any more he again went for a Heroic Strength. He won his fight as well and pulling his favorite trick 'Mince Em' Fine' the betrayer was down. I rolled a 5 or 6 on that every time, this tournament talk about luck! This was of course very bad news for the Betrayers force.

Indeed it wasn't long before the Trolls and Wargs were cleaning up. Most of my Wargs died but overall couldn't ask for better luck. With Sulidan down on turn one and Bill mashing all kinds of guys it was a victory for me. 12-0

Overall the tournament was great fun, was excellent to get some good games of the Lord of the Rings in. The Trolls did much better than I would have thought as well which is always great. Will have to drop in on another Middle Earth tournament at some point for sure.

Thanks to all my opponents and the people who were involved in the organizing, great job.

Bit of a longer post.