Monday, 24 April 2017

Battle Report - Hail Caesar

Hello All,

This part Saturday we had a gaming day at Duncan's, time to crack some British skulls with the Romans. This collection of stuff has been building for a few years now, so as you can see there is tons of stuff!

Romans and British getting lined up for battle, there is an Elephant! You can probably tell from this picture that we have left all of our skirmishers and missile armed troops in the rear, maybe not the best idea?

A few moves up for the first turn, as you can see some commanders past there test and ran up, and other did not hah.

Still no charges, but the British have moved in real close to our right flank to throw some javelins and bows and what not. They did not score any real hits thou, the Roman armor was just to well made, going to have to try harder then that.

Next time all kinds of stuff happened. I tried to charge with Mr. Stompy but failed, so I moved the preatorian guard to stand in front of him. Then failed my next test, so this whole thing is not working out that well. On the other side a ton of Legions charged the frst excited British, while a few marines got ready to face the full force of their cavalry division.

This went about as you would expect, the warband was pushed back in disorder, and the marines were ran over. Now the next unit has to fight all the mounted troops. But hey now they are angry so there is that.

At this time the other British Cavalry win decided to move and charged my mounted troops. We pretty much eliminated each others first unit and went on the the second rank! The other guys of course crushed the next Roman unit. In the middle the Praetorians were hard pressed fighting a division alone, and this were not seeming great for our other unsupported group.

The battles continued, much blood being spilled. Mr. Stompy tried charging a unit of cavalary by himself, which worked. But then he broke my heart by only being a small unit and was routinely crushed. Although he did scare the British and disorder a unit of theirs.

The carnage continued with the British breaking most of the first line of Romans in contact, and pushing us back everywhere else. The right cavalry force has wheeled and is now rolling up our lines. At this point we called the game, that seems like enough for one day. How about we call in a draw??

So ya attacking unsupported and with no plan, and keeping all the skirmishers out of the battle, are not great ideas. But lots of people died so was a good time.


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