Sunday, 23 September 2018

Tournament Report - Capital Conflict - Infinity Tournament

Hello All,

Thought I would toss up a very quick report on this. On Saturday I attended a fun Infinity tournament put off by Olen in the city. Post Tornado but it all worked out. I took my new Highlanders that I have been working on idea being to try something new and have some fun.

I actually remembered to take a picture every game!

Game 1: vs Military Orders in  Looting and Sabotaging

First round, the objective is to protect your thing and smash the other guys thing. This game went really bad. I made a bad choice in deployment and a TO sniper took out Wallace almost immediately. If that wasn't bad enough my army doesn't have any of the tools to deal with that high technology far away stuff. I gave a good fight but some knights got in and smashed my computer. I almost was able to take him out with shotguns from the volunteers at the end but he passed his saves and wrecked my objective. So a major loss for turn 1.

Game 2: vs Tohaa in Quadrant Control

Nice table but allot of unpainted stuff sadly. This game I was a bit more comfortable with. Quadrant control is actually my favorite mission and I feel like playing Ryan has given me a taste of the bad things Tohaa can do, and they are pretty rare otherwise. I had crazy good luck in this game with lots of double crits even. At the very end were both spread pretty thin, but I was able to control more zones turns 2 and 3. My opponent also missed a few estimates on getting key guys in the right zones at the very end. So a major victory for me but just by luck.

Game 3: vs Star Company in Capture and Protect

Game 3, despite there being 13 tables the computer decided I should play this 1 twice hah. This time around you have to grab a thing from your opponents side and bring it all the way back. This game was oddly light on the murder I think we both had enough left to play a 200 point game at the end. Lots of machine gun guys trading shots and killing robots. Towards the end I got Wallace and his crazy pals up the center near the goodies. I was able to get a highlander to take the last hit off a TAG with his sword which was fun! The Star Co. was unable to wipe them. On my turn the remaining highlanders went crazy and through smoke the objective blocking most things. I was going to try and kill the last guy who could see, but Steve helpfully suggested to just through another smoke. With that Wallace casually walked in took the thing and walked home. So that was a second major victory. Somehow everything just worked out for me again hah.

So with a loss and 2 wins I somehow came in 3rd place! I got the Beyond Icestorm pack with some cool dudes and a measuring gauge and some MDF terrain bits.

I also won the vote for favorite army, which is pretty cool! Part of that is not many people displaying their armies, but Patrick convinced me to do it, and someone else put a label on allowing people to vote, so a bit of a team effort hah. Still I am pretty pleased about it. SO here is a shot of my army:

Not going to lie the 1 warcor on a different base is a big embarrassment. But he has to hang around with inspiring people like Wallace, he is pretty much a paparazzi.

Anyway was a fun day out, great opponents all around for me. Big thanks to everyone who helped Olen pull it off, and him for organizing it obviously. I am sure to go next year as well, even thou I am generally grumpy about it in the days leading up hah.


Saturday, 22 September 2018

Battle Report - Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game - Thorins Company vs Isengard

Hello Folks;

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are once again playing some lord of the rings stuff but have switched sides. This time am taking the evil side with the Forces of Isengard and Serge has Thorins company.

For a mission we ended up with Fog of War. Thus turned out to be a pretty cool one. You have to secretly select an enemy hero to kill your own to save and a piece of terrain to capture.

So here is the set up. My job is to kill Killi, protect Vrasku and capture the rough ground on the back left. The good guys have to kill Ugluk, protect ah one of the 2 handed weapon dwarfs forget his name and capture the fountain.

It's a bit interesting my army makes it easier to capture but the dwarfs are all heroes so harder to guess who to kill. That being said I guessed 2/3 is Serges things on turn 1.

First turn just moving up the crossbows take up during positions. The pike block moved up then back avoiding bows.

Everyone forward. I split the crossbows a bit so vrasku could edged towards my terrain. But I was also hoping to split up the big block of heroes over there.

Next turn getting close to battle. But lots if shutting. Thorin and his buddies are shooting down lots of uruk hai. My shooting is not bad either forcing fate rolls.

Next turn lots of fighting on all fronts. The dwarfs are burning lots of might and getting in kills. But not on the heroes they want to kill. My troll is forced to circle around he just can't fit in.

Next turn is more of the same. But more tricky movement to try and get the right guys in battle. The dwarfs are still doing well but burning out a but maybe. Thorin and his guys are killing allot but starting to get surrounded and the troll is closing in!

At this point the Dwarfs realized this problem. They are going to break my army before they can accomplish their goals. So the bug block starts falling back to the fountain.

Also a key turn for me as uglucks group is able to take out filling and kill, and Ugluk wards off being killed. So that is allot more pressure on Thorins company!

Now we have a moving battle for the fountain while Thorin falls back and tries not to die. I worked hard to wound him thinking leaders were points but they aren't!

Now I am having trouble guessing what dwarf Serge was trying to protect. He gave some hints but I never got it hah.

End of the game due to time. But we are both pretty close to breaking. I killed a couple more dwarfs but forget which ones so only a couple. away. Meanwhile only like half  dozen more Uruk hai need to go down so no big deal.

Poi to wise we are both unbroken. I got my kill protect and capture! Thorins company just got the fountain captured sadly so if wax z win for evil!

Quite enjoyed thus game and the scenario. I think it worked out well and was pretty close really despite the quite different forces. Hordes of guys vs all heroes!


Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Battle Report - Saga - Crusaders vs Milites de Christi

Hello Folks,

Have another battle report. Thus one is from a few weeks ago but I never got around to putting it up for various reasons. But thought I would toss up a few pictures anyway.

We played the standard Saga scenario the set up forced all units to be spread out 6" apart but I dont remember much past that.

Here we have a shot after the knights first turn. Grouping back up and using foot units to screen.

Crossbows take a charge and the spearmen have some guys very close!

Here we are much later, you can see that there has been allot of fighting and not any knights left. Pretty much 3 crusader hearth guard units facing 2 knightly warrior units.

Here is the last shot. I just have my Warlod and the warriors. But the crusaders still have 10 foot knights. I think we did the math quickly but the crusaders were up quite a but! Ended up being the most lopsided game of Saga I have seen so far I think.

We had a bit of a misunderstanding in the early turns with I of the abilities. But I think mainly the Crusaders were just more lucky. Guess they had real righteous blessing after all!


Thursday, 13 September 2018

Battle Report - Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

Hello All,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report. This week we tried out the new version of the Lord of the Rings game which is allot of fun. I still have a report to do from a week or 2 ago that I forgot to do but I am delaying that again.

Anyway having painted some new Army of the dead stuff I decided to try the out. I didn't really have tons finished so I took the three hunters (Aragorg Gimli and Legolas) plus the king of the dead and a few ghosts. This makes for real low numbers but sounded fun.

Serge was this forced to be Evil and took Goblins as they were his only option.

Went for the scenario 'Ill met by moonlight as it seemed cool. The table is what I am slowly building up for Osgiliath.

Here's the starting set up. Goal for this scenario is basically murder.

Takes a couple of turns for the armies to close in a bit.

I was a bit worried about the warts having an easy time killing ghosts so I formed up in a line across the road. Figure I can fight them before getting bogged down with goblins.

Moving in real close now. Legolas is finally able to see and shoots down 1 dog.

Next turn the warts come in, getting very lucky with rolls as the ghosts cause terror and they have really low courage especially with the king of the dead around.

Things are going pretty well for me but the goblins are surrounding everyone badly. Legolas decided to hang back and try to show the goblin king a bit. But his blubber saved it.

This turned out badly and the king now has self jelly. But the warts are almost all gone. Just the king left fighting fimbul. Gimli is having a grand time axing goblins. But ghosts are getting picked apart. My force breaks at 9 and routs at 6 which is not good.

Final shot gimli was able to get a wound on the king and I was a couple of kills away from breaking the goblins. They have very low courage especially with the king so they would have went down fast after that. But u accidentally fed the king s ghost instead of gimli. If only Legolas had pulled his weight.

Points wise it was 6-2 first the goblins. I got some for wounding the king, and they fire breaking me and not being broken.

Was fun I quite enjoyed the hunters and ghosts, and it came out pretty close!


Sunday, 9 September 2018

Painting - Terrain, Ghosts, and Infinity

Hello Folks,

Time for another painting update to share what I have been up to lately. Basically more Scots for Infinity and terrain plus some other bits and pieces.


First up more stuff from the Mantic Terrain kickstarter. Some simple hedges, I actually really like these they look good and are really fast to paint, sadly you only get the 2 it seems. I put a guy back there to show how big they are. Chest high basically.

Osgiliath Fountain:

Another few bits from the Mantic Kickstarter. You get a few bits of kind of greek style stuff. I used put some of it on a base with some cvobblestones to make a ruined fountain for my Osgiliath Terrain that I have been picking at. I think this works quite well also. I used some green wash to make the water old and stagnant. I have another fountain and the other half of the dias, so I am going to make a matching piece with just the pool and less pillars. I figure I can put them together or keep them apart. On the edges or a wall I guess.

Rough Ground:

These are not from the kickstarter, they are the pre made plaster rocks from the hobby store. I based them to make some real nice rocky ground areas. Slowly adding to the set of nice terrain so I will have more options ect...

The plaster rocks actually worked out pretty well. I need to do some more of the really big trees like this as well.

Caledonian HIghlander Army:

The main thing I have been working on is my latest Infinity army. A few more of these done, they take awhile to do, but look pretty nice. This is basically William Wallace and his 4 Highlander buddies plus a few odds and ends. I only have 1 more of these guys left to paint, and then I will have a bit of a break from them. Next big thing is Game of Thrones I guess, but with some distraction projects.

Army of the Dead:

Speaking of distraction projects... The new version of the Lord of The Rings Game came out last week. Now called the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game. So I of course had to get the new book and big box. Part of that is some of the plastic ghosts. Couldn't resist painting some of these as they are super easy to do and look cool! I am excited about this game again so there will be more odds and ends.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 237 (The LoTR Box has 84 models in it ouch!)
Painted: 249
Total: 12

Still a positive number thou thats what counts!


Thursday, 6 September 2018

Battle Report - Walking Dead

Hello All,

Another battle report. Over the long weekend I had a chance to head over to Duncans to play some more zombie games. This time we tried out the new supplement which had larger groups of survivors dukeing it out with less zombies at least to start.

Set up the store and gas station this time instead of the jail.

I started out in the store. I took more of a horse army with lots of guys, Duncan had fewer guys with more stuff.

Moving up and collecting stuff.

Quickly taking fire from a sniper on the roof of the gas station. So I tried to shy away from the window a bit. But had a couple of ladies shooting back.

Noise makes zombies and I quickly got jammed up at the door.

I should be able to push through but it's just not happening. Plus I am still shooting and making it worse. But the other guys are not having it to easy either. One guy got eaten by zombies and more are heading for Rick.

I got to control the event so even more zombies got into the rock pile and ripped him apart! That is kind of tradition st this point.

Sadly hy then it was time to be off the board. With my traffic problem and bad panic rolls a few of my guys got stuck and were killed.

In this game it is murder and not supplies that decide things so it was a loss for me. My first instinct was to have Negan kill all his own guys for points, should have went with that hah.

The new game was ok but not as good. The larger amount of people was a bit to manage and with lots of guns the threat filled up really fast! Worth another try thou.