Monday, 3 April 2017

Battle Report - SAGA Campaign - Last Day

Hello All!

This past Sunday down at the club we played the last day of our ongoing SAGA Age of the Wolf campaign.

Game 1: Vs Vikings (Serge)

For the first game I was set to face off against the Vikings. When all the campaign actions and special rules were accounted for and tables rolled on the campaign decided that we should have a battle for the ford. In this mission there is a river running along the middle, and you get Conquering Victory points for guys that are able to cross the river. The Vikings have learned how to fight me, so were being careful to keep together.

I had the first turn, and just advanced everything, being careful to stay outside of 12" of all the Vikings so they would have to move 3 times to attack me.

The Vikings moved up to the end of the Bridge in a similar fashion. It seems that nobody wants to be the one to start some killing. I think my warriors were attacks and both sides took some casualties.

On my next turn I sent in my small unit of hearthguard, to fight the viking warriors on the bridge. Mostly I am trying to conserve people at this point, it would not be good to start loosing early. I was not looking forward to fighting the huge mass of hearthguard on the left bridge, so it made sense to me to put pressure on the right hand bridge. This attack went pretty well and I pushed back the warriors with no losses.

But the Viking warlord counter attacked with a small unit of hearthguard and fought 2 battles, this killed all of my guys, and all but one of the vikings. Which didn't feel like a half bad trade. This left me with a decent possibility to get an advantage on that side.

This put the Vikings in a bit of a tough spot, so they pulled everyone from the left bridge to reinforce. I assume they were worried about Mr. Warlord. But also with keeping troops together to prevent some of the strong Rus abilities that can be used.

With the left bridge open I just walked across, this was pretty late in the game so I also used an ability to reduce movement distance. Hoping to waste time and that my 6 warriors could hold out and block the Vikings in. They had a bit of moving to do so this slowing down was really annoying for them.

In the end they were easily able to murderer my warriors. But didn't quite have enough dice left for crossing the river. We decided to count the hearthguard as across, even thou they are still on the bridge, but the viking Warlord was right in the middle, vs mine that was accross, so it was a vicrory for me by just 3 points!

Game 2: Everyone!

After the scores were totaled, it was apparently clear that no one would be able to get enough campaign points to beat me. Both of the players that were close lost. So it was decided that we should just have a big giant multiplayer to cap things off. We tend to do this to end campaigns, and they are always fun. So we had the Scots, plus a few Vikings allies, vs everyone else basically, but mostly Vikings. Allot of the non-Viking people couldn't make it I guess. Anyway there was 5 on our side so we got 4 points each, and the 4 generals on the other side got 5 points each. So we are looking at 20 points per side, give or take a warlord. Big Game! Scenario was just Slaughtering victory points.

Getting ready for action. I am down by the green hill. In this area we had 4 Viking armies, and my Rus hah.

Everyone just Marches forwards, except the Scots way on the end who go crazy and charge a bunch of levy.

Getting close now, blood is about to flow.

Not too long later and loads of guys are dead. Not much shyness in these Viking types.

Long view, as you can see there are lots less guys left on our end. We playing the same game over here?

Here we are at the end of turn 7. We had 2 of our Viking armies on this end mostly wipped out, and like half of my guys. On the other side  we had wiped out basically one of the bigger 5 point armies, and the next one had some casualties but nothing super major. But our side is down a couple of Warlords which is not good. The tally of points put us 16 or so behind on this end. I think on the other side it was a bit closer, but we went down a bit more. So that left it as a pretty Solid win for the Scots! Which is fine, so long as they remember I'm the King!

Anyway it was a great campaign, and the big super game was a laugh as usual.

Looking to try out the new fall of stuff for the next campaign apparently. So I will have to get my Romans done, and maybe some Saxons/Britons we will have to see.


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