Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Planning - 2015 - What to Paint??

So with the start of the new year I thought I would do a bit of a post to discuss potential planes for the year and what was planned for last year.

I looked back into our for and my stated goals for 2014 were:

  1. D-Day Beach Assault Force for FoW
  2. SAGA Crusades Army
  3. Paint more miniatures then Bought
I would say that I have done reasonably well with this plan such as it is, I did finish the beach assault guys, but procrastinated allot on doing the Crusaders. However making some progress on that now. On the painting more front I have failed that goal by a moderate amount, I stopped counting it around when I started doing this blog but I was at around 70-80 more bought then painted.

I did get a bunch of stuff painted last year thou such as:

  1. D-Day Army
  2. Beothucks (really pre-Beothuck people, the 'beaches culture')
  3. Jordanian Tanks
  4. Various Infinity Stuff
  5. Some Kung-Fu guys
  6. Few odds and ends
Total number of figures painted was around 160, and 3 major terrain pieces being two viking long houses, and a ruins. Looking back in my old painting blog post I had painted 163 miniatures in 2013 and bought 218, so a very similar amount of work got done (probably good to know that this is how much stuff I will get painted in an average year), but did a bit better on not buying some much new stuff and trying to work through back logs. I am planning to keep the painting pledge now going into the new year, maybe I will try to stick to a cap on new purchases of 150 or something like that.

In terms of what I plan to work on for the new year, well I want to expand on the crusades stuff I have started and finish that off. As a minimum I want to paint a Teutonic Knights SAGA army, and a general Crusader army for SAGA. I also have agreed to paint the 15mm WW1 British set from Flames of War for their great war stuff. Both of these things I have already started on. I also knid of want to do some fantasy stuff of some sort but I am not 100% on that, really I would like to do some of the GW Hobbit miniatures but they are really to expensive and I don't want to pay that much so might be some alternative.

In terms of planning for for Cangames which is coming up in May I also don't know really what I want to do yet. I probably will run a dark ages game of some sort, and won't need to much painting for that. For a second game I am thinking about doing 15mm Samurai with Hail Caesar again, or a big Crusades game, but that would require me to paint some enemies and allot more Crusaders, so not sure on that point. I do want to do a Nagashino game and have allot of 15mm Samurai in the back log so that is a good idea. I also like the idea of doing a big market garden game using the Flames of War system, based on the Devils Charge scenario, but would want a partner in crime for that.

If anyone has any thoughts on what kind of games they would like to see run at cangames I would love to hear them so feel encouraged to reply with your thoughts, in the short term look forward to seeing some more Teutonic Knights and some 15mm WW1. I have been reading the new Newfoundland Regiment book so motivation for that project is quite high.



  1. Hey Mike...I'm going to go out on a limb and help out...I'm hoping to start painting up my WW1 germans next month...I'll be passing through North Bay in Feb so maybe I'll see what SAGA type figs he has...

  2. Nice that will make 4 of us with Flames of Great War in 15mm, so should be able to get a few games in.


    1. That's cool...I plan on doing my Brit figs as 49th battalion/loyal eddies. Oh, btw, just saw that crusader was having a 50% of sale so I ordered up some dismounted Knights...I blame you for my weakness...

    2. Well to be fair it's 50% off so its like you made money really right??