Friday, 2 January 2015

Painting - Mounted Teutonic Knights

So painted a squad of mounted Knights over the Christmas break, decided not to give them lances to make things a little easier for the flight home, but will use lances for then next group I guess. They came out fairly well also, I painted the rider separate from the mount by gluing it to a piece of sprue. I think next time I will also paint the 2 halfs of the mount before gluing them together and attaching the base, the caparison makes it really hard to paint the inside surface of the horses legs and such.

Am really enjoying the Fireforge sets.

Paints are more or less the same as the foot knights, but I am going to copy and paste it anyway. I used a slightly different black primer and clear spray as I didn't fly with them and my brother has slightly different brands but same effect.

I guess the main things I need to add for this army is a unit of cross bows, a unit of mounted sergeants and a warlord, should be able to get that from the sets I have. Then I need to do some 15mm WW1, and then I dunno likely more crusades stuff, or some fantasy stuff.

Games Workshop:
Mithril Silver

Dark Grey
Natural Grey
Deck Tan
German Camo Beige
Dark Sand
Chocolate Brown
Japan Uniform WW2
Orange Brown
Flat Earth
Desert Yellow

The base is Desert Yellow, Flat Earth + Smoke wash, Dark Sand, Dark Grey rocks, pale flock.


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