Friday, 12 June 2015

Battle Report - Flames of Great War

Bit lazy about posting the battle report for this week for some reason. Anyway on Wednesday Serge and Raphael dropped by to try out the Great War supplement for for Flames of War (this is all their stuff), I just took some pictures and harassed Serge but I am going to post a report anyway because why not.

I don't know the armies exactly but the Germans were Confident Trained with 2 infantry platoons, machine guns, 2x A7 tanks, infantry gun, and a couple of flame throwers. The British were Confident Trained with 2 infantry platoons, 1 Mark IV tanks, a whippet some HMG nests, and some guns.

The battle was to be a trench attack and the Germans were attacking. The objectives are the cross roads in the trench lines, and the German infantry platoons would come back as fresh attacking platoons when they died. The other important bit is due to all the craters infantry which don't move in the open are concealed and in bullet proof cover instead of just concealed.

So here we have the start of the game, Germans on the right British on the left.

The Germans advanced the tanks, the infantry just moved up to the wire. The British return fire was largely ineffectual.

Next turn the Germans tried to cross the wire but mostly failed. They were how ever pretty successful in killing the nests and got one of 2 with the tanks. Their inability to cross the wire was set to be a trend.

Here we are at the start of turn 4 I think. The Germans are still barely able to cross the wire so not to much is happening. The British have brought in a tank thou so now we are getting a bit of a tank battle. Both of the British guns have been killed by this time.

Heavy machine gun position. This status quo lasts for a few turns with the Germans trying to cross more guys and both sides hammering away with small arms to little effect.

The British finally get the rest of their reserves, more tanks and the other infantry, things are getting harder for the Germans now.

But one of the A7s gets a lucky hit and blows up a mark IV.

The British bring up the second platoon to help cover the objective against all the Germans that are finally starting to make an attack.

It's very difficult to make an infantry assault in this kind of a situation so I harassed Serge into assaulting with the A7s. They were forced to go one at a time, they managed to kill a few British infantry something like half a dozen bases, but no decisive result before both were to damaged to continue the assault. But no free captures on these big land ships. The British tried a counter attack to push them out of the trenches but there were to many machine guns to do much. At this point we ran out of time so it was technically a win for the British, although we mostly agreed the Germans could have won eventually.

I like the Great War version, it's different enough from normal that it really feels different, and it's fun to try some different scenarios. There are 4 missions in the book so you are not forced to be attacking trenches all the time. Also these are the pre set forces from the starter boxes so people would likely take some different options making their own forces. I don't think the guns are very useful for instance. 


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  1. That looks like a fun game. I guess I should try a game of Great War FOW at some point.