Thursday, 4 June 2015

Battle Report - Lasalle Prussians vs French

Hello all, so we had another war gaming day yesterday, this time decided to go for a game of Lasalle and try out some Napoleonics to practice a bit for the upcoming campaign. I took my Prussians, plus a bunch of Serges Austrians to make up the numbers as I don't have enough, and Serge and Raphael took command of the French.

I went for the Hundred Days infantry division with a light cavalry support, and French had the equivalent from their list. The French elected to attack and I had set up a hilly board.

So here we are at the start of turn 1, the french are mostly in columns marching in to attack, and I have set up with a mix of attack columns and lines, with cannons in the middle and we both put cavalry out on the right flank. Somehow I was think my reserve infantry was not great so I kept them in the back (white guys), but turns out in the hundred days they are as good as the regular infantry so it should have been the unpredictable Landwher holding the back but oh well.

So here we have my moves, my cavalry is a bit worse all told, but I do have an extra unit, so I decided it would be smart to try and catch the french while they are still stuck in lines, so I moved them up aggressively. On the infantry side I am mostly biding my time and trying to get into position where they can't double charge my units, which is tough.

The french continue to march up in columns, deploying out most of the cavalry, with just 1 unit stuck in a march column.

Knowing how much this game favors the attacker in a combat I decided to march out a bit. I deployed one of my infantry units out into a line, and moved up the other to try and pin down the columns. The Landwher marched out around the town trying to face off those units one for one. Meanwhile my cav took their chance and charged in, 2 of my poor landwher cav units are fighting and my better unit is into the hill.

So here we are a couple of turns later. My cavalry that charged the unit in march broke it, and went on to charge the next unit and then broke that as well I believe. The other unit was facing some tough opposition and bounced. On the infantry side we have assault going in all down the line. My lead landwher unit got pushed back putting the front one in a bit of an awkward spot. But overall things are still going well for me.

So on the infantry side now we have traded units a bit, I think I lost that landwher unit, but broke on somewhere on the hill I think. The French are now marching down and I am trying to avoid another 2 vs 1 combat, and my unit on the hill is in real danger of being flanked, but I moved up my artillery aggressively hoping to get a fire into that french unit. The cavalry battle battle has calmed down quite a bit and we are just shifting around now, a few of my units are at 3 disruptions, so about to break, and are trying to avoid that.

Close up of the action around the town.

I managed to get a third cavalry unit so by this point the french force is now broken, so they are rolling for morale, but I am soon to follow. You have to roll higher then the turn count on 5 dice to continue, this is around turn 11 (count both players turns as 1). They main focus now is wether or not I can hold on to the objective (the quarter), as I would drop to just 4 dice if they can take it!

We both pass the morale test once and then on the next round the French pass by one (needed 13), and then on my turn I fail by 1 (needed 14). So a loss for the Prussians, a few more units had died but to no great effect. As I had won the cavalry battle my force has the advantage in Pursuit cavalry so it is just a minor loss as the French are unable to fully capitalize.

Was a fun game for all sides I think, lasalle usually does give that as it's not so serious of a game so there is not allot of pickyness. Kind of like Hail Ceasar or something, but almost need an extra bit of table space. Some of the armies are not super well balanced either, but this is a quite good match up.

Really feel like I should paint some more units for the campaign, hopefully I can at least get the Landwher Cavalry units I have started from years ago done!


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