Monday, 10 August 2015

Battle Report - DBMM Classical Indian vs Republican Indian


On Friday we got together for a game of DBMM at Nick's. He set up a DBMM game with Republican Indians vs some Classical Indians. Serge and I took control of the Classical ones, and Nick and Jeff had the Republican. Both armies are irregular and have some inferior troops.

We had 3 commands to deal with and were the defenders, one command of Hordes with some blades and elephants, one with cavalry, and one with elephants war wagons, and bows. We decided to put the hordes in the center to hold the line, thinking they would be hard to kill backed up with a superior baggage element, and had the other better commands on the flanks to press in like a pincer.

Here we are a couple of turns in, I had most of the elephants command on the right on the other side of the river so they had they option to fight any troops that might end up there. They have now crossed in column and formed up, but this maneuver ended up blocking the wagons from getting into things. In the middle our big block of hordes sits and watches a wall of archers advance and on the right our superior chariots launch a scattered attack.

Seeing as how our army was irregular we had a few hard time moving things around, my elephants on the right for instance needed 3 pips to wheel and fight the blades opposing them which is just crazy. Anyway on the left we tried the chariots again, and sent in some elephants in the middle, along with a bunch of bow fire going around. Still no ability to advance my elephants. These little attacks did not gain us much except a few losses.

Eventually things got allot more mixed up. I finally got to send in my elephants but they ended up doing nothing, I think we forgot they were superior, but not sure if that would have helped. Our hordes got decimated by the bows which was not great, and our chariots were getting picked off one by one, along with some dead elephants.

Eventually our commands started to break down the chariots on the left broke, and we were getting close on breaking in the middle once they destroyed our superior baggage.

Our general in the center then got surrounded by chariots and killed, which broke us. I think we had one or 2 of the enemy commands that were close to breaking but not quite.

This was a pretty fun game, but for me it really cemented that irregular commands are just to frustrating to move around, especially with a mix of all kinds of different troop types. But it was fun to see some different stuff then I would usually go for and move around some elephants and godly icons and what not. I think that DBMM is trying to do to much for its own good thou.


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