Sunday, 27 September 2015

Painting - Old West Extras

So have done a bit more painting over the last bit, adding on more Old West support type stuff.

First up I have more townsfolk, these are all from the Battle Flag set, and I have the first half done.

Bartender on the right, and shopkeeper on the left.

Doctor on the left, and a Photographer on the right. I still have the undertaker, sheriff and 2 lawyers to go but they might have to wait a bit.

Then I got 2 of the pack animals done, the donkeys.

I think these will do ok as objectives /  baggage in a few periods if I am not to picky, which I ain't. I think it is getting to the point now where I have more Old West civilians then combatants, well not really if you count everything.

Paints Used:

GW: Black Spray, Chaos Black, Mordian Blue, Red Gore, Wazdaka Red

Vallejo: White, Wood Grain,  Chocolate Brown, Deck Tan, USA Tan Earth, Beige Brown, Smoke, Woodgrain, Flat Earth, Dark Sand, Japanese Uniform, Ivory, Dark Grey, Neutral grey, desert yellow, green ocre

Foundry: Flesh Triad

Army Painter: Flesh Shade, Tufts

Liquitex: Black Ink, Umber Ink

Baccus: Basing Kit

Then to top it all off I did a quick job of a few cacti, to give it a bit more of an Old West feel.

Nothing special there, just luftwaffe green, and then more and more iraqui sand mixed in for a few dry brushes. Used the usual baccus basing kit + tufts so they would fit in. Starting to get low on both of those so soon time to order in some more I guess.

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 238 (5 CActus, 6 Infinity Models)
Painted: 147 (Painted 4 Civilians, 2 donkey, 5 cactus)
Total: -91

I realized that the Rus Princes army has almost totally different army composition. So it turns out that I was a bit short on the models needed to try that out. So I will be taking a bit of a break from the Old West stuff to try and crank out enough to try that on Wednesday. Basically I need 3 mounted and 6 bows. So should be possible or at least close. Even if I can just get the mounted done I will fill in and give it a go.



  1. These look great...I just finished up a couple of more gunslingers...we'll have to have a scene or two...

  2. Yes indeed we should, you just ave to show up to a games day with a few models! I am out for the next 2 weeks due to having to make a trip to Colombia but maybe when I get back.

    Also by the way I queried the guy about those Clint Eastwood models, he had missed the order but they should be in the mail now.