Monday, 14 September 2015

Terrain - Old West Town

So been very busy over the weekend putting all of my old west terrain from 4 Ground together. It comes prepainted and is laser cyt mdf. There are allot of parts so it takes a bit of time, especially with all the details and when you have a bunch of them, but then it's painted so you are done! I was very happy with this lot, so I will most likely be looking to add a few more items by and by.

In order to take some good pictures I decided to set up a mock table and through down some models as well so you can see how it all works together.

First up we have a road sign, hah, and a few boxes and barrels I had around. I painted on a few names from the classic old west movies, Big Whisky is just to many letters for me so had to skip that one!

Then I have the gallows, with working drops, and a sign board with wanted posters. 5,000$ for Billy the Kid apparently.

Next up is the Hardware store and a few of those things you tie horses on to. May have to go back and base them as well. Removable roofs on this one with a painted playable interior and working doors. A few Lawmen are hanging out around there.

Then we have a stage coach, every good town needs one of those. You can see the salon off in the distance with the green sign, that is one I already had but tossed it in the mix never the less.

And Rogan's Bar, the biggest of the buildings, took a long time to put this guy together. Again painted inside and out, with acetate windows with writing, removable roof and painted interior, and working swing doors for some classic old west action. The signs are all paper so you just cut them out and glue them on. White glue used throughout. They also include a bunch poster and adds so I may have to go back and add them. There is also an optional second story add on kit so that is now tempting!

Finally I have a building that is still being built, so just timber frames. The roof pops off this one as well so you can hang out some guys instead. The Outlaws are attacking from that direction. Ben Foster is not so interested in a trip to Yuma is seems. I thought it was a neat kit, and gives me a bit of an excuse as to why there is not allot of buildings, they are still building them!

Finally I thoght I would put an overview of the full table I have so far. The mat is a Hotz Mats one I had from the last time we got into some Old West stuff. I have some more rock walls and fences around somewhere if I can find them, so I will liekly toss them down and a few trees around the edges as well. But still I think this is enough stuff to get going. I would really like to add in a few more buildings, and I want to get some more scatter type terrain to sprinkle around as well. A few bases with cactus or something. Bit of odds and ends like that. But really looking forward to giving Dead Man's Hand a try!

Let me know what you think, I have been trying to do allot better with the whole terrain aspect, so be sure to let me now what you think / any tips ect...


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  1. They look really good. I find with their 15mm buildings a simple ink wash does help bring out the detail but I don't know if that would work as well with 28mm.