Monday, 10 October 2016

Painting - Kensei Undead & 6mm Sci-Fi

Hello Folks,

Been a few weeks since the last painting update, mainly because I had some games to blog about that so I decided to just save on a painting post. Well now the time has come so I got a bunch of stuff built up, so bear with me.

Skeleton Samurai:

First up are some skeleton Samurai from the Kensei Miniatures undead kickstarter. These are pretty cool I think, in particular I like the ones who don't realize they have stuff messed up. Like the guy carefully drawing a broken off sword. I don't have really any game super in mind for these I just thought they seemed cool / fun. But I guess something like the LoTR mini game can be used.


I also have some ghouls from this set done, bunch of zombie type guys chowing down on some flesh.

Zombie Kensei:

Then there is the zombie sword master, doesn't get more fun the that. With bones and guts hanging out! He is super proud to have gotten someones head, but seems to not realize it is his head hah.


Then we have some kind of ghost or oni type lady. According to google these are some kind of monster that only eats peoples heads, about to chow down no less. I actually find this one to be pretty neat as well.

So that is the undead samurai type guys I got painted so far. Of course there are allot more to go. But then I signed up for an Epic Armageddon tournament at Fall-In so I decided to tkae a short break to work on a bunch more 6mm Science fiction stuff.

Basilisk, Artillery Squad:

First up I am adding in some more Imperial Guard stuff as I plan to use that army. So here is a few guns to give me some long range support. I actually have 3 more of these and 3 rocket guys but really just need a squad not a full company.

Chimera, Troop Transports:

Then I finished off a set of 7 APCs so I can have a company of infantry mounted, they have multi lasers and search lights, which is what the big yellow spot is meant to be.

Sentinel, Walkers:

Also have a unit of 4 sentinel scouts. I would really like to do some more of these, but sadly I have lost the top half of the rest in the many years since I got my Epic stuff.

Warhound, Titan:

Of course I also have some larger supports, here is a giant titan to help blow stuff up. Added a few extra infantry guys to the base to help give a sense of scale. This guy is the smallest titan in the game and he is way bigger then the other stuff.

Baneblade, Super Heavy Tank:

Last but not least is a big old baneblade tank, lots of weapons on this guy to make heretics dead. I really like the ladders up the side to show how big it is and give it that scale.

Scarab, APC:

I am planning an epic game on Wednesday to get a bit familiar with the rules, so I decided that would be a good excuse to add to my TEF forces from microworld games. I am going to loosley base the stats for this stuff on Space Marines so we can try out something other the Eldar again. Anyway these are a few new APCs.

Landhawk Light Vehicles:

Painted up another set of these motor bike type guys which I really like. I decided that they needed to be based after all so I went back and based the other set I did awhile back as well.

Dragonfly Gunship:

Also got a few more of these really cool gunships completed. I didn't have anymore brass rods so I used paper clips which didn't work nearly as well unfortunately. But not bad. Now I have 6 of these guys so they can really bring some pain.


Of course this army needs at least some infantry. So I did 6 bases to rid in my now 6 APCs. The ones on the right all ave missile launchers, and the ones on the flet all have a machine gun guy but they are hard to see.

Corsair Space Fighter:

Finally for today I have a pair of space fighters, these are actually battletech models, so not from microworld. I just think they are pretty cool. I didn't have any old GW aircraft and it is a bit late to get them now so have to make do!

So that is the painting I got done over the last little while. To finish things off here are a few shots of my TEF and Epic armies that I have been working on.


Imperial Guard:

The green based infantry is old, so hopefully will get those replaced soon.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 279 (pair of early war desert anti-tank guns)
Painted: 379
Total: +100

Seems like a stretch to count a 6mm tank as 1 point but oh well precedent was set before.

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