Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Painting - Epic Armageddon + Kensei Undead

Hello Folks,

Bit of another painting update. I am on a bit of a 6mm kick at the moment so I did some more Epic Imperial Guard stuff, keep chipping away at the old stuff I have had kicking around. But I got a little bit of other stuff done as well.

Imperial Guard Infantry Company:

For starters I painted another company of infantry. This gives me 2 that have been recently painted so I have a bit more options for lists without having to use my old poorly based one from long ago. I added in some of the catchment options you get as well. So on the left there are 4 stands of Ogryns, big ogre guys with large heavy guns to whack people on the head with, and on the right hand side are 4 bases of ratling snipers. Basically hobbits with sniper rifles. Except for the command stand these are all from a plastic infantry box believe it or not. The only epic stuff I have left to paint is tons more infantry, I might to one more company and a few more attachments but really I am ready for the next big thing.


With the tournament coming up I need some blast markers to play that game with. I can't find my bag of the old official GW counters, so I decided to make some my self. These are 20mm bases with some plaster and bit of paper clip and then small clump foliage glued on and then painted. I had a real hard time with this at first but got better as it went along. SO you can see that the ones in front are short and crap, but the back ones are much better! Nothing fancy but I think it is a better looking way of doing the counters then a dice or whatever.

Undead Ashigaru with Nagae-yari: 

Also a couple of more under samurai types with long spears. These guys are pretty cool but I am finding they take a bit of time to paint with all their undeadness and lots of bit. The mon is a decal also. But slowly building up my undead samurai army bit by bit.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 285 (Some stuff for Infinity)
Painted: 403
Total: +118

Ops forgot to include the counts.



  1. I love the explosions. Great painting.Is the next big thing WW1?

  2. Hah I know you would ask that when I saw the comment. It is Conan thou oddly enough.