Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Warhammer 40k - Kill Team - Second Tournament

While I was home over Christmas we all decided to play another Kill TEam tournament since it turned out to be fun the last time around. So a few more small games of 40k. This time I took a tau army composed as follows:

Sine there is 4 of us it is just a 3 round robin thing and the person with the most wins is the 'winner'.

Game 1:
Escalating Skirmish vs Grey Knights

In the first round I played against some Grey Knights in the Skirmish mission. This one is a pretty normal game, both sides have half their force in reserve and the objective is simply to eliminate the opposition while preserving your force.

I deployed my broadside and a few firewarriors behind a rock wall, with another couple on top of the water fall to give fire support.

The Grey Knight commander deep struck into my lines and used the Psychic Scream power to make quick work of my big broadside.

On my turn I outflanked a few fire warriors with carbines to take a few shots at and distract the grey knights that were advancing up the side.

I also had the fire warriors behind the rock wall kill off the pesky commander.

Next turn I brought in my stealth suits and had them peruse the advancing grey knights who are now hiding behind the tower, meanwhile my guys in the back with carbines went after a guy with a very pesky gun in the ruins top left.

Disconcertingly another pair of grey knights deep struck into my back area, and used a powerful flame thrower to take out most of my troops, and then kill my commander with an assault.

Allot of my guys had been killed, but I managed to kill all of the grey knights ont he table with a bit of luck so it was a victory for me.

Round 2:
Take and Hold vs Chaos Marines

In the second round a faced a bunch of Chaos Terminators supported by a spawn of chaos, the mission this time was 'take and hold', five buildings were spread around the board and the objective was to occupy as many as possible by the end of the game.

This time I put a few guys in the central tower to try and claim it, had a bunch to march up the right flank and take some towers, and few behind the same rock wall to try and retake the tower held by the spawn.

The spawn charged out and assaulted and killed my stealth suit, while my forces tried to shoot everything they could at the chaos champion in order to kill him, which proved very difficult.

Big scary guys getting close
I lost  a few guys to assaults, but did manages to put a wound on the champion, and I think I killed one terminator somewhere.

The chaos pretty much continued to pick at my force this way until the game ran out of time, and it was a draw due to us both holding 2 towers.

Game 3:
Last Stand vs Tyranids

The final round was played using the last stand mission, there was 2 players with a win and a tie, so I figured they could both be the defender and this would settle things. In this mission the defender deploys half there force in the middle of the table, and must hold out until reserves an come and hopefully save them.

I put my fire warriors in a tower with the rest in reserve, and they had lictors and genestealers all around.

The tyranids advanced in the face of a ragged fire, and managed to get off 'the horror' psychic power which pinned down most of my guys in the tower. This prevented them from making much in the way of defensive fire.

I had a few guys come in from reserve and try to take out the broodlord commanding the tyranid force but this went predictably poorly.

He seems happy somehow

I brought in my stealth suits and tried to pincer the tyranids, but they were fast enough to assault and kill both of them with out much trouble. My guys in the tower meanwhile tried their best to hold off the assaults.

But it didn't go terribly well.

This continued for awhile with both sides rolling routing tests, which unfortunately I failed first, leaving the tyranids as the winner.

So in the end it was the Chaos player who won it all, with 2 wins and a tie.

Operation Icestorm:

We also played through the icestorm scenarios, but I didn't get to many pictures as my phone battery died, been having allot of problems with that.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas break.


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