Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Painting - Infinity, Flames of War, and Kensei

Hello Folks,

Time for another painting update. Got a few things finished off.

Firstly I got through the Yu Jing starter that I was working on from the new Operation Red Veil set.

Ninja, Tactical Bow:

Here is the sneaky Ninja with tactical bow.

Zu Yong, Heavy Infantry:

Next is the Zu Yong who is just a normal heavy infantry guy. I kind of like this one the best for some reason.

Hellcat, Hacker:

Next up is the Hellcat drop trooper, who can combat jump in and hack computer or shoot everyone.

Hsien, HMG:

And lasty is the Hsien with HMG who has a multi-spectral visor to discover the invisible people and a big gun to make them dead.

Full Group:

Here is a shot of the full group together, ready to start some trouble. I like how they turned out, a bit simple with mostly just black and yellow but I think it works. I tried a game with these guys last Friday and found it to be fun, always good to try out a new army. I ordered some new stuff to reinforce up to a more full army, basically another ninja and some crazy samurai type guys so will have them whenever they get in. could be awhile.

Afrika Krops:

I also did a very small amount of stuff to flesh out my Afrika Korps for our upcoming early war desert campaign (starts Sunday). In the new book the infantry platoons all have a light mortar team, which is different from how it was in the last campaign so I needed to get a couple of those and likewise a second anti-tank rifle team. You used to be able to get only one of them but now it is one per platoon. I am also planning to do a pair of medium mortars so I will be able to field the full 6, and also picked up a new Stuka. My other ones are all broken and painted badly with no decals so I decided to replace. Turns out you can buy single light mortar teams for $2.50 so no reason not to get them!

Sohei Clan Hero:

Lastly for this week I have finished off another Kensei miniature. This is a hero for the warrior monks which I thought had a neat pose. Working on some Skeleton Samurai now.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 277 (+4 Flames of War)
Painted: 331
Total: +54



  1. Your Yu Jing guys got a bit of a touch-up since the slaughtered me on Friday, did they not?

  2. No touch ups, just finished the Hellcat and Hsien which weren't done by then.

  3. That ninja looks pretty good. And she wins swordfights, too!

    1. Against chumps at least, hopefully will get in a sword fight with Big Phoenix at some point!

  4. Looks good Mike...I haven't looked too much at the lists yet for the campaign...light mortars and anti-tank team(s)...I guess I know what I don't have, lol...