Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Painting - Infinity, Kensei, and Kingdom Death

Hello All,

Time for another painting update I guess. Been a but busy for the last little while so have slowed down a little bit. But still got some cool stuff done. I have really allot of projects that I want to work on right now, so I have been doing little bits of a bunch of things basically. No commitment at all. I split the new starter set for Infinity last week so that has come to be the biggest priority I guess, since that game gets played allot by me, but only 7 models so not a huge thing. I got the Yu Jing half which is the Chinese faction basically.

Zanhshi (Infinity):

These are the basic infantry guys from the new set. The one on the left looks slightly clownish but they are pretty cool I think. I decided to go with some cobblestone bases, mainly just because I had them and it was easy.

Spy and Kensei (Kensei):

I also got a couple of Samurai type guys. I was in their kickstarter for the Samurai undead so these are a couple of things I got to go along with that. Have been eyeing their models for awhile. The one on the left is the spy. Basically I am planning to do a few models  here and there, looking to play some fantasy games eventually. Probably will use the Lord of the Rings skirmish game as I like that. They also included a discount code so I might get a bit of terrain and some ninja's when they go up.

King's Hand (Kingdom Death):

Finally I got another one of the monster done for Kingdom Death, only 2 more left in the base set now I think. Got to play this game a fair bit while my brother was visiting, and it is pretty cool. Lots of fun to be had with all the random bad stuff that happens.

As a bonus here is a couple of shots I took from the Historical club Saga day on Friday, and then the Infinity tournament Saturday at Fandom. I was not great a taking pictures either day, but eh what are you going to do right.

Teutonic Knights taking ground from Vikings

Morats getting ready to fight some Bakunin forces
Remains of Morats after fighting Assassins

The models tend to get lost in the fancy infinity scenery in pictures like this, but there are a few of them around! I guess also it is a big table with lots of terrain and only like 18 guys to start with all taking cover, so ya don't always feel like you are capturing the action.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 273 (+7 Infinity Set
Painted: 322
Total: +49


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