Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Painting - Kingdom Death Monsters

Hello All,

Time for another painting update. This past while I have been painting some spooky monsters for the above board game. I have one more to paint and then I dunno might do something else might continue on and finish it. After that there will still be a couple of monsters to do, but one of them is huge, so I am thinking about getting an air brush to do that beast. But not 100% on that. I am finding these fun to do, but there are other projects on my mind also, so that is always the problem!

Anyways this is a Horror game so things are pretty strange.

White Lion:

First one is the White Lion, who seems like a pretty normal Lion, but with sharks teeth, and strangely human hands (that is what they call them), not really paws on the front. All of these are on 50mm bases so they are pretty big by the way.

Screaming Antelope:

Then there is the Screaming Antelope and things get allot more weird, what with the no skin, and giant belly mouth!

The Butcher:

Things get a bit more normal with the butcher, who is just a big scary guy with clevers I guess that kills the survivors and steals their lanterns. This guy took a bit longer to paint with alll the stuff he has on there, and I don't think it turned out that great but it is ok.

Kings Man:

Finally there is the Kings Man, I am not really sure what his deal is. But this is my favorite of this lot I think it is a pretty neat model. He is listed as a Nemesis so shows up to murder people at least. The last one I have on my desk is the Kings Hand so looking forward to getting that guy done.

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  1. Looking good Mike...Kingdom sounds kind of interesting, your butcher dude looks pretty good, definitely see the challenge, but I think it looks better than you're giving yourself credit for...