Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Painting - Rome - L'Art De La Guerre

Hello Folks,

Well time for another painting update. This past week or 2 I have been working on some Romans (Caesar Times). I got the new rule book for L'Art De La Guerre, I saw it had sold out and was being reprinted and has been getting more press. Also DBMM is being updated including all 4 of the army lists, so I thought eh might as well juts give this a try instead. I haven't played a game with my DBA Roman army in awhile and don't really have plans to so I thought hey why not try and convert it over. This game basically uses the same basing as DBA but all the infantry are 2 deep and they are stuck like that, and you can multi base them if you want. So I decided to go ahead and rebase my Romans on to 40x40mm bases and paint a few more. The original idea was just to get 2 100 points but then I found it kind of a fun project so seems like it might go to a full 200 which is the normal sized game.
Anyway here is the results to date:

First the newly painted stuff.

Veteran Legions:

This game allows you to have some veteran legions that are better so I gave them some fancy command models with eagles and painted them blue instead of red to stand out. As you can see 2 40x40 bases with 2 ranks of guys looks kind of cool. These are warmodelling, most of the rest is CB. Both are currently out of print so that is great hah.

Medium Infantry:

A pair of medimum infantry units, one with swords and one with spears. Have another spear unit to do,

Light Horse:

Single base of light horse. This came from a CB DBA set so only had the 2 models.

And here is a few shots of the stuff I have re-based. Allot of people hate doing that but I don't actually mind it that much.


Four regular legions.

Cav and Lights:

Finally the mounted units and light units. Light foot is not double based sadly.

This all adds up to 130 points so nto to far to get to 200. The legions are 11 each and I have a few more of those some artillery ect..

Off to Fall-In tomorrow so will have some articles about that next week. How I get on in the Epic tournament and ect...

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 285 
Painted: 412
Total: +127


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