Saturday, 19 August 2017

Battle Report - SAGA Aeitus and Arthur

Hello All,

Wednesday Wargaming is back! But I am still slow making posts, can't have anything. For the return we played a second Saga game using the new book, another outing for those Romans and crazy Goths. This time we played the Frozen River Crossing mission which is much more sensible. Basically same idea as the Battle at the Fords but the river is frozen so it can be crossed but slowly.

I think we pretty much took the same armies, the  Goths had 2 points of warriors and 4 points of hearthguard all mounted. I had 2 mounted hearth, 2 foot warriors, another warrior with bows and a unit of levy spear with the Batista! We made the Goths the attackers because it just makes sense somehow.

Here we are at the start, the attacker has a deeper deployment so they are much closer to crosing the river. Makes it a bit different from the ford as you can't really clog up the fords, especially with a mounted attacker! My mounted troops are forced into reserve but I am sure it won't take the Goths long to trigger them.

Not wasting anytime they move twice with a unit of hearthguard and push back my wsarriors more then half killed. This puts them within 12! of my edge so the reserves immediately arrive.

A second first turn charge! Against my levy spear who are just standing in front of my balista so it can't easily be killed on turn 1. They kill 4 and push the other 2 back, so fatigues but not a huge deal.

Finally the rest of the Goths get to crossing. Man that is some big turn 1 pressure!

The Romans strike back, my ballista, and archer and even the darts ability from my warriors all shoot at the huge unit of angry goths, depleting them a good bit. Then my Roman Knights charge really reducing the effectiveness of them. So not a bad strike back.

The next big unit of Goths now rides in and wipes out my knights!

Next up the next unit of warriors chargers my archers, killing allot but taking some hits. I used a good defensive ability to save the unit, that Roman efficiency is starting to show. I fight back as I can on my turn, but don't super remember the details. Bit of shooting and a charge with the Knights I guess.

The Goths keeping pressing murdering the ballista. Just barely thou they just won the combat and it dies if it has to fall back.

Also getting rid of the archers I guess they don't like being shot at? Things are starting to look grim for Rome.

But on my turn I had an ability that left all of my units attack and gain bonus dice, this did a good amount of damage, and out things actually very close.

As you can see not much left! The Goths murder my 3 warriors that came out from there tree, was a stupid move on my part.

I am able to double move with my warlord and the last of the warriors and kill all but 1 Gothic Warrior. On the Goths turn their warlord joins him and kill all of my warriors, but at the loss of the guy. This leaves just our warlords and 1 Goth hearth guard alive and it is turn 6, the last turn!

Only option is for me to kill that guy! I made a decent attempt and got the hits to do it, but he was defensive and made enough saves to live, so the heroic battle is just a push. I Romans don't really have good abilities for heroic fighting like this.

 So in the end we both had our warlords and the Goths have 1 guy on the far side of the river so they win by 1 point! Great game and a win for them, but I don't think there are to many guys around to celebrate!

This battle was massively more fun then the last one as you can probably tell. I quite like this Saga book, lots of fun stuff. Need to try more of the new armies I guess but can't collect everything!

As a bonus here are a few shots from last nights infinity game:

 The models get lots in the terrain a bit but you can see some of them. As you can see Fandom has some crazy good terrain for this!


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  1. Great battle Mike. This was a lot closer than the last game. I might have to consider smaller forces and do more attacks.