Sunday, 20 August 2017

Painting Update - Infinity and Star Wars!

Hello Folks,

Time for another painting update! Lots of stuff to show this time, I guess it has been building up for a bit. Basically a bunch more infinity stuff, adding into some sub armies for my main faction, Pan Oceania.

Also I grabbed a handful of Star Wars models, partly they are fun to paint, and partly maybe I can play some kind of Star Wars Skirmish thing with Stan at some point. Based on what was easily available I decided to make a kind of Firefly type Star Wars thing.

Star Wars:

Here are the Star Wars guys I have, just getting the small packs so I can avoid any big mixed boxes for now. So I have Lando as a captain type guy, a mechanic lady with a drone, a smuggler and a pair of saboteurs. Possibly could fit into a Rouge Stars type crew, not really sure haven't looked into it. Also I saw that they have announced a Star Wars miniatures game now so that could be a thing also. Not sure if the models are the same scale as the board game, but I assume so.

Aquila Guard:

First  of the infinity guys is the Aquila, big guy with a machine gun and a multi-spectral visor.

Neo-Terra Bolts:

Some medium infantry guys, these are a bit expensive but they have some cool abilities and are cool models.

Bagh Mari:

The last 2 from the Bagh Mari set that I was working on last time. A guy with a boarding shot gun, and a lady with a sniper rifle. These guys are great on paper, but haven't had a ton of success with the as yet.

Scylla and Devabot:

Starting with a few mercenary attachments that the shock army can take. This lady is a pretty neat hacker, and a has a handy flamer thrower drone to help out. Looks like she has a bandit mask or something, but they are meant to be glasses, hard to paint stuff that small.


Another mercenary type unit, these guys are some sneaky infiltration and mine laying abilities. The lady has a sniper rifle which I don't like but nothing is perfect.

Highly Valued Target / Corporate Security Unit:

A lady with a briefcase, very similar to the other one whos briefcase is transformed as a gun, so can be used as a civilian or a security guard.


A pair of Auxila, these are pretty standard infantry but they each get a flame thrower bot to follow them around. These are really old models so they are a bit crappy compared to the newer ones, their guns are much bigger looking.

Tikiblang TAG:

Finally for today I have this big giant robot tank. He has some stealth abilities and mines so is a bit more cool then your standard big guy.. Should be fun to try out. Came as a pack with 2 different big guys so I guess I have to paint that at some point.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 207 (Death guard part of dark imperium plus some infinity and walking dead guys)
Painted: 264
Total: 57



  1. Hey Mike, the scale difference between Imperial Assault and Legion is "just enough to be noticeable":

    I'm guessing FFG wants to keep IA minis out of official Legion tournaments.

    1. Ah so potentially annoying but maybe not that big of a deal. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Oh yeah, nice paint jobs on the Star Wars minis by the way.

  3. Those look great Mike, I like the Firefly crew idea...nice touch. I've checked Legion out and apparently it looks like the figs are around 32-35mm...a bit of a diff...but if you're not ocd about it, it is doable...buggers...