Thursday, 24 August 2017

Battle Report - Warhammer 40k!

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are playing some more 40k a bit of science fiction stuff to change things up is always good. I took some Demons of Chaos this time to fight the Ultramarines.

I picked up the new Open War cards where you draw to determine a deployment type and mission objective. They are pretty fun. We also had a twist that debris was falling down from space, we actually forgot but rolled at the end to see and no space debris came.

I took a picture of the cards for some reason, as you can see the deployment type is opposite corners, the objectives are 3 gold coins. Who ever controls the most at the end of turn 5 wins, or if you end a turn controlling all 3 you win.

Here is the starting positions. I have most stuff behind a woods hiding out a bit, and some stuff on a hill claiming my objective for now. Main point was to hide important things like my demon prince from the tank.

The marines advance putting out allot of fire power dealing some good damage. Not much shooting for me so I am just able to advance. I sent some demons into the forest but still holding back the characters a bit. My screamers are fast so they are moving out on the flank to try and get the objective way behind the marines lines.

Lots of carnage, the marines deal heavy damage to my demon troops killing all but one of the khorne ones, and most of the ladies. That is not seeming good.

I advance some more and try a few charges, but only the frogs are successful. They make it in to a unit of marines but don't manage to kill anyone. I also got the screamers in against the inceptor but they also failed.

The marines keep up the pressure, falling back from the frogs and shooting them up a bit. In the center the tank half kills the demon prince and the last of the demon lades are all shot down. The tank and the inceptor make quick work of my screamers. Really regretted charging them, but I thought they could kill 1 guy. Should have kept up the original plan!

This turn I got to charge my characters but they mostly all disappointed. The skull taker failed to kill the captain and killing characters is his job, the demon princes killed a few marines, but not quite enough. The marines get up the hail of fire, the captain continuing to fight the skull taker. I had him down to wound, but I re-rolled a damage roll trying to get him in one go and lost most of them!

At this point things are looking pretty grim, not having tons of luck. I tried to kill what I could. The Demon Prince charged the tank hoping to at least kill it but just a did a few wounds. The pink horrors killed allot of the scouts thou so there were some marines casualties!

For the Marines part of turn 4 they were able to control all 3 objectives, winning the game. They also tried some heroic shooting and managed to bring down the Demon Prince. So in the end not a great day for the powers of Chaos!

Planing to try out another game next week, I will try a different army of course hah.


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  1. Fun game. Took me a long time to start playing. Mike was coaching me how to win. Tomorrow will be my first real battle.