Monday, 25 September 2017

Battle Report - Flames of War

Hello All,

Time for another Wednesday wargamming battle report! Even more late this time but oh well here is another battle report! This time we played a 1500 point game as a test for the upcoming flames of war campaign where I had 1 firestorm troop (Panthers) and Serge had 2 (IS2 and Plane). Idea to use as a test to see how long it takes to play a game like that. Oh I took a StugG battery, the Russians had some odd mixed force. They always working on some kind of an angle!

We played basically the new version of the forced withdrawal mission, I forget what it's called, but I had to pull back units while the Russians attacked.

The Russians of course waste no time charging in, right down the middle with the tanks. I deployed my StugGs conservatively so not much else for them to do.

 StugGs in the forst blitz forward with just 1 bog, and the Panthers deploy from ambush. This worked out pretty well killing a good amount of T34-85s and making the Russians unhappy hah.

They fired back but without any huge success, hard to hit Germans in the woods, and the first shot was pretty decisive. On the other side I have the other StugGs gone to ground in the vineyard. Some big scary Russian tank destroyers are trying to get them, but there are to many modifiers for them to hit provided that I don't fight back. Lucky for me I can't hurt them from the front so no worries hah.

Infantry pressing forward now, making my other StugGs in the field worried, they are trapped between the infanry and some bad rocky ground, so not a great spot. I made a bit of a mistake backing myself in there.ALso the IS2s and tank destroyers were moving to both fight the Panthers which is no good for business so they had to move. StugGs in the forest now mostly smoking. Lucky for me the Russian plane is not interested in battle.

More battles with Russian tanks playing peek a boo with the hill.

Betweem a few losses and having to pull platoons I am now quite feeling the pressure. The Russian infantry is coming for the objective which I am not to worried about, but 2 Panthers can only kill so many tanks and you really do have to kill every single one!

More tanks burning on the hill. I used my infantry platoon to block them from flanking the Panthers.

The IS2s decided to grow some stones, and have no torubles pushing my infantry off the objective and killing them all. That is not great. The other objective is under pressure also, the StugGs had to move to contest to prevent a loss, which Serge even had to remind me off.

Gave it a good shot and extended the game as much as I could, but the Russian infantry got on the objective and I didn't hav enough left to push them off, ot really fight the big tanks. Was a fun game! Not much luck for the Germans overall so we shall see how the campaign goes...


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