Saturday, 2 September 2017

Battle Report - Warhammer 40,000

Hello Folks!

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report. Decided to go for another game of the new warhammer 40k, the big new things these days. This timne we played a more normal sized game at 1500 points, and I took my old Eldar army which I have had for years to face off against the Space Marines. This got me actually wanting to add some stuff! Which is pretty crazy not going to lie. I actually started painting some fire dragons which I have had for crazy long, they were in my original army in high shcol and I paint stripped them not long before I moved to Ottawa so that is a bit back there!

Anyway it is Space Marines vs Eldar again using the Open War cards, this time we had a battle for supplies, 6 objectives one is real whoever holds it at the end wins, and it was night time, line of sight is reduced to 12" and has a 50% chance to go up by 6 each turn. Huge help for Eldar with short ranged guns!

Here is our set up, I got my spearhead going up the center with a couple of big dudes and most of my stuff, and some fast guys in back to find the real objective. The Marines are hanging out in the ruins with some hellblasters and heros and other guys on the flanks. I stole the initiative so got to go first!

Everything blue has to be murdered.

I got in there right away and charged with my banishes, but they got beat up real good. They are not really an awesome unit, but they can really charge out there. Worth a shot. The Marines fired back with what they had but it is tough in the night, some flyer guys did jump down and attack some of my back line guys, and we found out the real objective is on the hills so the rest got removed.

Next turn the avatar started his great works, throwing his sword to half kill the tank. You can really see his white flowing locks in the middle hah. My wrath guard finished it off. Meanwhile my big purple guy had his turn to charge into the ruins, a bit more effective starting to whittle down the hell blasters, their guns are super dangerous to my big guys so that is important.

The Marines strike back and kill my big guy, and the fliers in the back kill more of my warp spiders, the fast guys. They also starting sending more guys to the objective realizing the trouble it is about to be in.

Next turn I remember my scorpions in reserve and deploy them, and they along with the Avatar assaut the Marines on the hill and kill them all. Allot had died from shooting thou.

The Marines are starting to get low on troops so they pull back to reorganize and try and fight me one at a time, doing some god damage, their fire adds up.

The Avatar is still thirsty for blood so he assaults the land speeder and blows that thing up, and I sent the rest of my wraith guard up to stall the Marines forces.

They kill them of course, but loosing more guys. Next turn My scorpions come down off the hill and charge the rest of the marines, and I put my other remaining unit on the hill. The Avatar slaughters the Space Marine Lt but doesn't have time to get to the Captain, but he is trying as you can see!

The Marines use the last of the fliers to beat up my farseer, and the Captain puts some good murder into my scorpions.

Last turn they put all the guns they can into my guys on the hill, but can't quite kill them all, and the Avatar makes them pass morale. So no tie for them! A victory for the Eldar, had a good time killing things with the Avatar, but to be fair the night helped me quite a bit. It forced the tank to move into range of the stuff that could kill it, instead of staying back where it could safely pick them off. We will see what happens next week!


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