Monday, 25 September 2017

Infinity Tournament!

Hello Folks,

This past Saturday there was a big Infinity tournament in town, which I decided to go to. Worth it just to beat the heat really hah. Anyways I had soem fun and took a few pictures of my games so here is that!

Game 1: Rescue vs Nomads

For my first game of the day I played a cool Nomads force. They had bad luck with bandit infiltration, and my Nisse and Brother Konstantinos were able to kill allot of his guys. This left just enouhg time for my hero Joan of Arc to snag a civilian to rescue so I was able to get a win.

Game2: Supplies vs Haqq Islam 

For the second game I had to play against so desert people in space. I am told this is the clear floor of a space station hah. I guess I made some bad decisions in deployment and got a bit unlucky in my first turn and my heavy hitters were taken out. I tried to fight back but it wasn't happening and I got a devastating loss.

Game 3: Forgot the Mission vs Onyx Contact Force

Game 3 was against a really cool guy with some creepy aliens. In this mission you had to connect a console on the center line and then collect a beacon. The table was really open and I had the first turn so I was able to kill allot of guys with my Nisse HMG and get the button pushed. The Onyx pushed back hard and killed allot of my guys as well but they were stuck on the back foot. We both got some success out of medics healing snipers also which is fun. Their little TAG made a good puch for the center, but I eventually brought him down and was able to snag a beacon for another victory.

Game 4: Safe Zone? vs Aleph

Last game was against Aleph, they had some scary guys on the roof tops, a Marut TAG and Pheonix with his missile launcher. I made the mistake of trying to fight all that on the roofs and lots all my main big hitters again. But this time I was playing my second list which had more guys. I was able to play around the TAG some how, and with crazy lucky a basic regular paramedic shot down an Asuras, and a bunch of their smaller guys. My Hexas managed to kill Phoenix and that left not much more then the Marut so I was able to control 3 of the zones and a console somehow. This turned out to be a really fun game and goes to show why you don't give up to easy! Like I maybe did in game 2 hah.

I ended up 4th overall out of 12 which is pretty good. Was a fun outing will go to the next one if I can.


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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Too bad you lost the second game.