Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Battle Report - DBMM Tournament/League Round Two

So today I played game 2 of our DBMM tournament at my place with Serge, 350 army points. I had my post mongol Samurai army, and he had some kind of Byzantine, I want to say komnenian but I am not certain. I was the defending army and Serge ended up deploying and going first.

Some of these pictures are a bit blurry so apologies for that.

So for the terrain we had a gentle hill, a smaller rough hill, a woods, and a small village. None of it really had much of an impact on the battle except this rough hill which protected my flank a bit. In the picture which is a bit small I have my army on the left, big block of cave on the far side a few superior bow, and a long line of blades with some pike in the middle of it. On the Byzantine side we had some blade and spears on the far side against my Cav, then some bow inferior accross from my bow, and then some knights and Cav against my pike and blades, and a big block of light horse on the flank to try and turn it.

In the first turn we more or less just marched the giant lines towards each other, with a bit of shuffling for flank on the far end.

In general I rolled very high for Pips and the Byzantines got really low numbers, so my irregular army was able to move around a bit more and his regular army was pinned down a bit, normally you would expect more the reverse.

So our lines began to come into contact, my superior bows quickly started to knock out the inferior bows, and my cav started to get in some fights with his foot and vice versa.

Mean while the light hose worked on enveloping my open flank.

On the left flank my bows and blades were clearing out the enemy bows and a few blades, and my double based cavalry was slowly grinding down the blades and spears due to having higher factors some times and allot of good luck.

On the other side I took out a knight and a few cavalry, but there was a key turn when I lost something like 4 or 5 blades in one shot. This made me very nervous. But with a bit of good rolling and bad pip dice (determines how many troops you get to move) for the Byzantines I was able to hold out long enough for his foot command to break. That combined with the 4 mounted I was able to kill was just enough losses to break the Byzantine army.

I had lost about 20% of my forces and no Generals so it was a 21-4 victory for me.

Was the first game I tried at my new place, the folding tables from Canadian tire I had slide around allot on the hard wood floor and were very annoying. So I will for sure have to find some way to lock the two together and stop the sliding for next time! But was a fun game.


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