Sunday, 5 October 2014

Martial Arts Champion

Well I didn't get much done this week as I was buying a bunch of new furniture from Ikea on Saturday and then working on putting it all together on Sunday. But I did get in the missing base for my last martial arts guy so I finished that guy off.

I also went to play a few games of Infinity at Fandom on Friday, didn't take enough pictures for a battle report but here is a couple of random shots anyway.

I played 3 games and lost all of them badly ouch! But fun none the less.

While I was there I picked up the new Operation Icestorm set so I guess that might have to be my next painting project. I ordered a display tray and set of bases for this online, I am pretty sure it came but I can't hardly remember and now I can't seem to find it! So not sure what is up with that.

It even comes with a set of card board terrain and a gaming mat which I think is pretty neat.

Also moving all my stuff over to the new apartment is really making me question why I have so many war gaming books. Especially the flames of war ones, that stuff is crazy.


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