Wednesday, 1 October 2014

15mm - WW2 German SS Infantry Section + Sniper

Well finished of the SS section today. Since we are getting on towards fall I thought I would paint them in the Autumn camo pattern (Oak Leaf), plus I thought that would look cool. It is really hard to do in 15mm I would say since they are so small. I used the SS painting set from BF and used their guide, the base color is maybe a bit dark but I think it worked out decently overall. For the basing I used the baccus basing to start but instead of their grass I used the arid grass from GF9 and then a bit of their autumn flock. Which I think looks pretty cool.

Naturally as soon as I took the picture I realized I forgot to go back and finish the officers map, so will have to go back and fix that.

So anyway let me know what you all think of this little group of guys.

Kind of liking these micro projects so very tempting to do some more, wonder if I still have some American Paratroopers kicking around (probably yes). Well the next thing is another infinity miniature or 2 for Friday. Plan is to paint 2 Yaogat infinity to get the min for a fire team.

Starting to move over to my new apartment now as well, first priority may be to find a couple of the plastic folding tables so I can have some games run!


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