Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Infinity - Operation Icestorm - Work in Progress

So started working on my Operation Icestorm project this week. On Monday I got the display tray / bases thing I was talking about in the mail, so this possibly explains why I couldn't find it over the weekend!

Basically it's 23 MDF bases laser cut and etched, with a display tray they all fit into. Kind of like a simple version of the really fancy Flames of War ones you see at tournaments sometimes. I thought that would be cool to do as a bit of a variety from the normal sand / grass type of thing. I got it from customeeple (I got the science lab one).

So there is that guy, nothing super fancy but I am hoping it will work out as a neat thing. Now I just need to do the miniatures and the glue them on, Plan is to do them on temp bases and cut off after painting same as what I ended up doing for the champion. Not really sure how well they will glue onto the bases thou so a bit of a risk. All of the Kung Fu guys I pinned, but the Infinity models are made from a much harder metal so it's allot harder to do that, we shall see.

So far I have the Fusileirs mostly glued together (the regular soldiers basically). The 2 males ones are great and 0 issues there, the girl is super skinny and thus really annoying to glue together so I had to give up after just getting the leg on. I have had a bit of issues with this with the female Infinity models in general, they are all super thin for some reason, and allot are on 1 leg one of mine has almost cracked off at the ankle and I have another with head falling off syndrome.

Is enough to make you miss all the 1 piece historical stuff.


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