Monday, 18 May 2015

Cangames 2015 - Part 1 Friday Afternoon

So as previously Discussed we had our local wargaming convention this weekend, Cangames. So figured I would put up some pictures and such of what went on, at least from my point of view.


Baltic Crusades Game

So on Friday afternoon I ran my Baltic crusades game with the Teutonic Knights facing off against some Rus. The basic premise was that it was just after the battle on the ice and Prince Bishop Herman got trapped in a village as the Rus closed in to kill him. But there was a relief force of Knights riding down to break him out. I used a historical variant of the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game from GW.

So here we have some Pagan Rus attacking the village which is defended by the Teutonic Foot contingent. You can just see the Bishop below the bridge abandoning them to their fate as he rides over to join up with the Knights. Meanwhile Nevsky and his lot ride out to confront the crusaders.

Here we have the clash of the Knights, and the Varangian guard are running to catch up with their 2 handed axes they can really kill some Knights if they are able to win a fight at least. The rus bows continue to loose arrows into the bridge area.

Checking back in with the Knights we see the Teutonics are getting the upper hand in a major way. I think Nevsky is just about to be killed here.

Meanwhile the Pagan Rus are clearing out the village, so it looks like maybe the Bishop made the right choice.

And here we are at the end of the game. Both forces were broken and so everyone had to take a courage test to stay on the field. Those clustered around a commander would pass automatically when he passed. The Teutonics were all grouped up so they were able to pass all of their tests with ease, but the Rus were much more spread out and allot of their weaker troops ran away which caused a route. The Bishop was still alive and Nevsky was not so a good win for the Teutonic Knights. But I think everyone had fun. Some people commented that the game was over a bit fast so will ahve to look at drawing things out a bit for next time maybe. Also some concerns over the lack of winter terrain!

There were a few other games going on Friday afternoon but not to many. Dylan had a nice Batman table set up for demos which I thought was cool.



  1. Good looking game Mike, wish I could have been there on the Friday.

  2. Oddly enough for the Rus, the troops that were spread out were the ones that stayed. The ones near the leader ran off when he did!

    I thought the game length was good, (maybe some snow would have slowed things down a bit :)