Thursday, 7 May 2015

Painting Day - JagdPanther

So no battle report today, with Cangames getting closer I thought it would be better to spend some time painting instead of setting up another game, so instead we had a painting get together. I figure it's a decent idea to do this once in awhile share ideas and such.

Of course I went for yet another distraction project instead of focusing on the Rus, but that's ok. Serge wanted to paint some tanks and see my way of doing things, so I decided to to a JagdPanther that I have had lying around for awhile, bought it on impulse at Fandom one time. Not really sure why as it's not something I really need but it's cool so sure why not.

I decided to base it on a JagdPanther they have a Bovington which is a very late war one, that has the camo as stripes of reddish brown. As far as I understand the Red is the primer color that they were using at the time, so I guess it is meant to be a fast way of doing camo.

Here is a picture from google, not sure if they are ok with me randomly linking this picture but hopefully so I guess!

I decided it would be better to have it as a bit more brown then red so I mix in some German Camo Brown with some Hull Red and used that.

Here is what I ended up with, maybe I could have left a bit more red in there since that is what I was going for, and the lines maybe should be fatter and less wavy but I think it looks cool. Apparently they stopped using the tank numbers all the time as things got late, so I just went for the national cross decal. I guess a very late war model maybe shouldn't have the zimmermit anti-mine paste but I am not too concerned about that.

Paints Used:

GW: Chaos Black Spray, Leadbelcher

Vallejo: Black, White, Green Ocre, Hull Red, German Camo Brown, Cerman Field Grey

Liquitex: Black Ink

Foundry: Flesh Shade, Flesh, Flesh Highlight

Mig: Light Rust Effect

Let me know what you think!

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 142 (2 P47 Thunderbolt, and Patton)
Painted: 88 (JagdPanther)
Total: -54 



  1. Thanks Stan.

    You should drop by for a game one of these days!