Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Painting - Alexander Nevsky & Rus

So time for another painting update. The rush to cangames is really on now so haven't been playing many games just trying to get all the painting I had planned done, which is going ok. I will probably make daily posts about cangames during the con, but we shall see.

So anyway over the weekend I finished off some Rus cavalry, and Alexander Nevsky. Happy with how the turned out, especially Nevsky, but I think it would be fair to say that it is taking me longer per model which maybe is not good.

From the gripping beast Nevsky and chums set.

This model is great, the horse is kind of narrow, but I don't think it is that noticeable really. But he has a big giant axe and some fancy barding so whats not to love.

Mounted Durzhina:
From grippoing beast Rus Princes Set

And here is his companions. These models are pretty nice, no big complaints. Some of the other horses in the pack have broken off tails, so I imagine that will be an issue. Also the decals didn't fit the shields super well, but it looks alright here actually. The shields are just flat on the back, they don't have a wood planking texture like the rest which is to bad. Still they are cool, and the helmets are allot different then most other ones I have so it helps them to stand out as being different, vs everyone just looking like a Norman knight.

Paints Used:

Flesh Shade, Flesh, Flesh Light

Leadbelcher, Iron Breaker,  Kantor Blue, Khorne Red, Wazdaka Red, Chaos Black Spray, Baltasar Gold

Black Ink, Umber Ink

Army Painter:
Soft Tone, Electric Blue, Bondi Green

Brown Violet, Chocolate Brown, Deck Tan, Dark Sand, White, Black, Ivory, Dark Grey, Wood Grain,  Flat Earth, Neutral Grey, German Camo Beige, Smoke, Japanese Uniform, Luftwaffe Green, US Tan Earth, Smoke, gold

Baccus Basing Kit for bases plus some flock

The plan for the rest of the week is to do a mounted standard beaer for these guys today (have the horse done), and then do a few archers Wednesday and Thursday. That will give me a good amount of guys for my game on Friday.

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 142 
Painted: 93(, Nevsky & 4 Durzhina
Total: -49



  1. Nevsky looks great Mike! Very well done...looking forward to the weekend.

  2. Thanks Stan I am looking forward to it as well, should be a good time. Still will be glad when the crunch is over and I can relax a bit on this stuff hah.


  3. What a beautiful cavalry!