Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Cangames 2015 - Part 2 Saturday

So on Saturday I had to get up early to do a little bit of painting to finish off some stuff for my game on Sunday, just a few command stands a drum and re-basing a few guys. No big deal. I will toss up a picture of them now just to get credit in the logs.

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 142 
Painted: 102 (2 command stands and drum)
Total: -40

Siege of Louisberg:

The main event for Saturday was the Siege of Louisberg, Ed had a very nice set up so I was quite excited to play in this one. They were using some modifications of the Muskets and Tomahawks rules and the English had to take the fort back from the French.

Here we have the master piece set up, so as you can see a very impressive but huge piece of terrain. Complete with governors mansion, town both burned and not, harbour, walls, ect.. I was to command the Scots in the closer trench, then we had some English and big guns, and then even more English. Looks like lots of people to attack and not many on the walls so seems easy enough.

I am not one for subtly so I attacked with everything right off the bat, this quickly got the rangers killed but no matter. The way this game works is that cards from the deck decide when types of units get to move, so there is a card for all french regulars, or english rangers, ect.. So we would be hoping for some English cards so we can climb up the wall before it gets manned. As I was to learn it only takes a few units to cause allot of problems.

Our compatriots by the Governors palace were working a similar plan it seems.

This plan seemed to be going well at first, and I got a fair number of scots up on the left part of the wall, and had guys trying to climb ladders all down along it. But then we got a few French cards and a unit of guards and some militia came to defend, followed closely by some regulars. This saw my Scots pushed back off the wall.

These units then spread out into a firing line and started to murder the Scots. I tried climbing the wall a few more times but with not much success. Towards the end John gave them a good round of fire with a full regiment firing in line and put a good hurt on the regulars so that was at least good.

Fortunately for us the English commander attacking the Governors palace actually knew what he was doing and so managed to capture it somehow. Both sides were getting down towards break points, but with the palace in our control it was ruled an English victory.

Saturday was probably the busiest day so here are a few shots of some of the other great games that were going on.

Face of Battle:
Mike Ball I think

28mm WW2 game with a very nice set up.

15mm Napelonics with Lasalle:
Bad Duncan

28mm WW2, Bolt Action

28mm Roman vs Ancient British, Hail Caesar
Good Duncan and Ed

6mm Battle of 5 Armies (Hobbit Book), Warmaster

15mm WW2, Flames of War

So there you have Saturday, tons of great games going on, lots of great set ups. Fun times had by all.


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