Monday, 11 January 2016

Battle Report - Warhammer 40k & Star Wars X-Wing

Ok so I have decided to group up a couple of battle reports. Over the Christmas holiday I played a game of 40k with some of the guys back home, but I didn't get that many pictures so I thought it was a bit weak to be it's own article. But this past weekend I played some games of X-Wing so I thought I can get away with tossing a picture from that in the mix.

Warhammer 40K:

So for my basically yearly game of 40k we decided to play a big multiplayer game this time around. We had Chaos, Eldar, Black Templars, and Grey Knights. So we put the 2 Space Marine players together, and I teamed up my Eldar with the Chaos. These 2 armies are what is called 'Come the Apocalypse' armies so there are allot of extra restrictions that come into play. Basically no units can start within 24" of an enemy, and if you start a turn within 6" you might have to spend it keeping an eye on them (ie doing nothing).

We played a mission where you draw cards every turn to see what your objective is and draw 1 more every turn up to the turn number. The deployment set up was 'Hamburger' as my buddy calls it, which has the deployment zones on short edges instead of long (Hot Dog).

Here is the inital set up, we had to be far apart, so the Chaos forces were rammed in one corner and mine were forward in the other. The Space Marines didn't set up to much as most of it would be dropping in from Space, as you would. My forces was based on 3 formations, one was a Seer Council of psykers, and then 2 formations of Aspect Warriors who are all spread around. Some in the ruins in the fore ground to hold and objective marker, some to sneak towards the forest, some to warp in ect..

So here is the situation after turn one. our card was to get a unit in the enemey deployment zone, so I zoomed my jet bikes way down there, most other stuff advanced. I used my psychic stuff to cast invisibility hoping that my guy would not die, it protects them from 95% of shooting type stuff. The chaos force surged forward looking for some close assaults.

The Marines card was to take the objective near my ruins, so they dropped in a dreadnought, and a unit of purifiers. It turns out the purifiers have a psychic power that ignores invisibility, so allot of my guys died there. They also killed my jet bikes.

And here we are after the second turn. I think our cards this time were to cast 3 psychic powers, which I easily did, and capture the objective in the far ruins where a cannon is. For our action I moved up my Howling Banshees and wiped out half of the purifiers in a close assault, and the chaos easily killed the other half. My psykers casted a bunch of powers, and my Striking Scorpions moved out from the woods and killed some Marines that were on the bridge. I tried to drop some Warp Spiders to kill the artillery gun and take the objective but they had a mishap and the enemy placed them in a far corner.

The Marines used the dreadnought plus maybe some other stuff to murder my Banshees, and a captain killed my guys on the bridge. Meanwhile some terminators wrapped in and the last of my psykers were killed off. I don't remember the marine cards but they got both of them probably.

And here is the last picture I took, I used my second unit of Warp Spiders to jump in a kill the cannon and take that objective. But by now we were loosing on points and after this turn most of our stuff had died. So we decided to call it a loss. Was a pretty fun game thou, good to go back to the classic every now and then.

After this we played all of the Warlord of Galahir (Orcs expansion) of Duneon Saga, but no pictures. A couple of days later we played a second game and then all of the basic Dungeon Saga set (which took 9 hours hah) but again no pictures.


With the new Star Wars movie out my friends that I play Magic and DnD with sometimes decided to get into the X-Wing miniatures game. So I decided to pick up a few Imperial Ships and have some games with them. To start I just grabbed some stuff they happened to have at Fandom which was a Tie Bomber, 2 Interceptors, and a Fighter. Then we played a couple of 3 player games with Imperials, and Scum on a cool death star map.

In the first game I was able to keep my 3 fighter together and be lucky so killed a few ships and ended up the last alive. Here we have the Bobba Fett ships trying to run away from Poe Damron ina  new X-Wing and an A-Wing, in the back ground my fighters chase down some fancy ship and a B-Wing.

In game 2 things went much less well for me, and I somehow got into a traffic jam in space. All my ships got shot down eventually and the Scum was the final victor. But my Tie Fight went down swinging and last a few turns against the final 3 Scum Ships.

This game is pretty fun so I ordered a few more ships, why not. I had to get a Tie Defender from the old Tie Fighter video game as that is my favorite one.



  1. The 40K table looks good (and the Hamburger/ Hot Dog terminology is descriptive, though I am not sure if I can see myself using it!)

    I think X-Wing is a lot of fun but I have stopped myself from buying any becasue I know if I get just one I will end up trying to get everything and there is just too much available for it.

  2. Hah well that was kind of a joke the hamburger/hot dog thing. But it is the easiest way to describe that so kind of tends to hang on.

    I don't have any desire really to get all the x-wing ships, I just got a few Imperial ones I thought were cool or they happened to have. Up to like 8 now and I will just get a few as they come out if we are still playing so not a big deal. To buy everything ya would be a fortune, especially with all the big ships now. There most be 3-4 of the big 100$ ones alone.

    I am a pretty easy sell on miniature board games ect.. so if someone wants to try something it would be rare for me not to go along with it!

  3. Once I start buying something, I turn into a completist so I have to be very careful about what I start!