Sunday, 3 January 2016

Painting - Team Yankee US Tanks

So first bit of painting done for 2016! Well started before the new year but finished now at least. I wanted to get on top of the painting for Team Yankee so I didn't end up in the same situation as the WW1 stuff. But tanks are far quicker and easier to paint so that shouldn't be a problem really. But I am eager to try out a game as well to see how the changes to the system work out. Hopefully I should be able to get the Helicopters done as well.

Anyway here are the tanks:

Painted in the Merdc camo I found instructions for it on google somewhere. I think they turned out pretty good, they are a nice kit. The only 2 problems I had were that the barrels can easily look a bit droopy if you are not careful, and the rear fender on the port side doesn't fit over the wheel sprocket dealy very well so it sticks off to the side. I read online that they had allot of problems with that so some people tended to field modify to the other fender which doesn't have the sprocket thing covered, this part fits much better, so I used that as an excuse to put that one instead. I don't find it to be very noticeable.

Since I am going to need to remember the paints for the camo for the next batch of tanks here they are:

US Field Drab (Val)
US Dark Green (Val)
Khaki (Val)
Chaos Black (GW)

Tracks are dry brushed boltgun metal, and then have dry rust and rust effect added on.

Be sure to let me know what you think. I guess this is a bit of stuff where we are starting to have people that were there so don't be to harsh hah.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 0 (will change soon enough I am sure hah)
Painted: 6 
Total: +6 (hoping to keep it positive for the whole year this time!)



  1. Those look good. I am starting with my Soviets (I bought both!!) and have 2 Hinds and 4 T-72s assembled and hope to finish off the assembly of the rest tonight and then figure out which green works best with the airbrush.

  2. Those look great Mike! I can't wait to see them in person...